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/ Sunday, May 29, 2016

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Death cab for cutie was playing in a cloudy sunday morning in the newest spot near our place in Saint-Henri, La Luncheonette.
Serving breakfast & lunch everyday, we visited them in a sunday morning to try their brunch. I felt like home and I'm sure you will feel it too, such a cute vibe!
The menu and coffee options are fantastic and so affordable (totally yum worth the money)
Eggs, bacon, potatoes and their dreamy pulled pork sandwich are some of the few things we had.

The space is perfect for big families (like ours now, 1 toddler and 1 baby in a stroller).
I loved how they mixed different styles of chairs and tables giving the whole space a cozy and warm look. I definitely will spend lots of coffee afternoons here from now on during my mat leave, yay for new cute coffee shops!

To celebrate the weekend, I wore my Zara leather sandals that I bought like, 3 years ago, lol.
I was kinda intimidated trying such different patterns (like flowers & stripes) but my hubby gave me the go!

Such a happy boy with his food!
That chair & that guy, omg.
FTW - just try the pulled pork. do it.
You are welcome!

Skirt - Forever21, Love collection
Sandals - Zara SS13
Crop top - H&M
Choker - Ardene

La Luncheonette 
M- F 7am-5pm
Weekends 10am-4pm
Kids Friendly: totally! :) 

OOTD of the week

/ Saturday, May 14, 2016

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Jacket - Zara 
Jeans - Target 
Purses - Aldo & Mario Hernandez
Shiny gold flats - Aldo
Dresses - Madewell
Scarf - Aldo
Adidas Original
Sunglasses - Aldo

Flowers - Atwater market

A cool spring week!

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Magnolias, cherry blossoms and all the beauty of Spring is finally here, and eeeevery year I feel it takes a lot longer to see it than the year before or maybe it's just me that I miss my caribbean, fun colours and just taking a walk in the middle of the day.
To celebrate the incredible weather we stayed out almost all day long in the past weeks, of course!

Brunch of the week:
In my opinion, Vieux Velo still serves the best benes of the city. We had brunch for lunch a random day in the middle of the week.

let's dance! 

Lunch place of the week:
Simply can't get enough of Nini meatball house in Griffintown. Their beautiful interior design, lamps (by Lambert & Fils) and
their $5 lunch special is the perfect excuse to go whenever we can.
Who said best polenta of the city? yus! 

Cheat meal of the week:
La Diperie. Can't wait to try all your delish flavours. 

My cuties!

Cool places

Brunch - Vieux Velo 
serving brunch Mon-Sun until 4pm #win

$5 menu (all items) from Mon-Sat

Ice cream - La Diperie
open Mon-Sun from noon until 10pm

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