I can't believe I'm finally saying "happy easter, everyone!"
this post is a bit different from what I usually do, it's a bit more candid and a little recap of our weekend, something some of you asked on Instagram a few weeks back, so I guess it's time!

We were planning a road trip to Toronto to see the family and unexpectedly, we had to change plans and stay in Montreal very last minute, so my egg hunt "Pinterest style" was kinda canceled as well. I wanted to relax a bit (even though I had to work), ALL I really wanted was a slow long weekend, I didn't want a full-produced easter lunch or my home full of people like it usually is.

Esteban stayed home Friday and it felt like a Sunday, we did home chores, went to the park and a petting zoo, Nico lost his 4th tooth (OH MY GOD), I baked my second "quesillo" or flan and it was AHHmazing, and we even prepared a homemade BBQ, our first one this season (my heart is SO happy).

Here are a few photos of our weekend and a cute list of activities you can plan with your kiddos this month if you're in the city.

We visited the centre d'histoire de Montreal for a special family activity, Montreal en couleurs. We toured the expo67 exhibition and the guide showed the kids the meaning of forms and patterns all over the city (I thought it was SO cool). At the 3rd level, there's a beautiful corridor in the heart of Old port where the drawing activity started, Nico and Oli drew with a piece of a transparent sheet, the buildings, windows, doors and the old architecture of the city. (SO COOL!)

They understood the concept of dimensions, something a biiiit more advanced for Oli, but she had a great time drawing lines in pink, of course.

we brought back home a little piece of art, Nico was SO proud about it!   
Wishing my Easter brunch was as cute as this day!
my proud big boy, losing his fourth tooth during Easter weekend

Some family-friendly activities this month in Montreal:

(in case you need some ideas)

Allo, les cocos!
Wishing you a lovely week, and a happy Spring!

Today is the big day!

If you've been following our stories and Instagram sneak peeks, our studio reveal is officially here after a lot of months of intense work and planning. I'm all over the moon to finally show you the first part of our studio, the living room & photo studio area (more updates in the next weeks, yay!)

After our feature and exclusive reveal on Glitter Guide this week (pinch me), I'm so ready to walk you through all we did when we started planning this new studio with my girlfriend Joanna from LazyMoms and announce our partnership with our friends at Structube who helped us create this beautiful and artsy space we've been dreaming for a while.

The Story 

I remember the day when Joanna and I sat down having brunch and drinks, and we said: "we are ready, right?". We met almost 4 years ago and we connected instantly! Two mamas who met on Instagram and became "insta-friends", both immigrants living in Quebec the exact same time, and Caesar lovers, isn't this trio kind of amazing? 

Joanna raised her girls at home, growing her blog and Instagram while I was working full time at The Gazette and then at a digital start-up as a Media Strategist and a part-time blogger. Almost 7 years ago, we both saw how the industry in Canada evolved from Tumblr, blogger, twitter, Myspace (lol), decent blogs, websites, and now the "influencer" era.

For both, creating beautiful content has been our number one priority while inspiring our community to live a joyful, colourful and happy life, and we felt we needed a space to get inspired, to evolve into something better and we knew it was the right time to do it.

The happiest 800sqf 

November 2018 was the month we decided to start looking, actively, studio options in the city. We thought of every-single-scenario:
- renting an empty photography studio a few days and shoot there (until we realized half of our homes were full with props and yes, a zillion things we needed out)
- sharing a space with a stranger (that I wasn't really convinced, but it was still a decent option)
- renting a corner in a co-working space with other creatives
- winning the lotto (ha!)
- finding an old loft and sharing between the two of us (that actually happened)

On a cloudy morning driving Oli to her daycare in St-Henri, I did a pit stop (and lil' did I know it was my lucky day), I decided to ask if any lofts were available in a building I've been loving since I moved to the "hood", and to my surprise, they had TWO ready to rent in the next two weeks (excuse, moi? is this real?) The space was absolutely perfect! and I could totally see these 800sqf as the happiest ones as soon as we said yes! The space is perfectly located in the heart of Saint-Henri, next to the canal Lachine, with plenty of space and natural light. 

