Things To Do in Toronto: Brunch Edition


Are you like me in this moment, making the most of our last summer weeks?
We decided to do a road trip to Toronto last weekend for 48 hours, and I have to say, I'm totally in love with this city.
I'm not sure what it is, maybe is the mix of an industrial and modern vibes and at the same time being able to find cute little shops a la Montreal style, simply melts my heart.

These two days were absolutely amazing. We did so many things, ate lots (literally) lots of good food that I have to split my posts into a series. I've been wanting to start a travel segment in my mind so this is such a perfect timing!

Hope you guys enjoy our travel tips and the little spots I love to discover not only in Montreal but erryyyy-where!

Colette Grand Cafe was on my bucket list for a while now, making our 336 miles of distance so worth it. This sophisticated spot has a restaurant, a bar, and a bakery area. I've been waiting to try their brunch for a while especially the Saturday a-la-carte menu.

I got my Toronto girlfriends and we had the perfect girly time enjoying some cocktails and yummy food on a lovely and sunny Saturday morning.

Colette's stunning and bright space with a french inspired decor will leave you nothing but breathless. It was all in the little details, the smell of fresh croissants, the perfect antique floor tiles, a dreamy sidewalk patio and hand-painted tiles making this spot the IT place for brunch time and obviously transporting you to a piece of Paris in the middle of Toronto.

Here's what we ordered this day:

- Michelada
- Mimosa
- Bowl of Latte
- Americano

- Eggs benedict (with a perfect hollandaise sauce)
- Lemon ricotta pancakes
- Avocado & salmon toast
- Colette breakfast
- Extra of maple glazed bacon, all the bacon, Colette!

I'm still dreaming about this salad, the dressing, and that hollandaise sauce.
These poached eggs and a summery michelada made my morning.
Yeah, I'm a michelada kinda girl. 
Of course, I had to do it. Of course!

Colette Grand Cafe
550 Wellington Street West, Toronto
Mon - Fri 11:30 am to close / Weekends 10am to close
Reservations: Totally recommended to make reservations. We didn't do it this day and we were lucky we found a spot, super busy on weekends for brunch.
Kids Friendly: Very friendly. You'll have enough room for your stroller and a private bathroom with changing tables for your little ones. The staff is also adorable and outgoing.



I've been obsessed with bags for the longest time ever. You can ask my husband and he'll count them for you and joke every now and then about how come I have so many. As soon as I had my baby girl Olivia, I wanted to find a comfortable and cute diaper bag where I could fit everything I needed without losing my style.

You fellow mamas can understand me completely when my fashionista side pops up and now being a mom of two, my diaper bag is my key essential accessory I carry every-single-day, yay to this new trend of cute diaper bags!

When I found Newlie, I was beyond stoked I could wear this bag with my entire closet, fit my personal belongings and carry over Olivia's and Nico's little things in one single purse.

I learned how complicated and busy things can be being a mama of two so that's why I decided to put together a smart list for you of what are the best essentials you'll need in your diaper bag every day. No worries, you can thank me later (:

1. BAG - Of course you NEED a comfy bag big enough where you can fit everything. My new Lily Tote has a perfect size and it's made from a super high-quality leather in a funky and happy colour I adored. It is water resistant and has 6 interior pockets for your baby bottles, diapers, wipes and 2 exterior ones for my personal things like phone, wallet, and agenda (that I carry everywhere). A great changing pad is included so you won't have to worry about a new one and a cross body strap will allow you to wear it in two different ways.

2. DRINK - If you already transitioned to formula like me, this is the number one priority in your bag. I always carry on 3 bottles (of 7oz of water on each one) plus my formula ready to serve. If you're still breastfeeding don't forget a Nursing cover, some nipple cream and nipple pads in case you need to replace them in the middle of the day.

3. EAT - Olivia is eating solids now so I must have a snack with me all the time. I've been including 2 organic fruit pouches, a set of spoons, a mini serving bowl, 2 bibs and kleenex. Also, I add some extras for her like 2 rice cakes that are super practical when you're in a hurry or in the middle of something. Don't forget to include something for you mama! I know we tend to forget to snack (happens to me all the time) So I'm trying to behave and add a portion of fruits, a bottle of water and a granola bar, way to go healthy life!

