The Essential Pizza Guide In Montreal


Pizza has been our little date tradition for a while now, and as soon as I say, let's go for pi... Nico is already dressed up and running to the car - I get the fastest award as: Best mama of the year. Since this is our favorite sport, eating pizza back to back is our absolute preferred meal numero dos after Brunch, cuz let's be real, nothing can beat benedicts and bacon, yet.

Montreal pizzerias have become so stylish and hip in the past few years that we feel so fancé going out to our casual-chic family date night, preach! Here's our list of our favorite spots in the city, cuz this is THE closest attempt to help any of you real pizza lovers, like each of us in our family.

Ready? Set? Let's go food crawl!

Pizzeria No900
Our absolute favorite spot! With 8 restaurants in the city, No900 is THE expert in creating an on-point crust with the most delicious and fresh ingredients we're completely addicted to. We recently visited their new spot in Laurier and it's perfect for families, spacious, comfy and super stylish.
Recommended: Bianca Prosciutto pizza with rugula
Tip: This location is super kids friendly with changing tables and high chairs (extra points!) They have restaurants all over the city, check your closest location here

Pizzeria Magpie
This gem in Mile end is a classic little spot we love! Their cozy and vintage decor, warm service and the impeccable menu will impress you and I honestly can't recommend one plate to try, cuz I love it ALL. They recently open a new location in Amherst that I totally have on my to-do list.
Tip: It's a bit busy for supper and if you're a big group, call in advance to make sure you'll have the room. I can't remember if they have changing tables, but I'll give you an update on that soonish.

Nolana Pizzeria
The only place you'll cut your very own pizza on a cutting board and vintage scissors, so darn cute! This chic and snug place has everything you'll love. With a great soft and puffy crust on each pizza Nolana recreates, it'll be a challenge to eat only one. On the menu: appetizers, salads, pizza and pasta.
Recommended: My favorite without any doubt is the Funghi Pizza.
Tip: Very small location but super kids friendly! psst psst - don't bring your stroller. 

Il Focolaio Pizza Resto
With 75 (yes, you read that right) seventy-five pizza options, calzoni and salads, this downtown spot is hands down one of the tastiest and freshest. Simple decor with a cozy air, we love coming here all the time.
Recommended: 4 cheese, Prosciutto pizzas.
Tip: We usually order here take-out just because when you order 4 pizzas, one is completely free (and extra delish!) All the info is here - you are very welcome!

Pizzeria Gema
When Pizza is done absolutely right, you simply can't resist to have it once, amiright? Gema knows how to impress us every-single-time. With the coziest, relaxed and cutest decor, we loved starting our visit with fried calamari, drinks and hella great pizza.
Recommended: Bari pizza (Sausage, rapini, olives and ricotta)
Tip: you can reserve online here, #win 

Pizzeria Geppetto 
Our hood favorite spot, Geppetto has been on Notre-Dame for a few years now with a recent opening north on Beaubien. I think I've tried their entire menu (jokes aside) and I've been there with Nico, on a date with my hubby, with girlfriends, basically, 24/7. These pizzas are delish and I love the vintage ambiance and their lovely terrace on warmer days.
Recommended: Pan-ce-tta pizza. wow.
Tip: Their wine list is impressive and the meatballs are so so good! Nico's favorite option.

Adamo Pizza
The very first authentic New York pizza style resto in the city, do I need to say anything else? This is our favorite spot to grab a slice (or a whole one) to go, (it's a counter-style type of place) with six amazing flavors and the great team of Campanelli behind the scenes. 
Recommended: Classic Margherita and Ricotta pizzas.
Tip: I usually buy the entire pizza and do half/half of two different combinations. Call in advance and pick them up on your way back home.

Pizzeria Melrose
This new kid on the block surprised us with delish and gorgeous pizzas a while back, with a Neapolitan crust, original combinations, and fresh ingredients we all loved a lot. Super trendy decor, spacious and bright, Melrose is totally worth the trip all the way to NDG.
Recommended: N.D.G Pizza (white base, potatoes, pancetta, fresh mozzarella, gruyere, and rosemary).
Tip: Come back during summer, the terrace is perfect for drinks and a lovely afternoon out.