What you need to know when you're renting a studio for the first time 

As newbies, we discovered a looot of things when you decide to grow up and rent an office, so here are a few things we discovered:

- Negotiate a short-term lease when you know it is "the one". We did it for one year because let's be real, a lot of things can happen in 12 months.
- Save a lot. In our personal case, we were asked for deposits plus the month in advance, so we had to put some cash at first with absolutely nothing in return.
- You'll get a white canvas, no furniture, no kitchen, just the empty space.
- Check the space before you move in and ask to repaint the walls and clean everything. Thankfully our building is the best and they did an excellent job when we moved in.
- Save as much as you can, go to vintage markets, kijiji, and recycle things when you start.
- They will run your credit before you sign the lease and you'll receive an approval in advance (something I didn't know), so clean that credit if you need to.

What exactly did we do with the loft 

We have an open space area and we incorporated five main areas in the loft:

- Kitchenette (still working in some adjustments here and there)
- Workshop area
- Desk stations
- Living room
- Photo studio area

The Living Room

Noooow, let's jump into the juicy details, shall we? When it comes to styling and finding the best furniture we wanted for the studio, we had in mind a boho, happy meets artsy, style. Structube was THE best option, finding every single item we dreamed of for the studio. Our wish list had the following (all dreamy, obviously) items:

- Velvet gold Flexi multifunctional sofa

- Velvet Carlyle armchair in deep green (similar here)

- Velvet Ellie pink loveseat

- Elton coffee table (similar here)

Structube's velvet line is absolutely dreamy! We received them at our door with their delivery service and funny story about this, Joanna and I for the first time ever, arranged to assemble each piece without any help or husbands around, we loved every single minute of this brand new "oh hey we got this, sofa!". We are SO in love AND proud!  

The Photo Studio Area

This was the main reason we needed a studio in the first place, Joanna's home and mine are the tiniest living spaces (eeeever), and trying to fit endless props, colourful backdrops, photography equipment, and all that jazz was pretty much mission impossible. The photo studio is right next to our main (and only) window so we can shoot with both natural light and studio light if we need to.

We left a big corner to fit a fully styled room (the pink scene you see in this post), or a full-sized backdrop to shoot portraits, a table with 8 seats if we need to do food shootings, or stop motion videos in a super comfy and wide area (that I needed the most). 

What are our plans with the Photo Area

At the moment, we are here 3 to 4 days during the week and we use our photo studio at least twice a week. We are currently renting our space to other creatives and photographers in the city and they've been loving it so far.

Coming up soon, we'll launch our studio website where you can rent the space (yes, all for you) and host events, use it as a pinterest studio or as a photo studio, the possibilities are endless, right? 

Studio Source List 

floor lamp - Structube // macrame wall hanging - Babasouk // art prints & art painting - Lysa Jordan // pastel pillows - Structube // artificial cactus - Structube // lidded yellow basket - Babasouk // knitted white pouf - Vintage // pastel moroccan rug - Babasouk // pink peacock chair - Vintage // artificial fiddle leaf tree - Structube // beni ourain moroccan rug (black & white) - Babasouk // ceramic white vase - Structube // pastel moroccan pouf - Thrifted //  

moroccan boucherouite pillowcases - Babasouk // flower art print - Babasouk // philodendron art print - Babasouk // colourful paper backdrops - BHphoto // white cabinets & organizers - Ikea // abstract colourful pillows - Babasouk // floral container with unicorn lid - Target 

This post was possible thanks to Structube.
Endless thanks to their team for partnering with us & gifting all these items for the studio.
All opinions, happy tears, and memories expressed here are entirely mine.

Easter is around the corner, and we are SO excited to share a super easy DIY project (and also super trendy): Neon Easter eggs!
If you procrastinated between spring cleaning, spring forward and all things new season, this is THE project for you, super easy and can be done without any help.

 I was looking for some ideas on how to decorate my eggs this year with some major production, colour palettes and all that jazz, until life happened.

This little idea will look super adorable in your next Easter dinner party even if you want to use them as a centerpiece like I did in the last picture of this post.

So grab your materials and neon markets, we got this, right?


  • Plastic white eggs or hardboiled white eggs
  • Neon sharpies in different shades 
  • Mini take-out boxes
  • Mini jelly beans (to decorate the boxes)

How to

Boil the eggs until they are ready or unpack the plastic eggs. hold them and directly draw with a Neon sharpie on the egg your preferred pattern (we mixed 4 different ones in two colours to have a little partaaay mix). Set them inside the mini take-out box and voila! that's it!

