I can't believe I'll be saying this, but, how come November is here?
Where did 2018 go?
Is it me or time simply decided to take a fast pass and skip everything?

I can officially say now, Happy Fall, my sweet friends!
A few weeks ago, we did our annual apple picking which was a quite different one, a hot day, sunny and beautiful Autumn afternoon we spent together. 

As a tradition of this blog now, here's our Ode to life, Fall edition.

Dear Halloween,
We thank you for bringing a fun night filled with surprises and endless candies, but, could you please remind my little ones you only come home once a year? pretty please?

Dear Sheryl Crow,
I've been listening to strong enough the past few weeks and I gotta say, I miss the 90's. I miss that feeling and all the memories I built in my city.

Dear #heymacatravels,
It's been a cute and fun ride, eh? My body somehow is on strike right now from the nonstop madness these past months have been, so I'll try to take life slowly from now on, okay?

Dear body,
I'm so sorry that I keep dressing up like summer even though it's not. I know you are mad at me, and I can't blame you.

Dear Lotto ticket I never seem to win,
Where are you when I need you the most?

Dear future studio,
We'll be there in two weeks and we can't wait to bring back to life a happy corner that will cheer all of us up

Dear Mansur Gavriel bags,
How dare you!

Dear Aperols and everything iced,
bring summer back, now

Dear days with no sun at 3pm,
I cannot understand you. point.

Dear oat milk cappuccinos,
Where have you been all my life?

Dear flu season, 
Please stay away and never visit us again, this is hard enough with the lack of sun.

Dear Jamaica,
Did I say Jamaican patty? 

Since Nico & Oli's first trip to Disneyland this summer, these little cuties have been obsessed with animals, rides and movies, hooray!
I feel this year has flown by so quickly, I can't even understand how is Autumn already. When cold temps arrive home, we always opt to do a mix of indoor and outdoor activities with the kiddos, and the Montreal Science Centre has been a go-to destination for a few years now (we're proud annual members, self-high fives!) so I couldn't wait to go back and spend more time at the museum already.

Last weekend, we spent our Saturday morning with the lovely TELUS team, proud partners of the Montreal Science Centre since 2005. On our agenda, the cutest item: PANDAS!

Yes, you read that right, pandas. And a lot of baby pandas.

We started our cute day with Pandas 3D, the unbearably cute documentary that shows the adorable journey of one special panda, she finds herself released in the wild. We saw our new friend Chen Chen rolling, playing with sticks, drinking from the smallest bottle and eating all the bamboo she could, HOW CUTE, and Nico and Oli learned that only 2,000 giant pandas exist in the wild, and why we need to be more aware of what's happening in our world.

Only 40 minutes after, their curiosity was in full swing and Nico kept asking ALL the questions about pandas, China, and the beautiful mountains we saw in 3D, obviously!

After some popcorn, candies and juices overloads, we accepted the challenge of finding our very own panda, which was hiding in the Old Port. We were determined to find our Chen Chen, right here at home!

One helpful tip I didn't know before, which proved very useful as we roamed through the Old Port, is TELUS free wifi in the area, that helped us find our hide-and-seek loving panda.  I'm sure from now on, you'll share the hotspots all over Vieux Port, right?

We chased Chen Chen in four different spots (you had to see Nico's reaction every time he couldn't find her) until the precious moment happened:
WE HUGGED OUR OWN PANDA! and yes, we took her home with us. 

Right here, my mama heart. 
They also got Pandas costumes, and loved every second of it, like I did. 

Thankful to partner with companies like TELUS, that support fun family activities in our city, and for ours, the art, science, museums, design, are all a huge part of how we want to raise our kids.
We want them always immersed in experiences that will help them be prepared for the future and be in awe of this great world we live in!
Because at the end of the day, their future, is ours as well. 
Our lovely group of happy kiddos, hugging their pandas!
Ready to head to this IMAX experience with your little ones?
Check the daily schedule here
Endless thanks to TELUS for sponsoring this post and hosting the loveliest morning.
All opinions expressed in this post are 100% ours. 

Just to say Babasouk is our fave online shop is an understatement. 
Our love is REAL! 
Baba is one of those places you simply can't have just one, or two things, you'll just need the entire shop right at home. 

This week, our current mood is inspired in all the baba treasures, some of them I scored and adore, some others I need STAT. 
Want to fill your life with everything Babasouk? RUN and use my code HEYMACA and get 15% off on everything, yes, EVERYTHING!

Happy shopping, my lovely friends!

01. Pink Basket
02. Pastel Moroccan Rug
03. Round Baskets with Pompoms 
04. Wicker Basket 
05. Pink Embroidered Pillows
06. Gold Storage Baskets
07. Wool Basket for Plants

08. Pink Moroccan Pouf
09. Neon Plant Print

10. Coral Macrame Banner
11. Baby Colorful Rug
12. Small Macrame Hanging

A year ago, when we moved out from our little condo in St-Henri, I knew I was going to experience a major FOMO being so close to all my favourite coffee shops, local restaurants and all the brunch I have on a regular weekly basis because you know, foodie life over here.

When I heard the BIG news the dream team of Joe Beef and Maison Publique were joining forces opening a new spot FOUR minutes away from home, I felt I won a lotto ticket, without any doubt.

Mckiernan Luncheonette is officially here and opened it's doors to change the vibe of Ville Emard/Cote St-Paul in Montreal, bringing a daily fresh menu that serves breakfast items all day (jackpot), roasted chicken (extra win) and a delicious bloody caesars you guys need to try, ASAP.

Did I mention it is really really good? 
because trust me, it is.

