If you've been following me on Instagram (omg, if you don't yet, RUN!) I'm sure you noticed my recent beauty challenge with Vichy Canada, a 10-day LiftActiv Vitamin C, a powerful brightening skin corrector, anti-fatigue and anti-oxidant I was needing for a long time. I get a lot of questions about my beauty routine, so here's a snapshot of what I did these 10 days that will help you to take care of yourself like you totally deserve it.

The Challenge
A morning glow doesn't come for free and in my case, life has been quite hectic lately, missing lots of full night sleeps, barely eating because either I forget to do it, or I don't have any time to cook, so when Vichy challenged me to do this for 10 days, I knew I needed to try the new LiftActiv routine and help this skin of mine a bit. 

Still wondering all the details of what I did for 10 days? Voila!:

Good morning sunshine, good morning world!
Here's my exact beauty routine with Vichy:

After a good supper,  playing with both Oli and Nico and ready to go to bed, it follows:

Ps. You can find all these products at your local pharmacy or online. 

Besides doing a skin detox, one thing I learned was to take care of what you are eating during these ten days, it is essential to have a healthy life and minimize the delish cheat meals, even though I know sometimes it's a bit hard. I changed: 

  • Added tons of greens to two of my main meals, including Kale and Spinach
  • Snack, snack, snack every day! My fave: carrots (rich in pro-vitamin A and beta-carotene), yogurt with honey and granola, nuts with clementines rich in Zinc and Vitamin C.
  • One avocado a day. Never missed one during these ten days, they are the holy grail of Omega oils and help cell repair, meaning heaven. 
  • Mushrooms were also my besties, full in Selenium. 
  • Orange juice every morning, freshly squeezed everybody, of course.

Just always remember, your skin is a pure reflection of what we eat. Cheers to a bright and glowing skin!


After finishing my full challenge, I felt my skin was 100% smoother and bright. I don't use any foundation on a regular basis nor heavy makeup, so I think it was a perfect thing to show my glowing face throughout the day, like a boss. This challenge can be done 4 times a year, or whenever you feel you need to boost a bit because we all know this mama life is not easy.

This is your mommy time, so enjoy every second of it! 

Sponsored content: This post was sponsored by Vichy Canada and created in partnership. All opinions and thoughts are my own. 

Last week, I decided it was time to have a rest grown-up date with my little dude.
We skipped daycare and work, unplug a bit from our day-to-day things and enjoy a super fun event together. 
It's pretty clear for all of us that summer is our favorite season, and I'm still not over the fact this will be the last summer Nico will be my daycare baby. 
Remember my old post about Bonjour, Hi This is my Montreal a few months back? 

Well, we came back to explore the north side of Montreal and discovered that for two years in a row, The Green Corridor hosted their annual Harvest festival, with tons of activities for kids, adults and the entire neighborhood. 

This newly greened area is providing a total new community vibe, thanks to the TD Common Ground Project, where kids are enjoying outdoor activities, including skateboard paths, playground climb walls, and plenty of gardens. One thing we loved about this festival, was seeing families come together, having a bite or resting in the park, while kids ran and ate a warm corn on the cob, like Nico did.

This year, a new community garden has been added to the venue, and the host, the Montreal-Nord neighborhood organized and installed multiple planting crates in a collaboration with l'ecole Henri-Bourassa, where you can pick up your fine herbs and vegetables, so clever right?

During summer time, Thursdays and Fridays are dedicated to free workshops about gardening including topics like the urban agriculture, organic food, friends and enemies of your garden, and more.

One of the activities was to paint this communal mural, and guys, Nico wanted to move in and stay here all day, painting all colors by himself.

We just loved this.
This happy boy! I heart you. 
A flower for you, mama.
Heart melted in a second.

Sponsored content: This post is sponsored by TD and the TD Common Ground Project, but opinions and content expressed here are my own.
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Another year, another Thanksgiving to be thankful right?
... and this ode to life is dedicated to you, to all the good and not so good memories, to all the drinks shared, to the new friendships, and to a very different year.


Dear mini pumpkins,
How on earth you keep melting my heart every time? I can't.

Dear Johanie,
We LOVED spending a morning with you in your dreamy new studio and I can't wait to go back with my little ones again!

Dear sickness that comes again and again to Oli,
Please kindly leave. never come back.

Dear new home,
You are the best thing that happened to us this year, and we cannot be thankful enough for finding you.

Dear Nico,
Thank you for this year, for learning how to say ca va mama? when you see me in trouble, for all the kisses and hugs and even for your cranky times. You are a sweet little dude ok?

Dear 2017,
You were absof*ckin'lutely incredible to me, thank you for making us happy and we will miss you, lots

Dear brunch places this year,
Thank you for all the bacon, maple syrup, and awesomeness.

Dear baby belly without a baby,
We've been good to each other this year eh?

Dear color blocking on my Insta,
Where's the purple in this city?

Dear Esteban,
Happy almost 10 years together. You are my life. 

Dear bangs that came back this year,
I keep forgetting I have brows to do, wow.

Dear NYC this year,
You were so lovely as always, and I'm already planning when am I going to see you again.

Dear sleep,
We need to make a deal. please come back to me all year long, ok?

Dear LCD sound system,
See you in December, yay!

Dear pumpkin spice everything,

Dear readers,
Thankful you are still around here, showing some love and never leaving me alone. Love you.

Dear Montreal weather,
What's uppppp summer? So good you decided to stay a bit longer!

Dear Poutine without fries,
How come this is not a thing yet? I just want a mountain of cheese and gravy, please?