You all know I'm a cheeseaholic, so discovering the first mozzarella bar in the city, was simply what dreams are made of, friends! Mangiafoco serves appetizers (including soups), four types of Caprese salads, a full bar of mozza-heaven and delish pizzas, including a great kids menu. and the decor? Holy mother of decor. Just check more photos here.
Recommended: Any option of the mozzarella bar, you can't leave without trying it.
Tip: They have a tiny coffee corner in front of the resto, finish with one to go if you decide to visit them during lunch time.
Cafe Parvis
I've included this place in all my to-do lists of the city, for a quick coffee stop, a drink with a friend, and this time a delicious roman style pizza. Every single item on their menu is always on point, and that's why I'm never ever tired of coming back over and over again.
Recommended: White Margherita is sooo good, you can thank me later.
Tip: They update the menu frequently, check their FB page here.

Half bakery half pizzeria, Farine serves a ridiculously great roman pizza squares on an industrial-style space I loved on a first sight. They have several options, coffee, country-style baked goods and even hand-made pastas, FTW.
Recommended: I had a Margherita pizza with a salad of the day. I'm still drooling.
Tip: They now serve breakfast from 8am to 11am on weekdays, you can't miss that!

Ps. I still have a few more spots, so stay tuned for this pizza guide 2.0



This week: Lola, from Oh-Lola blog, a lovely and chic Venezuelan blogger living in sunny Miami.

Why Lola rocks: She's not a regular mom you guys, she's THE coolest mom. I was lucky enough to meet this sweetheart last weekend during Fashion week and we're already planning our next trip together. She has an impeccable personal style and the cutest baby girl, Vera.
Ps. I miss you already!


-What is the top must-have in your closet?

Jean Jacket
White dress
Black dress
Leather Jacket

-Pairs of shoes?

I think I have around 50 pairs of shoes!

-Your three favorite pieces in your closet are?

A black and white faux fur coat
A midi leather skirt
Suede brown jacket

-What are your fav locations for your #ootd shots?

I love to shoot in Wynwood, it’s the part of the city that I love the most.

-What do you want your closet say about you?

That I care, that I don’t just put something on, that I’m creative and fun! 
And that it’s really not that hard.

-How do you transition your clothes from season to season? 

In Miami there’s not much of a transition, but I still make it happen because I love it, I get bored very quickly so as soon as a new season comes around I’m ready to change, and I like to start with shoes and layers. Since Miami doesn’t require me to wear heavy basics I switch accessories and shoes.

Thanks for sharing all the deets of your closet, Lola.
I love you!
You can follow Lola's adventures here and her daily life on Instagram here

Curating Personal Style with Petite & Bold


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You know those friends that have the best taste in everything and an impeccable eye?
As soon as you met them and get to know them, you immediately start asking, where did you get that purse, those shoes, that hair done and all their pretty little details, right?

That's exactly what happened to me when I first met Josie, from Petite & Bold.

I simply can't have enough of Josie and I admire her minimal style so much, I knew we were going to be the perfect duo for this new blog series, defining our personal styles together.

Top things in Josie's wardrobe: the most beautiful bags (I want them all), bold accessories, shoes you'll be dreaming about for a while and stunning dresses. All pieces, 100% affordable!

Top things in Maca's wardrobe: Midi skirts, colorful knits and blazers, tons of funky shoes, vintage treasures, bold accessories and lots of bags.

Photography: Jessica Prudencio 
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What It's Really Like Being a Lifestyle Blogger


Lately, I've been thinking a lot about blogging and how it completely changed my life in a tiny second.
For most people, blogging means two options: something close to rocket science (you do what? blogging? what? next step: googling "blog") or simply an easy non-sense idea (you have a blog? so you post a picture and are Insta-famous right? that's it?) folks, this job is a lot, lot more than that.