How are you celebrating Easter this year?
Do you usually decorate your eggs? I'd love to know!
Happy Easter, sweet friends!

Your mom deserves to be spoiled, right?
and in this very special occasion, we curated 10 perfect gifts to pamper your loved mama, your girlfriend, grandma, mom-in-law or sister this year.
There's nothing like receiving an unexpected surprise!
Happy Mother's Day to each of you, sweet ladies.

1. Tile enamel wood tray
2. Pink quartz facial roller 
3. Smeg pastel coffee maker 
4. Working my mama tea mug set
5. Pandora garden butterfly ring
6. 50's style juicer 
7. Ultrasonic diffuser in rose gold
8. Nadia dinner plate, blush
9. Pandora pleated gold ring
10. Polaroid original camera

A few months back, I wrote my first freelance diary explaining a lot of details on what it takes to be an entrepreneur full time.
I get a lot of questions like: So, Maca, how do you make a living out of this? how does a blogger make a living from a lifestyle blog?

I've been explaining in detail to my family (high five, my mom gets it now!) and a lot of people, so I thought to dedicate a full post about the unknown financial world (that isn't a mystery or rocket science) with tons of details of what is like planning at the begining of the week, and bi-weekly in the HeyMaca world (and not the blogging industry as a whole), I'll be talking from my very own perspective and I'm going to lay out everything just for you, as much as I can.

... just because we are talking numbers in here, I want to tell you this is all relative and it varies, there's plenty of learning and personal experiences for each of us. 

Our weekly tasks

This is how I usually organize my Mondays and prepare my week:
  • Create a to-do list with 
    • shot lists
    • content creation ideas for the blog
    • prepare invoices for the week ahead
    • plan production of shooting day - I usually plan wayyy in advance my shootings once a week, and I plan everything, the creative concept behind, outfits, props, and you name every extra detail we need.
    • block at least one morning to write a blog post (and if I can do two, I deserve an award)
    • review my current projects and upcoming ones, following up and being as organized as possible (this one can be hard because I'm still writing, editing, taking all the pictures and videos and curating every detail of HeyMaca. 
  • Yes, I spoil myself with one avo toast and a creative spin session (as I call them) to think of new ways of improving the content I'm already creating. 

Our bi-weekly tasks

  • Note all the upcoming national holidays and see what's best for our content
  • Organize media trips and personal ones (yes, I do a lot of research of places, food and what's best for each travel guide we do)
  • Set-up the studio rentals for the month and optimize the space for the different type of creatives 
  • Planning meetings with Lucile (the sweetest illustrator) and review the store products we are creating

Income details 

  • Sponsored blog posts 
We usually partner with brands we adore, admire and use as brand ambassadors to talk on their behalf when new product lines are launched. These sponsored blog posts are planned way in advance and brands usually pay a fee to receive our point of view and professional pictures or videos posted on our blog. We always share these posts across all our social channels including Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook and of course Instagram. 
  • Sponsored social posts (Instagram)
This is the same principle as our blog posts but only produced for one platform: Instagram. Many brands believe in the power of social media and Instagram has been the priority for a few years now. We disclose every single partnership stating it's sponsored content or ads. 

  • Event appearances 
I've noticed event activations are more and more popular lately (and I love them because you can interact with many people), and usually, we support these events with social posts (of course). 

  • Create content for brands (oh hello, stop motion!)
We usually create content for brands that aren't necessarily posted on our social channels but on the brands'. Stop motion videos are one of our bestsellers (and most demanded type of content). We also produce pictures, videos, and syndicated blog posts around motherhood, lifestyle, travel and other categories.

  • Brand ambassador, the old school way 
I find these activations are super fun, interactive and one of my favourite things to do in the blogging world. These ambassadorships include photo sessions (as a "model") and partnering as a co-branded collaboration. Our latest examples: La Vie en Rose and RBC

  • Studio 
Our brand new studio in Montreal is the newest adventure and a new income source we are building (as we speak). The space is fully styled and equipped as a little Pinterest heaven and ready to be rented by other creators and artists in the city. We have photographers, videographers and workshops hosted since March. Stay tuned for our official reveal in a few days!

  • Workshops
Coming up soon in the studio, we're planning new DIY, social media and entrepreneur workshops including tons of goodies and surprises. We'll explore sponsored workshops as an extra side of income. 

