Bubbles, anyone?
The best thing about summer nights is a rich, bubbly spritz with fresh fruits. I'm currently planning our home patio (which is the tiniest thing) and thinking about how we'll spend candid moments during our summertime entertaining parties, and having over all our friends.

I've been loving lately creating simple and cute tiny food recipes that I can do in less than 15 minutes and at the same time SO delicious and tasty!
This week, it's time for some strawberry lemon spritz sweet friends!

Scroll down to see the recipe,

Happy tiny drinks and cheers!
You'll always need all things pink and edible flowers, right?

You'll need:

  • Juice of 3 lemons 
  • Lemon slices 
  • 4 strawberries (cut them in tiny pieces)
  • Blueberries and raspberries 
  • 1 1/2 ounces of Aperol
  • 4 ounces of Sparkling rose (your favourite)
  • Edible flowers

How to:

  • Combine Aperol and the sparkling wine in a large glass pitcher 
  • Pour the lemon juice and mix
  • Add your favourite fruits (strawberries, blueberries, lemon slices) 
  • Serve chill
What are your plans this summer?

After revealing our lovely and colourful studio last month, (in case you missed it, check everything here and here) I put together a list of the go-to favourite accessories we use on a daily basis at the studio, including walls, desks and photography tools.

There are a couple of things we are currently planning and designing to finish the studio project, including the kitchen area and desk stations, so stay tuned for moooore cuteness soon!

In the meantime, check all these gems you might need soon.

01. Handmade macrame
02. Plant hanger with pompom 
03. Moon mirror
04. Pompom garland 
05. Pantone cards 

06. Multicolour washi tapes
07. Lidded pink basket
08. Small ceramic plates
09. Pastel markers
10. Silver storage baskets 
11. Tamron 24-70mm F/2.8 Lens
12. DJI Spark Drone (in combo)
13. Colourful background paper 
14. LED video light set
15. Adjustable C-Stand

Happy colourful shopping!

Creativity, creativity.. a word you'll see everywhere. Off the grid, on the grid, and across all your platforms.
This week I had an odd episode, I sat trying to write a simple post on the blog and nothing. NADA.

Working as a creative, in a creative and competitive industry as social media has shaped me in so many new ways I didn't think of.
ten years ago, I was on the other side of the industry. working in marketing and sales, developing multiplatform campaigns in media and understanding how a brand's voice is pretty much everything.

I saw the evolution of social media and the one thing I concluded is:

Everything is connected. every single thing. and you gotta be darn right that creativity is the most powerful force in the world.

It really is.

When I decided to start my blog 7 years ago, I wanted to have a creative space where I could share a bit our life, my kids, my favourite food, the places I loved visiting, and a personal diary that I could visit over and over again, as a reminder of our adventures. Little did I know, unintentionally, I created a creative voice across all my platforms, a cute, colourful and whimsical world.

I want to show you how I did it, and how you can also do it, with intention or not, whatever your main goal is, this guide might help you to start (at least I hope it does).

So, are we all ready?
Here are 6 tips for ya:

Quality vs Quantity

GUYS, I needed (okay let me rephrase this: needed) to start with this point. I get it, social media feels like a beauty contest, we are all trying to look good and perfect to win the crown, but my personal *very personal* point of view is, I much rather have amazing content, than numbers that don't matter, a lot. When Instagram was created, I remember posting my first picture, a shoefie in 2010. Maybe I didn't have the best camera, the best light, but slowly, I built up a content strategy that created a voice. A cute tiled floor, cute bathrooms, everything colourful and pastel, and things you see and think, that's so Maca! right? Just always remember, the more quality and time you invest creating content in social media, the bigger your engaged community will be.  

I adore thinking of what creativity means to me, the compositions I innately take, the things I love and even not following an exact formula to fit in, I found a way to produce quality content playing, learning, testing and having fun. I know I'll continue evolving my work into something else and this is what I want you to take away from this, never stop learning. 

My pillars

So, after learning quality is key, developing a voice and a particular creative aesthetic across your platforms, the next step is learning how to understand what your pillars are. They will be your vision, the way you want to project your content strategy and the "topics" you want to cover. I have these main pillars in the cute Heymaca world:
  • Colourful travels 
  • Interior design (this includes tiles, cute spots, my studio, my home)
  • Colourful & whimsical fashion
  • Cute food & cocktails
  • Stop motion video!
  • Easy breezy DIY projects
  • A tiny bit of motherhood & life

How it works? these 7 pillars have defined what my personal brand is all about on social media. I consistently post them (alternating them of course) on my blog, my Instagram account, Facebook page, and Pinterest. Your community will instantly familiarize with your brand, and you'll be present everywhere they go. I often get messages from readers, friends, family saying "this is SO Maca" and that's how you know your pillars are in place and well defined. Your homework today? Set a list of your pillars.

