Hello? Am I in mini heaven?
If your answer is yes, you know you entered the brand new and local gem, Boutique Vestibule Mini.
If you've been following me for a while it's crystal clear I'm such a BIG fan of Vestibule since they started in Montreal (like dork fan, but a cute one okay?) and I was just counting the days when I heard a new mini section was in the works a few months ago.

Audrey, the lovely owner of both Vestibule and Vestibule Mini has a major talent finding local treasures for your home, closet and now kids rooms.

Here are my current favorites for this month, from their lovely Boutique. 

01. Flamingo felt wall bust
02. Blockitecture habitat
03. Geo wall hanging
04. Mustard cape coat
05. Apple Tshirt
06. Blue ice cream pillow

Happy local shopping!

13 days.
 Just this tiny amount of time and I'll call myself a kindergarten mama.
My sweet boy will be starting this month school and all the emotions, tears and excitement are happening right now, including doing some real prep time with Nico and transitioning from his beloved daycare to his "big" school.

While Nico is getting ready for all things big boy, Olivia is imitating and following every step, and her learning curve has been so quick I'm pretty impressed with what this lady can do and say every day. She's two and a half and acts like a five-year-old already (god bless my patience, lol).

I have to confess (and most of my friends noticed this) I'm attached to good people and I have such a hard time saying bye to them. I know this new chapter will do amazing things for both our kiddos and I can't wait to see them grow, but sometimes I struggle thinking how I'll miss our daycare, their teachers, how Nico learned everything he knows there, how he'll miss his first friends, and how fantastic they have been with us. I know he will remember those days dearly, as much as I will.

To keep him motivated and stoked about his big step, I discover two new interactive and educational toys from Vtech and Leapfrog (Nico has been using different toys from them for a while and he's the biggest fan), enhancing its creativity, curiosity and showing him learning new things can be FUN!

For Nico - LeapFrog LeapStart
® 3D

This boy of mine is ultra visual and loves to learn new things with tons of colors and when it's interactive we are speaking his language. Don't you find our kids are way too advanced with the technology nowadays? I find it fascinating how fast they learn and how they remember everything when there's an interactive system helping. The new LeapStart 3D tablet got Nico as soon as he saw the 3D animations that magically appeared bringing activities to life, SO much fun! 

This tablet is So perfect for visual learners, it will allow them to touch, follow activities and hear instructions solving tasks in math, reading, shapes and colors, numbers and a ton more. We bought three books to start our training together, and I sure won the mom of the year prize! 

These books are sold separately, and you can find a variety of subjects and levels. We bought this onethis one and this

For Olivia - Touch & Learn, Activity Desk

A three-in-one learning desk (excuse moi!? magic?) that has a ton of different features for little ones. Oli is loving she can play piano, explore letters and numbers, and also use it as a chalkboard if she wants to. You know those days when our babies got bored with a toy in like, 5 seconds? Those old days are so over and Oli proved this with her new activity desk from VTech. 

What we absolutely love about it? We can buy activity cards with different content like letters, music, colors, numbers and they are all interactive. There's a telephone, you can listen to tunes on the music player while learning tons of new things. We are putting the human body and numbers activity packs on our shopping list for our next purchases for our little Oli. 

High-five my sweet lady, so proud of you!
Nico is discovering shapes with dinosaurs, sold right? 
See the happiness I was talking about? She's just IN LOVE.
Thank you VTech/LeapFrog for sponsoring this post today.
All opinions and love expressed in this post is 100% ours. 

Brunch ladies, where are my brunch ladies at?
Summer (at least my summer) is a mandatory and essential call for all things lazy, hammocks and flowers, tan lines and bare feet all over, you can get my passion for summer now, right?

So, if you are the kind of gal who likes planning cute things to do and drinking cute cocktails, THIS post is entirely made for you.

Here's how you can recreate the easiest, cutest spritzers, ever.

The key to making a perfect spritzer? be sure your wine is cold, and I mean gotta be this C O L D.
For these ones I did, I used a Pink Rose Moscato base, because I adore a sweet touch in my cocktails, all the freaking time.

To make them, pick your favorite wine and here's what you need to use:

4oz of chilled Rose Moscato
3oz of chilled club soda (I used Peach LaCroix - obsessed)
Juice from a lime (as much as you want)
Garnish with basil, lemons, or a piece of your favorite fruit
As soon as Nico saw this table, he thought we were eating everything, ha! 
What are your favorite summer drinks?
Can't wait to know all about it!