  • HeyMaca Shop
Almost ready (pinch me) to launch, our new lifestyle brand will start as an online shop and in selected point of sales in Montreal. I can't anticipate this as a solid income strategy, crossing all my fingers it'll work, and as I've been saying to myself since I started, you gotta take risks to get rewards, right? 

What we believe, as a HeyMaca brand

  • Even if we're not posting some content we create, we produce them with the same effort and quality. I always think of HeyMaca as a lifestyle brand and everything we do needs to be aligned with our mantra. 
  • All our brand partnerships are always done with companies and products we use, love and truly admire. Building a community takes lots of effort, so we are very careful who we select to partner with (even if there's budget involved), where our brand integrity always comes first.
  • We love what we do, and if I reach a tipping point I don't feel motivated, I evolve into something else. I'd like to think the more you reinvent yourself, the better you'll be able to create. 
If you have any additional questions, feel free to message me or leave a comment here, I'll be more than happy to help!

There's nothing I love more than the feeling of finding colourful pieces of clothing to add to my family's wardrobes.. If you ask me, it's kind of a full-time and something I take a lot of pride in.. plus I thoroughly enjoy it, sometimes a little too much (:  (you can text my husband, he'll confirm allll this).

With our growing family, naturally, the more colourful clothing I add to our closets, the more I need to wash! As you can imagine, laundry is something that's at the center of my "to-do_ list and because of this I always make sure to select the best possible products to keep our colours their brightest for as long as possible.

With the help of our pals at Tide, I'll show you all my tips on how to add a little simplicity to your life, keep Oli's wardrobe organize and how we recently upgraded our laundry routine!

Il n'y a rien que j'aime plus que le sentiment de trouver des vêtements colorés à ajouter aux garde-robes de ma famille. À mon avis, c'est un travail à temps plein et quelque chose dont je suis très fière… et que j’aime particulièrement beaucoup (vous pouvez envoyer un SMS à mon mari, il vous confirmera tout cela!). Avec notre famille grandissante, naturellement, plus j’ajoute de vêtements colorés à nos placards, plus je dois laver! 

Comme vous pouvez l’imaginer, la lessive est au centre de ma liste de choses à faire. C’est pourquoi, je veille toujours à sélectionner les meilleurs produits possibles pour que nos couleurs restent les plus brillantes possible. Avec l'aide de nos amis chez Tide, je vais vous révéler tous mes conseils pour ajouter un peu de simplicité à votre vie, garder la garde-robe d'Oli organisée et comment nous avons récemment amélioré notre routine de lavage!

At home

Upgrade to more efficient lighting 

My husband is all about small upgrades and making our home as efficient as possible. We upgraded all of our lightbulbs to smart ones, starting with our walking closet and guys,  it makes such a huge difference. Now, as soon as you walk into the closet, the light goes on. So, If I'm carrying a huge load of clean laundry, I no longer struggle to balance the basket while reaching for the light.

Mise à niveau pour un éclairage plus efficace

Mon mari est très sérieux au sujet de petites améliorations à apporter afin de rendre notre maison aussi efficace que possible. Nous avons changé toutes nos ampoules par des ampoules intelligentes, à commencer par notre « walk-in » et, croyez-moi, cela fait une énorme différence. Maintenant, dès que vous entrez dans la garde-robe, la lumière s’allume. Donc, si je porte un énorme panier de linge propre, je n’ai plus de difficulté à l’équilibrer tout en recherchant la lumière

Laundry routine upgrade

As many of you know (and see), we are a very bright and colourful family, and keeping the kids' clothes clean AND bright, especially after all the laundry I do get their little messes and stains out is no easy task. In the past, I've had to pre-treat, use a stain remover, let it soak, then wash.. and sometimes wash again! That is, until I upgraded to new, improved Tide PODS! You've seen me use Free & Gentle, but I also just discovered Tide PODS Ultra Oxi and these 4-in-1's are the perfect solution for my family, and have detergent, stain remover, color protector and built-in-pre-treaters, for a next-level stain fighting! Not only do they tackle the toughest stains but they also have a brightener that helps keep our colours look great! Bonus tip: cleaning products should always be kept up high, closed tightly and away from places children can reach them, I found some vintage wooden crates where I keep my detergent and other household cleaning products. This way it keeps my laundry room looking gorgeous and stylish - but also away from little hands!