I'll be speaking in the name of all my fellow blogger friends, mom bloggers, fashion, food, and lifestyle like myself, who are brave, creative and fearless enough to show the world we are more than an Instagram pic or a fun caption, we have an identity and a community that means the world to us. 
This job is not all about freebies, events and glamour 24/7. It's becoming my very own professional photographer and a perfectionist one, an Instagram strategist (I plan my grid like a maniac), a social media planner, a PR agent, a model (ha! trying hard there), a fashion guru, a foodster, a writer, a designer, accountant and mainly a magician.

So yes, there's a lot more than a simple Instagram post or blog post, it's a lot damn work behind it. If you're still wondering how to start and how to reach the goal you've been wanting for a while, here are some of my best tips for you:  

Consistency is the key

When I started about 4 years ago, I was in the middle of my first maternity leave and had absolutely nothing to do, so a blog was the perfect idea to kill time, and that's how HeyMaca started a while back. Nothing was planned and it was my ultimate hobby. I never thought the endless possibilities you can achieve with a blog or a social media account, like Instagram. After a few (a lot to be honest) bumps on the road, I learned consistency is my holy grail. A colorful life, trendy and cute places, lots and lots of yummy food and fashion are always there with a similar aesthetic and tone.

Errrryday, allll day 
Creating content is a full-time job friends, jokes aside over here. You'll be thinking what's the next blog post you'll write, the next brunch you'll shoot, the next coffee shop you'll visit errryday, all day. I have a strict rule of researching and planning my content at least 4 weeks in advance. Posting at least once a week in this space is a must (two when life is very generous and my babies are peacefully sleeping). Instagram is another game, and a much harder one. I post every-single-day there at least once. I entertain you with silly boomerangs every day and show you a snap of my daily routine, cuz I'm as normal as hell as you guys. So remember this, plan your days, weekends, minutes and show the world how fab life can be!

Tech tricks 
Some of you have asked me multiple times the apps I use the most, so sharing my top list with you of my day-to-day BBFs is the best idea:

- Plann (I use this one to plan my Instagram grid. You'll love it and *coughs* you're welcome)

- Acolorstory - All my photos, I'd say 90% of them are edited with this app. I have all the packages and use 3 or 4 filters to keep a consistent look.

- Retouch - THE-Future. Trust me in this one.

- SKRWT - an oldie but a damn goodie, especially for my outdoor shots and shoefies.

and no, I don't use Facetune... yet.

Have fun, lots of fun!
Eat, drink and be real merry every single day! as a blogger, as a friend, as a girlfriend because at the end of the road, life is way too short. Don't do this just for the money or the fame, do it because it's your passion. Everything will flow the way you'll expect to flow, and brands will reach out, partnerships will come in the way. Note: I only collaborate with brands I truly love, use and admire, reflecting a part of my lifestyle and what you could totally expect from me.

Thank you eternally to Sanni for this photoshoot and video, you're my favorite photographer and I can't wait for our next adventures!
Check her work here

MACA from Sanni on Vimeo.

OOTD From The Week: Pink & Green


A lot has happened in the past few weeks and I'm still trying to adjust my life back to normal.
My maternity leave finally ended (sigh) and I went back to my 9to5, Olivia started daycare and I'm also blogging and being a momma of two full time.

If you ask me if this is hard, I'd be totally honest and YES, it is damn hard.
Finding the right balance between something that I love so much, my little family and squeezing the time I have, I've been doing kinda magic.

I still believe people are reading this blog, laughing with my silly jokes and poses and enjoying my colorful journey in the city, so, It's all 200% worth it.

Cheers to more OOTDs every week, all the yummy food, future trips, beautiful and cozy corners, stunning shoefies and lots of fun together!

Pink and green are one of my favorite combos and they compliment each other so so well, like a perfect BFF and of course, thanks to Pantone, for making it official this year selecting greenery as the color of the year.

Ps. I'm a total sucker for Daniel Wellington, and it's the only watch I use. This black collection got me *heart eyes* and it was love at first sight.

You can shop this look below, as always!





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