One of the best things about finding THE place to pamper yourself is to feel you are right at home.
Wonderblush has been the best-hidden gem of the city for a while now and it has all the perks you'll look for in a single spot: the best decor (oh hello lovely palm trees wallpapers, pink everywhere), a cute coffee shop that you can enjoy while getting your hair did, the funniest and sweetest team that will cheer up your day and the best products when it comes to hair care.

As you can see, this girly spot is not only the best, but my go-to when we talk all about HeyMaca hair, color, and styling.
(bonjour, perfect bangs!)

My obsession is so real, that my lovely master stylist, Blanca is the hero behind my hair and now also my little ones' hero! For the first time in 5 years, Nico loved someone and let me tell you, this is a huge accomplishment for this sweet boy of mine.

This week, I was lucky to talk to Melanie, proud owner, girl boss, mama and adorable entrepreneur that I admire TONS.  

- Tell us a bit about this lovely idea, Wonderblush

Wonderblush is a pretty place for all beauty needs under one roof. We offer hair, makeup, lashes and spray tan services. We’re here to help women find their perfect look for a night out, a wedding, a red carpet event or for no occasion other than you want to spoil yourself and enjoy some me-time (don’t we ALL need that)?
We welcome clients in our light and cozy studio at any time but we can also travel to their home or office for their convenience.

- What made you decide to open your business and why Wonderblush?

When I was getting ready for my wedding, I was overwhelmed by the “beautifying process”: not only did I have to manage a full-time work schedule, I also had to manage a full-time appointment schedule with salons that were so widely different and so far apart - talk about a mess! Pretty soon, a dream emerged from the chaos: to create a friendly, sophisticated and fun full-service beauty destination for women. 

I took the first step and left my job as a marketing director at Coca-Cola to go learn the art of makeup at Giorgio Armani (needless to say, my husband was freaking out!). Then, my adorable daughter came into our lives and with her, my desire to make her proud and build something special for our future. And so in March 2015, Wonderblush finally came to life.

- Any tips for future entrepreneurs in the city?

Do what you are passionate about. This is what led me to leave the corporate world and becoming an entrepreneur. You will put a lot of time and energy into your business and if you care about what you do, believe in yourself and your project, you will find ways to overcome obstacles and be successful.

Another tip would be to surround yourself with like-minded people that share the same values and believe in the dream and the mission. Strong teamwork automatically leads to successful achievements and positive outcomes.

Thank you, Mel! We can totally feel the empowerment, we love Wonderblush!

4030 St-Ambroise, suite 4028
Hours: open Monday to Saturday, with appointments only
Bookings: info@wonderblush.com or (514) 591.2822
Price Range: $$
Kids Friendly: Absolutely! Blanca is the bestest with kids!
Services offered: Hair, Makeup, Lashes, Spray Tan, Weddings and Events

Today, I want to fill you with many inspiring ladies that fill my Instagram with tons of creative ideas, and special DIY projects that deserve an Oscar nomination.

When it comes to doing everything yo'self, these are the queens, la creme de la creme, and the masters you need to follow, STAT.

F A V E    D I Y    A C C O U N T S

@aww.sam Besides being the absolute CUTEST, Sam is an industrial designer and my daily inspiration on Instagram. You can't miss her cakes and special donuts, it's just beyond!

@abeautifulmess All I want one day is to finally meet the two lovely ladies behind the most amazing blog (that inspired me to start on my own), Elsie and Emma. A Beautiful Mess was the pioneer blog that started amazing DIY projects, and they keep surprising us every-single-day. 

@ohjoy Joy, mama of two, best dancer on IG stories, and shoe-twin is the entrepreneur behind OhJoy! I've been following her blog and now Instagram, read all her books, bought her suitcases, and cried a river with every design she has put out on the market. You are pure Joy, Joy.

@studiodiy Kelly knows how fun life can be and I've admired her for a long, long time. Thank you for making my live a party every day!

@sugarandcloth One word to you Ashley: WOW! This new mama is the cutest thing on the internet and er DIY are next-level-fun. Ps. Domino named her as the best DIY blog, just sayin' ok?

@brittnimehlhoff  Brittni, the sweetest blogger behind Paper and Stitch, featuring dreamy cocktails, super easy and super cute DIY projects and a dreamy color palette I wish I could achieve one day because a girl can dream, right? 

@designlovefest Hi Bri, I love you! Design Love Fest is one of the OG DIY, lifestyle and colorful bloggers around, and yes, I'm obsessed with her style, and her blog, duh. 

