I love having the front row seats to the show that is my kids' lives.
Watching my two babies, Nico and Olivia, grow - not only in size but also in personality and creativity - is perhaps the most bittersweet blessing of being their mommy.
A part of me wants them to stay small and be my little babies forever and ever and ever. I wish I could freeze the moments of cuddles and kisses. Thankfully, my blog and Instagram allow me to do just that. But the other part of me takes such pride in watching them blossom into the sweet mini humans that they are today, and I love dreaming about the kind people they will eventually become.

I love seeing bits of myself in them. Nico is already quite the colour-blocking artist, and Olivia has recently worked “so cute” into her vocabulary (she learned it from her mama). Future Hey Maca employees? Maybe!
Recently, both have become a little more vocal when it comes to their personal style, too. Nico feels very strongly about keeping his hair long, and Oli has started piecing together outfits in the morning.

As their mom, I feel like I should promote this independence. But admittedly I wasn’t quite sure I was fully ready to hand over the styling reigns to a five- and two-year-old
Oh mon dieu. 

Since we were in the need of new summer pieces, and I felt like I needed to take that extra step into giving them independence, I decided to give my creative cuties a chance by taking them on a shopping trip to Marshalls.
Both kiddos were so excited to get the opportunity to choose their own outfits. And believe me when I say that they ran to the kids' section of the store much faster than my pastel heels could take me!

Nico was drawn to preppy pieces. He went for a short-sleeved button-down ($19) and grey-toned pants ($30). Momma paired his look with some white sneakers ($50), which I regret to inform you they were covered in ketchup shortly after.
Miss Oli couldn’t keep her hands off all things tulle, lace, sparkles and pink.  She kept saying “so cute," to everything. 

In the end, she chose the sweetest pink ruffle tutu ($10) and a black-and-white-striped peplum top ($15). I added white tights and shoes ($20) and a little tropical purse ($5). She was right. “So cute", indeed.

The results? Just look how well they did!

I could not have been more pleased or proud. My babies have got style!
With Marshalls' everyday low prices, I could let Oli and Nico stretch their imaginations without stretching my budget, and we got fresh new looks, for summer for a total of $150! Plus, the designer finds were crazy. A Ralph Lauren button-down? A Kate Spade skirt? SOLD!
My mommy moment in all this? As my babies get older, I need to learn to sit back, relax and enjoy the Oli and Nico show. 
They don’t always need a director. - just stain remover.

Disclosure: This content was created in partnership with Marshalls and Today’s Parent. While compensation was provided, all opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily indicative of the opinions of Marshalls or Today’s Parent.

It's been 5 years since I call myself a mama, and to me, this Ode to Life is one of the most important ones I've done to date.
I'm celebrating the joy of having Nico and Oli, all the hilarious things I discover with them, and how my days are passing so fast seeing them grow more and more.
I'm humbled I got the luck and chance to be your mom and with all the ups and downs, I would never change a bit because you are the most joyful memories I'll ever have.

Happiest Mother's Day and enjoy this Ode to Life, mamas!

Dear Crockpot,
Even though I cannot forget what you did in This is Us, I gotta thank your existence every single night.

Dear naps that never came back,
Remember when we were besties?

Dear dirty laundry,
I know you've been waiting patiently to be fresh and clean again, I am so sorry I keep forgetting about you.

Dear dark circles,
I hope you like my new concealer, k?

Dear hair elastics and bobby pins after you have a baby,
What's your secret to disappear so fast? 

Dear Hubby of mine,
All I want for Mother's Day is a cleaning lady.

Dear everything flowers because Spring is here,
Olivia now asks me when are you back home, because you are "so cute"

Dear warm food and coffee,
I can't wait for the day we are back together.

Dear bedtime early,

Dear mom brain,
Even most of my friends without kids think this is a legend, we both know you are here to stay.

Dear hips after two babies,
Please lie. 

Dear body before I had my babies,
I miss you every single day.

Dear everything sparkling,
You are here to stay.

Dear new concrete floors,
I just want to say I am deeply sorry, I'll try my best to ask my kids to clean you every day.

Dear Ice cream,
Sugar high season is here, high five!

Dear dirty dishes,
Don't judge me, please. GB you, dishwasher.

Dear outfits in this post,
you are my new fave thing ever. 