How do I get the audience I have here to stay and care?

This is my number 2 priority (after the quality content). Instead of focusing like crazy in growing your account on social media (especially Instagram), the big question should be: how do I entertain aaaalll the people that are already here so they stay?  I keep asking myself this:
  • What do they love about my content? 
  • Why are they here? 
  • What's my best performing post? 
  • How's my voice on social media? (I show myself the way I am in real life, a mix of funny/candid)
Usually, I analyze what my community liked the most (aka everything pink), if they loved reading travel guides on the blog, if they enjoyed stop motion animations vs lifestyle videos and a lot more. Check your engagement, how your readers react to certain colours, to your captions and voice, and learn every-single-day.

Always remember, YOU are the brand. yes, you read that right, YOU.

The IG algorithm

The HOT topic of the yeaaaaar is here, the IG algorithm!, and we could talk about it in a bazillion blog posts, but in all honesty, I am SO over it. I don't consider myself someone near close to the hip term of the era: "an influencer". Instagram plays a big role in my business, but it isn't everything, and you should see it the same way. Creating beautiful imagery will, somehow influence people to make an action (it can be a sweet comment, one like, a DM or buying what you own) and over the years,  I've learned to pick up my battles. Instead of losing my time questioning why Instagram decided to show my hashtags or not each post, I concentrate all my effort in developing a lifestyle brand.

HeyMaca is WAY more than Instagram coverage (of course it's an essential part of my strategy as a content creator, read more here) but, you should spend all your time in things like:

  • How can I evolve as a brand BEYOND Instagram? (I'm currently creating real, REAL products) if you don't have a blog, a video channel, something you control, now it's the right time.
  • Video! video! video! I created a Vimeo account where I post most of my video work and planning, creating and producing cute stop motion videos is just SO much fun! 
  • Create useful and informative content you can use in multiple platforms: I do illustrations, video, guides and more.
  • Be unique and STOP comparing to others. They have more likes? engagement? that's so 90's you guys. Focus on your REAL community, those candid messages you receive are way more important than anything else.
  • Stop doing the things that won't bring you joy for once.

How I curate my content

If you've been following on Instagram, you know how much I love design, branding, and photography. I see my Instagram account as my portfolio (imagine a magazine) and my blog as my hub where you get to know me even better. I have a content strategy for each platform:
  • Blog: where I can express myself in deep, with tons of tips, ideas, loooots of photos (because I can't simply post just one), and video.
  • Instagram posts: very editorial and planned. some accounts are more "on the go" and natural while I'll plan my content in advance before posting. I use Plann a scheduling app that helps me organize my weekly content calendar but I'm still posting everything manually. 
  • Instagram stories: this is where I have fun, dancing with outfits, showing silly things and showing you Maca on the go.  
  • Vimeo: Just my video portfolio (not intended to be a youtube channel) but something more "design"
  • Pinterest: I'm SO late in the Pinterest game (let's be besties here!), and I just started working on it as a traffic tool with the help of tailwind, another scheduling tool that helps you post pins on a daily basis.

Consistency and frequency 

Two magic words, right? like any job, you have to be consistent in what you do, and this includes:
  • Posting tons of stories daily so your community can see your life, they want to see more!
  • Develop weekly scheduling, in my case, I post every day (up to 2 posts) and Sundays on social media. Saturday is my official day off (YAY I have a day off!) and I try to have two blog posts every week (I tryyyy)
  • Use the same editing in your photography, I picked a bright, colourful and airy style you'll see in all my work.
  • How do I keep it up and get more inspiration? I religiously spend a decent amount of time on Pinterest and have endless secret boards (even classified by colours), reading design books and dedicating a day a week to seek the beauty in the city (SO useful).  
  • A few years ago I hired a graphic designer (a lovely friend of mine) to create my branding. I've defined: the font I use, my logo, media kit, ending reports for sponsored content, one pager sheets, and yes, I even have a colour palette I use everywhere (have you seen my Instagram story highlight covers?) that's just a tiny example.
  • Remember your pillars? they play a big part here! Be consistent and ALWAYS remember to rotate them.

Invest in equipment

If you're building a house, I'm sure you'll go crazy with all the tools you'll get at home depot to make it happen right? well, friends, this is the exact same over here. This job is a creative and a visual one, so the better equipment you have & the more prepared you are, your content will show well, just THAT. If you love photography, invest in a good camera and lenses (I did it years ago and it's been the best decision I've done to date. 
Have more questions? I'm here to help! 

When I saw the blooms and sun all the way out in Montreal this week, I knew it was time for some serious cocktails at the studio.
What I love about Margaritas are how simple yet delicious they can be. Fans of everything tiny and cute in here, we decided to try a mini pineapple version, garnished with mint and pink salt.