Amélioration de la routine de lessive

Comme beaucoup d’entre vous le savent (et pouvez le constater), nous sommes une famille qui aime les vêtements brillants et colorés. Et garder les vêtements des enfants propres ET lumineux, surtout après tous les linges que je fais pour nettoyer leurs petits dégâts et taches, n’est pas une tâche facile. Dans le passé, je devais prétraiter, utiliser un détachant, laisser tremper, puis laver… et parfois encore laver! Jusqu'à ce que je passe à un nouveau PODS Tide amélioré!
Vous m'avez déjà vu utiliser Free & Gentle, mais je viens aussi de découvrir Tide PODS Ultra Oxi et ces 4 en 1 sont la solution idéale pour ma famille puisqu’ils sont composés d’un détergent, un détachant, un protecteur de couleur et des pré-agents de traitement intégrés pour une lutte contre les taches d'un niveau supérieur! Non seulement, ils s’attaquent aux taches les plus tenaces mais ils ont également un éclaircissant qui aide à garder nos couleurs brillantes!

Conseil en prime : les produits de nettoyage doivent toujours être conservés très haut, bien fermés et à l'écart des endroits où les enfants peuvent les atteindre. J'ai trouvé des caisses en bois vintage où je garde mon détergent et d'autres produits de nettoyage ménagers. De cette façon, ma buanderie garde un aspect magnifique et stylé, mais aussi loin des petites mains!


Investing in good pillows is one of the smallest, easiest things to do. I had no idea how much of a difference it would have on my sleep, and how rested I would feel each morning. Upgrading to better quality pillows is something I should have done literally years ago, but put it off because I really didn't think it would make a difference - figured a mattress was WAY more important! 


Investir dans de bons oreillers est l’un des plus petits gestes à poser et des plus faciles. Je n'avais aucune idée de la différence que cela aurait sur mon sommeil et du repos que je ressentirais chaque matin. Opter pour des oreillers de meilleure qualité est quelque chose que j'aurais dû faire, il y a des années! Mais je remettrais toujours cela à plus tard car je ne pensais vraiment pas que cela ferait une différence – je pensais qu'un matelas était BEAUCOUP plus important!

Family Closet Organization 

Organize drawers and accessories 

Keeping everything organized so it's easy to find is so important in our household. Together, my kids and I fold and categorize our drawers from front to back, it's easier to find things, plus when kids are old enough for chores, having them involved and help with organizing/tidying their own drawers is a great introductory chore. We organize by:

  • Pants and leggings 
  • Socks 
  • Tops (all T-shirts that don't need to hang) 
  • Accessories for Oli (little purses, bandanas, hair clips, necklaces)

Organiser les tiroirs et les accessoires

Garder tout organisé pour qu'il soit facile de trouver est très important dans notre maison. Ensemble, mes enfants et moi, plions et classons nos tiroirs d'un bout à l'autre, il est ainsi plus facile de trouver des objets. De plus, lorsque les enfants sont assez grands pour les tâches ménagères, les impliquer et les aider à organiser et ranger leurs propres tiroirs est une excellente tâche d'initiation. Nous organisons par :

● Pantalons et leggings
● Chaussettes
● Hauts (tous les chandails à manches courtes qui n'ont pas besoin d'être accrochés)
● Accessoires pour Oli (petites sacoches, bandanas, pinces à cheveux, colliers)

Having an open closet

When we bought our house, we noticed Nico's and Oli's room didn't have a closet (check this post), which required us to think outside the box. We decided on an open closet concept, and it's motivated me to clean and maintain and I started a colour blocking by style and category. It's something I would have never done, had we had a closet with doors,  but since I'm such a visual person I LOVE it so much. Plus, it makes another Instagrammable room.

Avoir un placard ouvert

Lorsque nous avons acheté notre maison, nous avons constaté que la chambre de Nico et Oli ne possédait pas de placard (voir ce post en anglais seulement), ce qui nous a obligé à sortir des sentiers battus. Nous avons donc opté pour un concept de placard ouvert. C’est ce qui m’a motivé à nettoyer et à entretenir et j’ai commencé à organiser par blocage de couleurs par style et par catégorie. C'est quelque chose que je n'aurais jamais fait si nous avions eu un placard avec des portes et, comme je suis une personne très visuelle, je l'adore! De plus, cela crée une autre belle opportunité pour des photos Instagram.

