I'm sure this might not surprise you but I could do Rosé all day and all night, erryday.
This week, I had a girls afternoon date with lots of sun, pretty things to eat and drink, including this fabulous Iced Tea Spritzer, perfect for a warm summer day.

I gotta say, I'm loving this month's National Iced Tea festivities!
Bring them on, Summer (:

Scroll all the way down to see this recipe.

Ps. You are so welcome.

You'll need

Rosé Iced Tea Spritzer

  • 6 cups of any rosé wine 
  • 2 cups of your favorite brewed rosé iced tea
  • Juice of 3 lemons
  • Juice of 1/2 grapefruit
  • 2 cups of sparkling citrus water
  • lots and lots of ice

How to make it
Mix all ingredients, add lots of ice and serve cold.

Cheers, Homies!

Dear Oli,
My heart burst with love when I see you picking up your outfits and shoes as soon as you're up in the morning

Dear Brunch o'clock,
I'm truly sorry I missed you this weekend, promise I won't let you down the next one

Dear 50mm lens that broke this week,
I just realized I can't live without you and I'm so sad to see you go

Dear gym I never started,
Are we ever meeting again?

Dear crockpot,
yes yes and all the yeses for this mama with two full-time jobs, two babies, and a hubby

Dear Rhubarb,
How come I never gave you a try before? I can't even

Dear Jumpsuits (like my floral one),
Besties forever and ever, okay?

Dear Spring activities like butterflies go free,
Nico is still asking how come he can't see butterflies flying in our house, all the lols

Dear house we visited this week,
I need to afford you, so please world, do me a miracle and send it my way

Dear Martha Stewart,
How can we ever cook as yum as you do?

Dear fellow bloggers,
How are you all so fly in your videos? I've been trying to be less camera shy but I'm not even sure how to start

Dear new closets of our apartment,
Why did you do this to me?

Dear Summer,
I'm celebrating you with an overload of picnics, BBQ, and glamping

Dear glitter,
You, all. that's about it

Dear readers,
Thanks for stopping by, reading these silly stories and leaving some love. I truly adore each of you

Dear bloody marys and micheladas,
I guess I'll never have my dream bikini body right?

Dear laser hair removal,
Thank god for this because my rare shaving habits are elevated to the next level now

Dear corn-on-the-cob,
oh-my-goodness! you are here and we are all stoked about it

Dear Iphone 6S memory,
My daily love-hate relationship, I simply can't understand you bro

Dear lovely Spring,
Please don't ever dare to leave us

Every month, you'll find me googling all the upcoming National Holidays just to have a legit excuse to plan more and more celebrations.
Summer is around the corner and I'm completely obsessed with Iced teas, and to be extra honest, I drink them not only during summer time but all year long.

Are you ready to impress all your friends this weekend, right?
and just because I love popsicles and the upcoming National Iced Tea Day is here, let's roll making this recipe of the healthiest (and yummiest) green tea pina colada popsicles.

High five, summer!

Green Tea Pina Colada Popsicle

You'll need
1/2 cup of fresh Pineapple
1 cup of Pure Leaf green tea unsweetened iced tea
3 tbsp of Greek yogurt 
2 tbsp of Pina Colada mix (low sugar)
1 tsp of honey 

If you want to get fancy with some toppings just add
Shredded coconut 
Condensed milk

How to make them
Super easy! add all the ingredients in your blender, mix for 2 minutes
Pour the liquid into a popsicle mold and freeze for several hours, or even overnight
add any toppings just before serving

Enjoy a summer full of popsicles!

We started our Brunch tradition a few years back as soon as we moved to Montreal.
My hubby and I have been for the longest time ever, the biggest fans of breakfasts and it's truly what we still love to do together.
My obsession and love for eggs Benedict is absolutely clear, that even lots of friends call me and ask me where to go, all - the - time.

I'm not sure about other Canadian cities, but Montreal knows how to do a great dang brunch, always striving on surprising us with the most delectable and scrumptious menu options ever and let's keep it real: when I indulge, I make sure it's with lots and lots of Hollandaise sauce on it.

Here are my top favorites of Mile-end and St-Henri, two corners of the city where I hang out the most, always living up one good egg at a time (:


Le Vieux Velo
My absolute favorite when it comes to eggs benedict, I'd say in Montreal. This tiny place with a gorgeous and simple decor gets me every time, feeling just like home. Blue walls and vintage wooden chairs give Le Vieux Velo a kinda old school vibe I'm completely addicted to. They serve a great brunch menu with 5 benedicts options, all including a fresh salad, potatoes, and the yummiest hollandaise.