There are three ways you can serve a Margarita: on the rocks (like this recipe), frozen (my fave) or straight up. Pinky promise I'll blog a few more ideas in different presentations, so you can enjoy a summer full of cute cocktails with your besties, yay!

Here's a step-by-step video with the recipe, I'm super excited to share today!


Fresh pineapple for the win!


  • 1 part of silver tequila
  • 1/2 part of triple sec
  • 4 parts of fresh pineapple juice
  • lime juice is optional, as much as you want to taste it
  • Pink salt for rimming glass
  • limes and mint for garnish


  • Mix in a shaker: ice, tequila, triple sec, pineapple juice and lime juice
  • Rim your glass with pink salt 
  • Shake your mix and pour into rimmed glass
  • Garnish with fresh mint and limes
What's your favourite Spring/Summer cocktail?
 I'd love to include it in the tiny food series!

The HeyMaca products are officially in production! (PINCH ME!)
and seeing the evolution of this new collection has been a big challenge for me and Lucile (the most talented designer and Illustrator in life). So today, I wanted to walk you through the process of what we've been doing, planning and executing all these months behind the scenes of the new HeyMaca shop. 
All, all the colours!

To begin with, the concept and idea of launching real, tangible products have been a dream since I started the blog, and I knew it'll take time to do it right. If you add to this, that we are both very picky and pay attention to every single detail,  I kinda knew we would take some time to develop something solid.

We did a zillion, ZILLION, mood boards like these you see in this post, putting together what inspires us and things that are very "Maca" like all my friend's mention.

Sourcing has been our number one challenge when we started, finding different suppliers that have the best quality, delivery time and the products we have in mind to produce, is something, let's say, complicated. 
Next step after we found different suppliers was to place samples. 
Working with different materials (metal, threads, cotton, silk) is a learning curve I'm experiencing for the first time (that I've LOVED). Sometimes the samples didn't meet the standard we were looking for, so the circle started all over again (finding a new supplier, negotiating, testing).

For our soft launch, we'll include:

- Scarves
- Pins
- Patches
- Art prints
- Weekly planners
- Notebooks
- Accessories
- Postcards

All designed by us, obviously.
We don't know what the future will hold, but we are so excited to launch something out of this HeyMaca world we can wear, touch and see, outside the little Instagram boxes.

yay for that!

Happy Mother's Day to all of you mamas!

Since my mom is home, we've been cooking quite a lot and homemade pizza has quickly become of my favourite recipes so far. It's such an easy recipe and everyone at home gets really excited when they see we'll cook them for lunch or supper.

This weekend, I spent my mama day cooking some for my little ones, cuddling them and having the happiest unplanned Sunday of all time. 

The dough 

To be honest, I didn't have the time to do the dough from scratch, between my lack of sleep and time, I bought it from a local pizzeria we adore at Marche Atwater. To all my local friends in Montreal, this is the best tip EVER: you can get daily, fresh dough for $4.50 at Pizza Mia and it'll be the perfect quantity to make two regular pizzas, WIN!

If you have time to do the entire process, here are my favourite recipes:

The Sauce

My good friend Gaby, showed me her secret pizza sauce this weekend and I was like: wait, what? so simple? Si!
In your next pizza party, here's what you need to do:


  • Tomato passata (or strained crushed tomatoes) 
  • Olive oil
  • Salt, pepper
  • Italiano mix spices

How to

Mix all the spices with the passata and Olive oil. Do not cook the tomato sauce and serve fresh directly on the dough. 


We did three pizzas:

  • Mushrooms, feta & onions
  • Margherita with basil
  • Prosciutto & salami
You can be super creative and add fun tops like smoked mozzarella, buffala, salami, endless veggie options, and curated hams.
We used rectangular molds and then cut tiny pieces to serve them, super adorable!
How do you love your pizza?
Bon Appetit! 


6 years ago, I was celebrating my first Mother's Day. My very first celebration as a mom of one and a few years later, a mom of two. It's been a while since I wanted to sit down and write something meaningful about motherhood and what it means to me being a mother.

Today I'm celebrating Mother's day in partnership with my friends of Olay, gathering 10 of my favourite "me-time" activities I usually plan when I want to pamper myself while enjoying precious lil' moments you, mama, deserve BIG time.

Raising little ones is a full-time, challenging job that I'm incredibly thankful to be part of it. It honestly takes a village and it even takes good teamwork to achieve each goal you have set up for your little family. Despite the long nights, the meltdowns, there's always something magical that makes it so worth it and so unbelievably perfect. 

Go for mani & pedi time!

Trust me, I love being a mama, and having some quiet time just for me only means - mani and pedi session -. This has been my monthly tradition where I can catch up on my TV shows while picking up some really cute nail colours.