4. CLEAN - Yes to diapers and wipes! I include 5 diapers and a lot of wipes, you can't have too many!. I tend to use wipes for everything  I confess I'm kind of addicted, to be honest.

5. PAMPER - An amazing trick I discovered thanks to my mom is to always have baby powder, my bff when it's too hot and to get off the sand out in all those hard places you can't reach (if you know what I mean, lol). Include also your favorite diaper rash cream, I usually use Aveeno.

6. FUN -  Is your baby teething like mine? I simply can't go out without a teething toy. Olivia needs to put something in her mouth so I try to have at least 3 different (and very small) toys for her. A cute swaddling blanket is also a must in my bag.

7. CLOTHES - Accidents will happen, trust me in this one and you'll need at least 2 change of clothes to avoid any blow-out running/crying situations, I've been there twice and I learned my lesson very well. Also, keep a pair of socks and little shoes, just in case.

8. EXTRAS - You'll always find these handy from time to time:
For Olivia: baby nail clippers, sunscreen, hand sanitizer, vaseline, thermometer, teething cream and Tylenol if she's fuzzy that day.
For mama: wallet, cell phone charger, a pen and agenda, lipstick, a mirror, my black eyeliner and gum.

Disclaimer: I received this bag from Newlie, all comments expressed here are my own.



When you ask me what's my favorite time of the day, I won't think a sec and I'll bet everything for breakfast time. 

Finding a personalized cereal option was my number one priority this year, especially by having a little one that is allergic to nuts and when most of the cereal brands in the market are full of sugar. 

Mixit was a great solution for our yummy breakfast routine and knowing you can create your own mix of cereal with just a click makes everything priceless right?

I love discovering new local brands with a healthy concept like Mixit. They offer a wide option of cereals, nuts, dried fruits and seeds so you can easily combine and make your very own. 
My HeyMaca mix has a crunchy honey granola base, dried mango, almonds, goji berries and dried blueberries. The best part is that one serving of this cereal only has 11gr of sugar and 4gr of fiber! Yummy, no? 

Scroll all the way down to find this amazebowl recipe, know how they started this lovely idea and a chance to win 3 gift certificates to try Mixit.

- Tell us a bit about this lovely idea, Mixit 

We got this idea in Europe , where we were living and customized cereal is very popular there. When we decided to come back to Canada, we realized , there is no healthy alternative cereal. The majority of cereals in the store have added sugar and we could not find anything we would like. That’s how MIXIT Canada was born. We are giving the freedom to choose what ingredients customer like and most of them are without added sugar. We started in June 2015 in Montreal. We ship anywhere in Canada for a very low fee or for free.

- What made you decide to open your business and why a healthy one? 

Simply because we wanted our son to eat better and we found out that more people have a similar problem. To find healthier cereal base breakfast, which would be done customized to each person taste  

- Any tips for future entrepreneurs in the city?
Every business looks much easier on the paper. Expect 100% more issues than you were expecting , don’t give up when you get few bumps on the road.

COCONUT GRANOLA YOGURT AMAZEBOWLS (they won as the most beautiful bowls ever!)
- 2 coconuts (you can break them in half and freeze them until you're ready to serve them)
- Coconut greek yogurt
- 3 tbsp Mixit cereal
- Maple syrup
- Fresh fruit

1- hammer the coconuts in half and remove the water
2- fill it with greek yogurt up to the top
3- add your Mixit cereal, maple and fresh fruit
4- serve and enjoy, good morning sunshine!

Want to try them really bad, right? 
Leave your email in the comments below and tag 2 friends for a chance to win a gift certificate of $20 each.

Top Reasons Why You Need a Half Birthday Celebration


I just can't believe our little Olivia turned 6 months last week already. I'm still remembering the moment I held her for the first time and I'm just  too overwhelmed thinking how fast time is passing.
Obviously, I was looking for a perfect excuse to throw her a party so what better way to doing a half birthday for her?