The beauty of this place beside the bright 7,000sqft resto area, it's the very Canadian vibes which makes it even dreamier. They'll host special events and caterings during the weekends, and maybe pop-up foodie experiences in the near future, I mean, THE dream!

The menu is very casual, for lunch, you can have salads, chicken, lots of pork, grilled cheese, clam chowder, and a few more options.

My go-to every time I go? The breakfast special.

Just do it. 

The beautiful space, and picnic setup, very Biergarten style, which I loved.
I saw a few kids in my first visit, and I was so happy to know I could bring my little ones as well.

Nota bene: BEST cappuccino I had in years. 
2nd Nota bene: I'm actually really proud of these pictures. I might have mastered how to shoot my life in manual, and in my new 24-70mm lens.
Endless thanks to you, McKiernan, for feeding us with really good food.
Signed by: the world
McKiernan Luncheonette
5524 Rue St-Patrick, Unit 200
M - F 8am to 3pm
Reservations: Honestly, I don't think you'll need one even if you're a big group of people. They are quite busy at noon, just try to arrive a bit earlier.
Price range: $
Kids friendly: Absolutely friendly! They don't have changing tables in case you need one.

After one year as a full-time freelancer, we have big big news:

This was without a doubt, one of my dreams, and after a few months looking a ton of options, we found THE one. This year, HeyMaca has a lot of new projects coming up, new goals, and a real space with real desks was just necessary to bring to life, all the dreamy crazy ideas we have in mind.

Shooting beautiful new content, a lot of cute stop-motion videos (with a real and decent studio space OMG, god bless!), a corner in the city to host events and a lot more. Thankfully, my friend Joanna from Lazymoms is my partner in crime that will share the space with our team, and we cannot wait to be there.
I remember when I started this project a few years ago, I dreamed so many things and most importantly, to be an entrepreneur, that to me, seemed just a far goal to achieve.

 I started this journey with one thing in mind: bring happiness, color, and passion for friends, family and each of you with my blog, and after a few years experimenting here and there, I now believe life will give you little hints of the smart decisions you need to take for your business, meeting the right people, finding a perfect space, and being scared of the unknown. 

These are the key aspects I needed to understand how to grow my business. 

I know it can be scary, but with the right attitude and dreams, this is all you need to overcome all your fears. 

Meet my lil' HeyMaca team: 
Lucile, designer & illustrator 
Ale, DIY & set designer 
Me, the one girl show behind all this

Now, let's celebrate together, YAY!


Color Factory was a poem to us. If you still have no clue what Color Factory is (WHAT?), this pop-up experience started this year in San Francisco designed by my life hero, Jordan Ferney, founder and blogger behind Oh Happy Day, a lifestyle and DIY brand that believes in color, as much as I do.

This new experience was an ode to color, placed in a 20,000 sqft space in the heart of Manhattan, featuring 16 different colors "rooms" with tons of surprises at every corner. After visiting MOIC early this year and experiencing this new trend on how we consume art nowadays, I have to say personally, Color Factory elevated the game to a WOW level.

Here's everything you need to know about it, and why it's so different from all the other pop-up experiences so far.


We visited Color Factory with Nico and Oli, and even though it's not promoted as a kid-friendly activity, this place was a total dream for my little ones. They have been exposed to art, textures, colors, and everything design since they were born, both me and my husband have design backgrounds so this was the perfect type of activity I wanted them to see and share with us. They both played with the installations, named all the colors they saw, picked their favorites, spun a color wheel, had pastel blue vanilla ice cream and swam in a giant ball pit they will remember forever (500,000 balls, to be exact and yes, that's a LOT of balls).


This place is unlike any other experience, and that's why I loved it SO much. Everything was planned, including close collaborations with tons of local artists from the city, showing us how New Yorkers are made by colors including makers, writers, bakers, and a lot more than made it even more special. As a branding freak as I am (in a good way you get this right?), I found how the little things made my day, like taking a macaroon from a conveyor belt color wheel (please try them), a wall full of color blocked compliments you could take home, a card you could scan all over the experience where they placed photo stations and sending you automatic emails with all the pictures, and reading the most hopeful wishes from students inside a room full with balloons.

This exhibit is SO much more than just an Instagram heaven, ok?

This was the first room, starting with 100 colors done by the French architect Emmanuelle Moureaux, featuring beautifully 100 colors from rows and rows of paper strips.
If I could just only paint my patio like this, just if only.

As soon as I came in and saw the 100 colors room, the only thing I could think was, holy world, color is such a mystery to me. Is it real? or its just a reflection of my brain?
Either way, I was stoked to be there, have a snack and be happy for a while beyond a simple Instagram picture or story.
It was real.
Well done Jordan, well done.


This is going to be a real tricky pick, but here you go. These are our top 5 rooms of the exhibit:

- Balloons & Wishes room
- Color booth (you'll sit in front of a stranger and will describe him/her with colors and a secret questionnaire) We didn't do it, but Nico and Oli had all the fun in front of each other, it was so so sweet!
- Blue ball pit (duh, obviously)
- White flowchart questionnaire room (where you'll discover your secret color, ours was blue, yay!)
- 100 colors lobby

Ps. you'll love all the little surprises, candies, ice cream along the way. I won't say anything else.


Color Factory opens from Monday to Sunday, and they only offer tickets online here. You'll get there the time slot you prefer and this isn't that type of timed experience, you can stay as long as you want to explore each room, and taking as many pictures as you want. Be kind and eat only one candy per room, okay? 

Price: $38 per ticket and kids under 2 are free, so yay!

Location: 251 Spring Street, New York

Our family picture, and Olivia, ha!

This dancefloor was EPIC! and with the best 90's tunes, my mama heart was so happy about it omg!
Life complete - check.
All the blue balls - check
Again, I heart you, Color Factory. 

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