Visit a new coffee shop you've never been before

Did you know that visiting a new place often helps to boost your productivity and mood? I usually create a monthly list of new discoveries I want to visit and dedicate a few hours during my work week to check out a new spot I've never been to before.

Grab lunch with your girlfriends

Girly mommy time mode ON! Meeting my girlfriends while sippin' some cute cocktails and scrumptious food is my absolute favourite sport, and yes, we usually go for brunch even on a Monday.

Dedicate a few extra minutes  to your beauty routine 

When it comes to skincare, I'm such a fan of having the best products by my side, especially when sleep isn't quite yet the norm at home with these little ones (*cough, tired eyes, cough*). 

Here are my top 3 choices from the new Olay collection: 

- That dark circle and puffy eyes era are now over thanks to the new Olay's Brightening Eye Cream, hydrating and creating a new glow I've never seen before in an eye cream, filled with Vitamin C, brightening up your eyes instantly and helping decrease those fine lines and wrinkles over time that we are so scared of. If you're a busy mama like me, this cream will help you look like you slept an entire night, high five!

- Olay's new Mist is one of the best discoveries I've experienced in a while. This little bottle transforms your tired looking skin with all the Vitamin C, B3 and Bergamot instant-hydration (providing up to 60% boost of hydration). Did I mention you'll be obsessed with the fragrance? Yes, you'll be!

- Mask on a stick? Yes! It's a thing! And those extra precious minutes deserve a standing ovation for the new Olay Clay Stick Mask! With 100% kaolin clay (I still can't get over the fact it comes on such easy-to-apply stick.)

Read a book peacefully at home with hot coffee

Yes, mama, you heard that right, hot coffee! On your special day, you deserve to unwind, enjoy some reading and in my case, a warm cup of coffee and a few treats will set me on a sweet note to start off my day.

Go out with your bike & pick up flowers

Yes! When Spring is here, this is a total must activity: grab your bike and run to your closest farmers market. 'Tis is the season (and I don't mean Christmas) for everything floral, scented, flowy and pretty.

Get a massage at your favourite spa

... and this can include lunch with wine right after your relaxing massage or pilates classes when you feel relaxed enough. I love to combine this sweet activity combo of something relaxing, with a mild exercise and always, always great food.

Try a new recipe & cook it all by yourself!

When I feel I need to unplug a bit from my day-to-day responsibilities and motherhood duties, I usually run to Pinterest as fast as I can and plan a brand new recipe I've never done before, followed by a solo-grocery store visit and a cooking session all by myself. Try it, it's so worth it!

Style new outfit ideas & colour blocking combinations 

With every season, new wardrobe changes come into play, and tidying up new outfit ideas is one of my goals I set right away. We usually put away our seasonal clothing in our locker room, and styling them all over again feels like Christmas day morning to this mama, every three months.

and yes, you can also have breakfast in bed

Me-time during Mother's day is the perfect excuse to start off your day with a special breakfast in bed, am I right? Bring on all the pancakes, fresh fruits, bacon and eggs all served with stunning flowers and a side of sunshine, s'il vous plait!

The big question now is: How do you enjoy your me-time during Mother's Day?

Endless thanks to Olay for sponsoring this post and partnering with HeyMaca.
All opinions, tips expressed in this post are entirely mine.

Maple season: all the sugar is here!
and as soon as Oli heard this, she ran to the door, got her jacket, boots and her little smile ready for Sugar Shack, her very own first experience.

I'm truly loving capturing our family moments lately and thinking what is that our family would love to do, and build sweet memories over the years to come. I remember clearly all my road trips when I was little, the smell of the mountains, the crispy empanadas and fresh cheese we had on the road, the views, the beaches, and how much I loved discovering my country with my family. All I hope as a parent now, is to do the same thing with  Nico and Oli.

and maybe document that along the way here on visual diaries (god bless the internet), because let's be real, I can't even remember how many cups of coffee I had yesterday.

What I'm sure about, is that we'll be a traveling family, there's nothing else that makes us happier than discovering new corners, new food, and a new passion to spark their curiosity, as a family of four.

aaaanyway, back to sugar shack! here are a few cute pictures of Oli's happiness...
^^ gimme all the fresh maple syrup, Canada ^^
^^ we drove 45 minutes from home to eat allll the comfort food: beans, sausage, omelette, pork rinds, pea soup, crepes, ham, and alll the maple ^^
^^ Exhibit A, so yummy! We visited Sucrerie de la Montagne (highly recommended with kids). They have different prices (weekends, weekdays) and everything is included, so you pretty much will eat a LOT of food. ^^
^^ these puffy crepes are WAY too good, so say hello carbs! ^^

^^ After all the food, they ran, explored around, took a train ride and loved every minute of it ^^
^^ she is my everything.^^

What's your favourite family tradition?

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