@johanie.creative My lovely friend and insanely talented DIY master, Johanie you'll love as much as I do. If you're looking DIY projects that are easy and hassle-free, she's your girl ladies and gents! 

@amyjadedesigns Is it normal that I dream about Amy's calligraphy skills? You'll be addicted as me, trust me!

@daily_disco the sweetest babe on earth and most talented DIYer, making embroidered projects, pins, and personalized denim projects. Can we hug again?

@dixieandtwine  If you win a lotto ticket and need to pick one lady to hang with you, be sure Amber is my gal! fellow Canadian and etsy owner of the prettiest party decorations, she will make your gray days the most colorful ones, I promise you that.

@lulafloradesign My friend Christine, fellow Montrealer and my number one mini pinata maker is the most talented maker behind a Mexican-styled etsy shop I've been following for quite long time now. I could write a love letter to her mini unicorns. TRUE story.

@amytangerine This paper lover lady is the ultimate inspiration when it comes to scrapbooking, calligraphy and party planning. Love you, Amy!

@shrimpsaladcircus I met Lindsay during our AltSummit days this year and I fell in love with her projects, her vibe and her Instagram account. Are we doing Alt together next year?

It's finally here!

Our official tour of Nico & Oli shared bedroom is officially ready (it only took me almost a year to do it after our first home preview here because life, you know?)
This space is one of my favorite of our new home, and I received a lot of questions on how we managed to have one single bedroom and fit a boy and a girl, so here are all the tips for you mamas, wot wot (:

I think it's not common that our kids (especially a boy and a girl) share one single room, and in all honesty for us, this was a number one priority. I always shared a bedroom with my sister even until our teenage years and it never bothered me at all, it was the total opposite actually.
When we found our new home last year, I was shocked to see the first room when you walked in, was this ultra cute two-in-one mezzanine bedroom, and my instant reaction was: Jackpot! I can style two different bedrooms in one.

The first 6 months we were kinda scared of the ladder so we practiced with Nico and trained him to be ready for his "big room" and they slept together using their old bunk bed in the meantime. Even though Oli was still little and woke up a few times during the night, we succeeded in keeping Nico asleep as a pretty good sound sleeper.

As soon as my big boy graduated from his bunk bed, he was ready to go upstairs and the fun started!   

I've always wanted a house but keeping our city living as well, (we don't see ourselves living in the suburbs, or crossing bridges for the time being) so a small home was always an option even with only 2 bedrooms.  The amount of space we found with a mezzanine was simply perfect for our family and I totally believe they'll be more than ok sharing their bedroom for years.

We transitioned Oli into a real bed and it was such an accomplishment for my little girl!
She picked this new bed from Souris Mini with me, because this cutie wants to shop everything by herself nowadays. One thing I LOVED about this bed, is that is 100% made in Quebec, of natural birch plywood, and for the first time EVER, I assembled it myself, excuse moi? No tools, screws, or hardware, yes!
Oli's little heart-shaped pillow, Tassel garland and the prettiest bright & bold reversible duvet cover
We also got her a sweet butterfly & bunnies fitted sheet from Souris Mini's new collection, perfect for her little pastel world.

The room is about 16 feet-height, high enough to fit two rooms in one.

All the details of this room are what I dreamed of for a while: black matte aluminum structure and a ladder, cement floors (that are heated during winter time), a big central window that covers both areas perfectly and Nico's floor (including my office) are the only rooms in the house that came with a solid light wood finish.
Oli's heart-shaped rug can be found here, her deer wall decor here, and her colorful pom-pom basket here

Our bedtime routine in a shared bedroom starts with Oli in her reading corner with mama, and usually every night, my hubby is upstairs with Nico as well at the same time. It surprises me so much every day how they have two unique spaces in a single one, right?
This cutie and her passion for books! 

Nico loved a space-themed corner, including tons of Star Wars (of course!).
Both Nico & Oli have open-style closets (wish me luck) and tons of drawers to keep the toys a bit more organized.

Nico's colorful metal floor lamp can be found here
The view from Nico's room, to their gallery wall.
Nico's  Bla bla bla duvet cover is from Souris Mini and his Cactus knitted throw is from Babasouk.
THIS gallery wall, was SO fun to do!
The view from upstairs, aka my big boy world! 
Endless thanks to Souris Mini for sponsoring this post.
All opinions are cuteness overload are entirely mine.

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