Recommended: le B.A.B - no doubt! Avocado, Brie, bacon strips and a lemony hollandaise sauce.
Tip: Get there early if you're planning to do a weekend brunch (9am if you can!). If you're planning to go with your babies, you won't have much space left for strollers so make sure you bring your baby carrier.

Plan an early Sunday Brunch at Faberge, preferably before their big lineup starts. This place has been on our list for years and I believe we've tried the entire menu (no regrets!) and I assure you, Faberge has covered all my very special morning cravings on each visit, including my kiddo's too. Faberge is incredibly kids friendly and Nico loves it just because he can watch his favorite tv cartoons and do some cute coloring while we sip their great coffee. On the menu: six different Benny's all so delish it'll be a challenge to pick just one.

I have a tiny addiction with the Benny Mac. These perfectly cooked eggs with mac 'n' cheese fritters, pulled pork and topped with a jalapeno jelly. yeap, it's all real.
Tip: They have a kids menu, just ask as soon as you get in. Also, a changing table is available for your babies.


The newest gem of St-Henri and the second location in the city, L'Avenue always does it right with generous portions (when I say generous, I mean you'll be full pretty much the rest of the day) and the funkiest decor you'll ever find in a breakfast spot in the city. Start with a classic mimosa followed by their famous fruit skewers and one of the 13 different Benedict options on the menu. I regularly have their classic "benes" with a delicate beer ham or Arc-en-ciel the popular and scrumptious salmon one.

Honestly, the entire menu, so worth it if you are a brunchaholic like me. Show up early, even in St-Henri we already have long waiting lines.
Tip: You can't miss the "glow in the dark" bathroom decor. Way way too good!

Toi, Moi & Cafe
A super oldie but a real goodie in the hood and a reference in Montreal for their vast selection of fair trade, organic coffee beans and always good brunch menu. What I love about this place is the warm staff and their espresso mocha that helps me start my weekends like a real champ. The benedicts options are only three and 80% of the time I have a classic bacon and swiss egg benedict. Don't be shy to ask them about their best coffee recommendations, you'll love them as much as I do.

All the way Bacon or Salmon Benedicts.
Tip: They serve breakfast every single day and if you're looking for a quiet place to work with good coffee and food, this will be it. Hey mamas, they also have plenty space for your strollers and high chairs.
Hoping you have an egg-celent brunch!

This year has been a very unique one for all Montrealers, we celebrate our city’s heritage and a history of three hundred and seventy-five years of pure awesomeness.

Since we moved to this splendid city, 8 years ago to be exact, I always look like a tourist in my own city, just because there’s so much to do, to explore and to see in such little time.

Part of my inspiration to start a blog a few years back was to show my friends, family and even strangers from all over the world our life in Montreal, the best things to do, the little-hidden corners and our precious moments in this beautiful city. As you were totally expecting from me, I couldn’t hide my excitement about Montréal’s 375th anniversary, as an incredible launch pad for the city I love and care about the most, especially when you discover projects that will become a tangible reality, will also leave a lasting legacy for generations to come, including my two little ones, Nico and Olivia.

Out of more than 1,000 projects that were submitted in honor of Montreal’s festivities, I had the chance to discover a very special one, the TD Common Ground Project, as the true heart of a community in full expansion, specifically on the north side of the Island of Montreal.

As a city mom of two, I cherish so much green spaces I can fully enjoy with my babies, where you can bring people together and even more this time around when the sun is shining, the trees are blooming and the grass is greener. Hallelujah for Spring and its perfect outdoor happiness!

This new project developed in an association with TD is meant to set up cool areas where people can enjoy multiple picnic areas, where 750 trees are planned to be planted, and a recreational park will be installed for the 5 surrounding schools in the area. No matter if you
are Franco, Anglo or Allophone, The Green Corridor is planning to benefit all Montrealers in a unique, multiethnic area of the north side of the city, with a big lack of green spaces and parks for the 6,000 children, parents and teachers that pass through that area of Montreal North every day.

I can’t wait to show you the development of this entire area, the future plans in the upcoming months and how the 375th festivities will help build a better and stronger city.

Sponsored content: This post is sponsored by TD and the TD Common Ground Project, but opinions and content expressed here are my own.

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