Dear world in 2017,
Praying for peace, more sanity and I'm hopeful the next one will be better for all of us.

Dear sparkly shoes,
How many of you are way too many?

Dear Turkey,
I'm sorry, it's not you, it's me but I can't cook you.

Dear CB2,
How come everything you designed this year is so so dreamy? HOW do you do it?

Dear Olivia,
I heart you and words cannot express how I feel about you, my little me.

Dear Instagram stories,
You make me so happy every day, thank you for showing up this year.

Dear life,
Thank you.

Last weekend, I was lucky enough to spend two days in a city that I heart lots, Toronto.
If you know me, you can be pretty sure I cry for a cute pair of shoes and the best floors.
Shoefies are my absolute jam.

Part of my mission this weekend?
Find THE most perfect tiles and floors and pair them with my fav new shoes, because honestly, who can resist to neon shoes?

Are you ready to know all the details about it and see 2 fabulous pairs of shoes in action?
Let's homies, let's roll now!

Her Majesty's Pleasure 
You'll find here:

  • These vintage tiles, in blue and grey - stuuuuuning! 
  • A fabulous nail salon with some hair services (only blow dry, no shampoo) 
  • Tiny bites, coffee, and a full bar - heaven on earth
  • All the fabulousness in one place 

Where: 556 King Street

Cafe Oretta
You'll find here: 

  • Honestly, tile HEAVEN. I'm still shocked. 
  • An Italian coffee shop, if you are looking for a good espresso
  • Fresh and homemade pastries, paninis, and pizza
Where: 633 King Street West

You'll find here: 

  • The most romantic tiled floor, in the sweetest blue hues
  • Breakfast, weekend brunch, lunch and dinner
  • Tried their cocktails, and the Bloody Mary is on-point.
Where: 176 Yonge Street

You'll find here: 

  • Funkytown tiles, in the funkiest decor, where you'll either die to move in or cry all night long
  • Weekend brunch, lunch, and dinner
  • An Italian menu with pizza, salad and pasta options
Where: 633 King Street West

Dineen Coffee
You'll find here: 

  • Do I really need to describe this floor? Gosh.
  • Signature coffee blends - loved their iced mocha during summer time
  • Hungry? Pastries, cupcakes, tartines and more are ready and fresh for you
Where: 140 Yonge Street

Sud Forno 
You'll find here: 

  • THE most romantic floral tiles, very unique in its kind
  • A coffee bar in the mornings and a cocktail bar after-hours 
  • Ready-made food, including fresh bread, salads, sweets, matta pizza and a lot, lot more
Where: 132 Yonge Street

Colette Grand Cafe
You'll find here: 

  • Before we jump into the tiles biz. Two words: Eggs benedict ok?
  • Sweet pastel floors inside the restaurant and bakery
  • A French-inspired menu, with weekend brunch, lunch, and dinner
Where: 550 Wellington Street West

Hula Girl Espresso Bar
You'll find here: 

  • Tiles for days, in grey. So make sure to bring colorful shoes
  • Kick-ass winning espressos and iced coffee 
  • Homemade gelato, we tried a tiny strawberry lime cone, whot!
Where: 456 Ossington Avenue

Rosen's Cinnamon Buns
You'll find here: 

  • A perfect, black and white tiled floor (and it's huge)
  • Fresh, delish and homemade cinnamon buns 
  • Ice cream Bunwichs, Drip coffee, organic teas and cold brews
Where: 825 College Street

Bonus points: my first picture, the real, true tile heaven: Khao San Road

Enjoy, here's a map for you (:

It all started when I saw the newest and funniest "oink" tiled floor in the city, I knew I had to come and I knew it was going to be love at first sight.
Porco has opened in NDG and I couldn't be more excited to try the new menu and meet their lovely staff with my favorite mamas last week. This Italian eatery is filled with fantastic monochrome accents, from their tiled floor, matte chairs and communal tables, serving a deeeeelicious menu offering an authentic and high-quality cuisine to this hood.

Let me tell you, this place is so worth it. 

This casual spot is also a great family option, we LOVED seeing high chairs, children books and even a toys section in the restaurant. I'm so sure many mamas like us are looking for a place where you can sip a great cocktail and entertain your kiddos at the same time.  All the pretty little details were so well planned and put together, so you better hurry and plan your next night out here.

Now, we are clear food is why we are here for, and Porco knows how to rock this biz, for sure.

Here's what we tried in our mama's night out and honestly, we can't wait to go back and have it all over again.

Our Porco fest:
- Crostinis of herbed ricotta & marinated mushrooms, confit cherry tomatoes on cannellini bean puree, anchovy garlic butter with melted fontina cheese and sliced porchetta & fennel
 - A platter of Salumi & Fromaggi, including curated meats, homemade and imported cheeses
- Porco sandwich  .oh my god.
- Pork Milanese, personally one of my favorite of the night, served with bagel breadcrumbs, parmesan herbs, and pecorino cream sauce
- Bomboloni, a deep fried fresh doughnut with bacon sugar and caramel.

I guess you already called to reserve, right? 
kids menu and coloring pages with the sweetest Porco designs! I can't wait to bring Oli and Nico already.
yes! I did it!
just because I have this thing with tiles, and floors, and cute little things.
5674 Monkland (old small Prohibition)
Tue - Sun / 5pm to 10pm
Reservations: Porco is pretty casual, if you are a big group, make sure to call in advance and reserve your table.
Price range: $
Kids Friendly: No doubt! This is THE place to bring your kids, the lovely owner Nicolina is a sweet mom who thought of all the details for families in her restaurant, and we love this!

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