We had a lovely tropical fiesta afternoon with friends in my favorite park close to our home, full of fresh fruits, delicious cookies and tons of cute decor just to say, Yay to this important milestone my little big girl!

When I was sending the invites to my friends, I had to explain why we decided to throw her a half-birthday, and some of them thought I had lost it, completely. So, that's why I decided to put together some top reasons why you mamas should celebrate a half birthday party from now on.

Let's be honest here, we always need an excuse to throw a party right? Especially when I was dreaming of organizing a tropical party for the longest time ever. Who can resist to little piñatas, pineapple cookies and an overload of yummy food during summer time? Not me for sure. Just because we were celebrating a unique half birthday, I did everything mini/half size. Mini sandwiches, mini grapes, mini pizzas, mini caprese salad and we even had a mini birthday cake party. yay to everything mini!

We all know babies grow SO fast. I see Olivia now and it's a totally different baby than a few months or even weeks ago. If you want to keep very special moments like these and celebrate with every friend you have a lovely milestone of a half year, a birthday party will be the perfect fit for you. Olivia wore THE cutest watermelon/popsicle print romper from Supayana on her big day.
In all honesty, I think I'll always have this party in my heart and I'm sure I'll remember it forever.

In my case, Olivia is a January baby, one of the coldest months in Montreal (and darkest) so only in my dreams I was going to be able to put together an outdoor tropical party with a dreamy picnic area. I gathered all the blankets, outdoor toys, and even used this beautiful garland to decorate the park. It was so much fun that I think I'll be switching all her birthday parties to summer time.


For Olivia's party, I wanted to keep everything organized with a personalized birthday registry I found using Gugu Guru. I wasn't entirely sure of every item we needed for a 6-month-old baby and thanks to Gugu Guru, we created a perfect list. This new baby registry company offers an amazing detailed service that will recommend what you need to get based on your lifestyle and needs. I loved how easy the process was to find out about our tastes with a fun questionnaire and examples of recommended products to add to our registry.

Check out what Olivia received for her first half birthday!

This amazing portable hanging chair from Guzzie + Guss, perfect for our family. We live in a condo where space is limited, so being able to hang Olivia's chair in any table was a dream come true. I wish I had known this brand when I had Nico 3 years ago. This chic chair comes in so many fun colors and if you travel a lot, you can take it anywhere with you.

I'm such a fan of Aden+Anais bibs. I've been using them since Olivia was born and I simply can't resist having them all. She got this new set of 3 classic snap bibs in this lovely funky design. You can't beat this muslin cotton, it's so soft and perfect for sensitive skin babies like mine, just love it!
Olivia is a great eater (already!) and she needed the first set of bamboo utensils to enjoy her foodie moments with mama. She received a perfect set of a baby training spoon with a leash, two feeding spoons and an ideal sized bowl from Bambu Home. Designed with natural and organic grown bamboo, these products will be a delight for your baby feeding time.

I was looking for a new baby teether for Olivia and added this lovely little biscuit shaped one to our registry. She received it and we are in love. Lexypexy has the cutest handmade teethers made from natural maple wood and is naturally antibacterial.
Pretty cool right?

When you see the most beautiful hand-knit doll from Cuddle+Kind you simply don't resist. She finally got Chelsea, the cat which is absolutely adorable! I adore the philosophy behind this company, donating one meal for each doll sold.  We want all the collection!

Johanie bakes the cutest and yummiest cookies in the city, absolutely adorable! 
We enjoyed the new summer line of Glow smoothies, all the kids wanted them so bad I had to share them in tiny cups. 
How adorable is this garland? Want them all!

Fiesta details
Birthday Registry - Gugu Guru
Mini Piñatas & Cake topper - Lula Flora Design 
Tassel Garland - Genwoo Craft
Pineapple & Popsicle cookies - Johanie Les Biscuits
Olivia's romper - Supayana
Smoothies - Glow


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