Seasonal storage bins

Finding space for everyone's clothing is tricky, especially since we live in Canada where there are 4 seasons, each requiring slightly different clothing. To keep us organized, we introduced storage bins to keep our seasonal clothing in. So, winter, swimwear, spring, summer and fall, and even seasonal bedding have their own place or in our case box. I think storage boxes are one of the most efficient organization tools we have at home,  that you should try asap.

Boîtes de rangement saisonnière

Trouver de l’espace pour les vêtements de chacun est une tâche délicate, d’autant plus que nous vivons au Canada où il y a 4 saisons, chacune nécessitant des vêtements légèrement différents. Afin de demeurer bien organisé, nous avons utilisé des boîtes de rangement pour entreposer nos vêtements de saison. Donc, hiver, maillots de bain, printemps, été et automne ainsi que la literie de saison ont leur propre place ou, dans notre cas, leur boîte. Je pense que les boîtes de

rangement sont l’un des outils d’organisation les plus efficaces que nous ayons chez nous et que vous devriez essayer au plus vite!

When we travel

Your new BFF? Packing cubes

Guys, this is the best lifehack I've discovered in my 30's. They are small, light and will save you from those messy luggage days. I bought them in different sizes and always organize both carry-on or big suitcase packing, maximizing my space and compressing all my outfits fitting more and more things! it's pure MAGIC.

Votre meilleur nouvel ami? Cube d'emballage 

C’est la meilleure astuce de voyage que j’ai découvert dans la trentaine. Les cubes d’emballage sont petits, légers et vous éviteront ces journées de bagagerie en désordre. Je les ai achetés dans différentes tailles et j'organise toujours les bagages à main comme dans les grandes valises maximisant ainsi l'espace et comprimant toutes mes tenues pour plus en plus d’espace! C'est de la pure magie.

How do you optimize your life when you do laundry? Can't wait to hear all about it!
Comment optimisez-vous votre vie lorsque vous faites la lessive? Hâte de vous lire à ce sujet!

This post has been sponsored by Tide, thank you for partnering with us!
All opinion, lifehacks and tips are entirely ours. 

Ce message a été commandité par Tide et nous vous remercions de votre partenariat avec nous! 
Toutes les opinions, les astuces et les conseils sont les nôtres.

Mexico City, you lovely cutie!
Your vibrant colours, your food, your people made my first visit a memorable one.

A few weeks ago, in the middle of a heartbreaking home country sadness, I escaped to Mexico City to see family, friends and most importantly, to unplug from everything. It's been quite a whirlwind of emotions lately, and I thought the only way to reboot my "creative mood" was to escape and get some fresh inspiration somewhere new, with people I love.

... And yes, of course, I HAD to create a guide for you, with all the pretty things I saw and visited (you betcha), because if only you could've been there, if only!

Get ready for this new travel experience, Mexico has pretty much everything. Great food, amazing coffee, and incredible design everywhere you look.

Top 3 Areas You need to Visit

Mexico city is ranked 12th largest city in the world and to discover it from corner to corner, you'll need plenty more than 48 hours. I prioritized 3 of the best areas to visit if you have limited time, with plenty of options in each one.

Roma: Where all things pretty, cute lattes and lovely places are, this Colonia is the most popular and hub to bars, restaurants, and stores in the city. Roma is divided in two: Roma Norte and Roma Sur, and here's where I spent most of my time.

Condesa: This opulent side of the city gives all the posh vibes with tons of parks, designer boutiques and spectacular patios, and you can bet I walked all the pretty streets and sipped all the drinks outdoors.

Coyoacan: Vibrant, Bohemian and home to Frida Kahlo, Coyoacan is an obligatory stop in your next visit to Mexico City.

Cool Places To See: What To Do

Mexico City's design heritage is absolutely breathtaking and you feel this everywhere you go. Colour is in every corner and they embrace this in their culture, the way they created buildings, city centers, patios, pretty much the entire city. The weather was perfect to let you walk and walk all the colonias, and quirky little streets, grabbing snacks along the way and stopping in a few wonderful spots as:

- Luis Barragan Casa Gilardi: This colourful property is the last masterpiece of the well-known architect Barragan, completed in 1976. His last project was designed as a bachelor home where colour plays a vital part, with bold hues both indoors and outdoors. You can visit this house by booking a tour here.