Dear Zara baby collection,
Could you kindly give away a reward card to all the mamas?
The world

Dear everything mini size,
HOW are you so dang adorable, HOW?

Dear broccoli,
Nico still believes in his lil' heart he got his arm muscles thanks to you and only you.

Dear Oli,
I adore you are so stylish and so into shopping like me. I am deeply sorry, hubby (nah, not sorry!)

Dear jeans after you are a mama of two,
It was such a pleasure meeting you.

Dear Rosé,
You and I were meant to be together, trust this mama.

Dear metabolism,
I am still mad at you. still.

Dear sleeps of more than 8 hours,
Is this really happening one day? If so, send me a sign.

Dear scale after you have a baby,
Please quit playing games with my heart.

Dear Paw Patrol and Moana,
I could marry you two, right now.

Dear 30s,
Motherhood never felt so good and so fun, right?

Dear Oli and Nico,
I am the luckiest mama on earth. Thank you for changing my life.
Your mama.

Location: The Ringling, Sarasota
                Hyde Park, Tampa


Finally, our big day is here and we need to celebrate it with the cutest things.
I've put together my top favorite things for all you amazing mamas.

01. Hearts of Pandora Ring in Rose Gold
02. Old Navy's Tiered Gingham Maxi Dress
03. Calpak x OhJoy Packing Cubes
04. Rattan Clutch
05. JCrew's Mama T-shirt

Have a lovely Mother's Day!

If you live in Montreal, I'm pretty sure we all felt on cloud nine when we heard a new Tommy Cafe was happening, and this time: with a big brunch menu.
Tommy opened its second location in Old Montreal a few weeks ago focusing this time in a brunch theme or of course, heaven to me.

I invited my lovely friends Sabrina and Didier (all the way from Toronto to this cute place) for a morning fest of hugs, omelets and very VERY good coffee.

also, I should note that a week or so ago, I started a new low carb life (I know, don't get me started) based on a combination of Keto and low-carb-style diet (a tribute to my gestational diabetes era). It has been a tremendous change and surviving so far past 7 days it's a victory in my books. I've been wanting to do for a while, and no worries, I'll be sure to have some cheat meals throughout this new lifestyle and a full blog post as soon as I see results. 

In the meantime, let's jump back to Tommy!

This new cafe is somehow fun and warm with the loveliest staff I ever did meet. They even arranged new flowers during our visit when they saw us taking pictures of everything, I mean, Tommy can you be any cuter?
Compared to the OG Tommy, this location has a bunch more tables, and it's not only brunch but a lunch menu as well. Omelettes, Toasts, Bagels and even Guac is served all morning for breakfast, and I'm impressed I managed not to spill my coffee or water during my first visit (cuz I have a PHD doing it so many times, lol).

What we tried for Brunch:

- Ham and cheddar omelette
- El Tartufo omelette with Boschetto al Tartufo, wild mushrooms, caramelized onions
- Huevos "tommy-tillos with Salsa verde, cotija cheese, sour cream, tortilla
all the plates are served with a toast and a homemade hashbrown

Ps. our fave coffee so far, with macadamia and almond milk!

Didier, this camera tho. (you are way cuter, ok?)
Our omelettes, all scrumptious and fresh!

Tommy St-Paul
151 Rue St Paul Ouest
M-S from 8am to 8pm
Reservations: I didn't see any spots reserved, it's more a casual spot for sure.
Price range: $
Kids friendly: yes! although I didn't see high-chairs or changing tables.

Our second week of the best on Instagram is dedicated to all the inspiring, bold and fun fashion accounts I adore and can't miss on a daily basis.
Every time I want to have a whoaa moment and feel empowered to shoot more fashion pics, I run to these profiles (and trust me, you should too).

These ladies (and one special monsieur) are goals on goals, and I am lucky enough to know some of them personally and some that I would love to meet soon.
Cheers to all and stay tuned for week 3, soon.