- Hotel CondesaDF: A stunning hotel in the heart of Roma Condesa, filled with bold turquoise walls, vintage accents and a glamorous patio where you can stop for some drinks and lilttle snacks if you're strolling around this neighborhood.

- Cafebreria El Pendulo: Escaping from the busy streets and noise, we stopped at this bookstore, a must in Roma. Three floors full of books (and a lot of Mexican goodies) and a coffee shop area and a terraza upstairs.

- Bosque de Chapultepec: If you want to breathe, walk, and relax all the green of the city, it's a must.

- Plaza de las Tres Culturas: located in the historical heart of the city, this spot still holds pyramid from the Mesoamerican past and the Spanish influence in the country. It's impressive to see the remainings next to a modern structure, that represents Mexico hoy. 

- Mercado de Artesanias La Ciudadela: and suddenly, my heart skipped a beat as soon as I came in this colourful, eclectic and incredible market. Everything handmade by local artisans, at La Ciudadela you'll be charmed with blankets, pompoms, local pottery, crafts and textiles so unique, you might bring a lot back home. 

- House of Tiles: La casa de los azulejos, is a classic blue, white and yellow tiled building with all the Portuguese influence and a facade that is intact since the 18th century. This palace is a sample of what historic Mexico is all about. 

The lovely Hotel CondesaDF

Good Places to Eat, All the Yummy Food

- Churreria El Moro: YES people, Mexico means CHURROS! and this spot was the one I stumbled upon my first visit. They have several locations in the city, all full of blue and white tiles, an incredible branding, a menu you'll cry for and super friendly staff. Don't leave without a Consuelo ( a mini-churro sandwich filled with ice cream, in three flavours).

- Mercado Roma: This popular food hall is home to pretty much everything you need to try in Roma. You'll see a lot of local vendors (including el moro), and it's absolutely perfect to grab something on the go while discovering the area. 

- Motin: This little pink place was a perfect spot to grab some drinks and small bites. We loved the chicken and waffles and homemade Micheladas (that are pretty much everywhereeee you go in Mexico city.).

- Ocho Tres Cinco: Bring some wipes, because you'll cry with the most delicious Venezuelan street food menu in CDMX. If you haven't tried yet Venezuelan food, my favourites here were: Empanadas (any of them), Mandocas, Tequenos, Hamburguesas and Aguita e' sapo. You can't leave without the best cortadito coffee, ever. I mean it. 

- Boicot Cafe: A caffeinated stop at Condesa with a funky interior, serving breakfast (all day), sweets and delicious coffee. 

- Taqueria Orinoco: we had tacos in several places but this one was THE best one. The al pastor was perfectly juicy, meaty and fresh. I still can't get over the home sauces of every taqueria, I wish I had enough suitcases to bring them all back home.

- Tacos and tamales in the street: I know, I know, fine dining options were pretty much across the entire city, but you can't leave without trying a real taco experience. My friends got me a tamale with chicken and green salsa from a vendor in the street and up to date, it is the best I've had in my entire life. So don't be surprised you might have the best taco in one of these little spots. 

- Fine dining options: Even though I didn't have time to visit, Pujol and Quintonil are both in my list for my next visit.
The gorgeous Mercado Roma, full of funky tiles, and colours everywhere

Local Tips While in Mexico

- Uber is your best bet! With our currency exchange, it was the best way to move in such a busy city.
- Most of the people only talk Spanish, you'll find some help in English but my advice is to plan way in advance your itinerary.
- The local currency is Pesos and you can exchange at the airport. I used my credit cards everywhere except local markets where cash is a must.
- You can walk everywhere and I felt pretty safe in every area we visited, even at night.
- You'll need a lot of wipes in your purse, the food is absolutely INSANE (good), and as of me, you'll stain all your outfits. The salsa verde is heaven.
- Weather is a charm, it rains a lot during summer, so your best months to visit are February, March, and April.
- If you're planning to visit the pyramids and Xochimilco, you need a full day for each of them.
- Food and drinks are really affordable in general.
Even the menu was cute in here!

The cute Ocho Tres Cinco, Roma location. 

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