Atlantic Pacific - Blair is truly and insanely talented when it comes to mix, style and create a perfect closet. Our passion for color, fun patterns and bold outfits is the exact same. 
Rosie Clayton - Oh hello to my lovely friend, Rosie! She's the queen of colorful walls, color block outfits, and dreamy shoes. 
Fancy Tree House - If I could move to a lilac heaven, I'll be sure it is Coury's. 
Simply Cyn - One of the best ladies I got the change to see at Create & Cultivate last year, with an impeccable and incredibly colorful closet. Love ya! 
Gal Meets Glam - Julia, you are so sweet and your new collection is goals. can't wait to have my first dress!
Lapiz of Luxury - Katia is my super fun and forever stylish friend that has the best eye for photography, sassy captions, and dreamy coats.
Luna Lindsay - Luna is GORG and every time I see her pictures, I want to do my pink hair so bad. (one day, one day!)
Didier Yhc - He's the special mention, fashion goals, and coffee bestie that I adore, Didier. 
Noyemi co - A sweet lover of all things pink, floral and the best face you could ask for. Love you, gf!
Anna Roslily - The most amazing colorful closet on this planet. Anna, I want your Jcrew collection, thanks.
La Petite Noob - Joelle lives in the most amazing and perfect pink world. special mention: oh hello to all her bags, we need them!
Petite and Bold - I adore this lady SO freaking much. She's living the best wearing warm tones in our super cold city.
Working Chix - How you want to be in your 9 to 5 days and yes, even the weekends. Anna is just ah-mazing.
Vintage Splendor - A vintage queen, thrift master and sweet mama I adore so. 
Oh lola blog - My Venezuelan homie that is easily the cutest ever. Ps. we also could share our closet, easily.
Fernweh Society - Annika is the prettiest and most stunning gal that can wear red like a real boss. 
Pastels & Pastries - I mean, pastel heaven? yes! and Gab does it so perfectly! 
My Idaho Closet - My fave lady in the entire world. 
Alyssa in the City - We are both always hungry and I need her shoe collection asap. 
Dentelle Fleurs - So, can I have that blue floral dress? Deal? 
Monling Lee - It's just too dreamy to describe. I need all her color combos, NOW.
Just a Uniform - I - cant - even - with - this - lady.
Soheila - her makeup and style skills are BEYOND. Trust me. 
Caroline Chagnon - May I have your shirt collection, svp? it's so effin' epic!
In Spades - My lovely friend Kali is the most stylish lady you'll wish you could break in and steal her closet. (right?)

When Monday mornings start with chocolate and brunch, you know you'll have a terrific week ahead.
Today, my girlfriend Meli and this mama decided to plan a girly date having a sweet and salty brunch at the newest Cacao 70 location, Galeries D'Anjou.

If you haven't lived a Cacao 70 experience yet, first: excuse MOI? second: you gotta run here.
This place began a few years back as a chocolate bar (I remember our first visit here when Nico was a tiny little baby) and today, they became a factory, a sweet house, an eatery and a dip shop across the country.

Bonus points: they have the most beautiful tiles, ever.

This new hot Brunch spot in Montreal serves both sweet and savoury plates, from ice cream waffles, dipped ice cream to scrumptious omelettes and on point coffee, as always.  Even though I am more into salty things than sweets, I do love mixing a bit of both from time to time, especially when chocolate is involved, duh.
This new location and sweet house serve chocolate everything and what's best: all-day brunch!

We adored the counter-style concept, and whether you are in the mood to do a casual brekkie any day with your friends or a cute date with your loved one, or even a family adventure (oh hello, sugar high!), this is THE place.

What we tried (and trust me, it was such a perfectly sweet moment!):

- Omelette du bonheur: zucchinis, red bell peppers, spinach, tomato, green onions and goat cheese.
- Omelette du lendemain: bacon, red bell peppers, green onions, cheddar cheese, and pesto.
all served with potatoes, fruits, and a small chocolate fondue.

- Waffle le blackjack: a waffle with a vanilla ice cream cone, chocolate with sesame, whipped cream, creme brulee cheesecake bites, strawberries and black sesame seeds.
- Sweet Pizza: a quart only, triple chocolate (black, white and with milk), strawberries, bananas and chocolate fondue.

yes, this was pretty darn epic.
yeeeeesssss! so sweeeeeeettttt

Casually having a food coma, with no regrets. 
This waffle Le Blackjack was NO JOKE! 

Cacao 70 Galeries d'Anjou
7999 Boul. des Galeries-d'Anjou (it's outside the mall, near entrance #4)
M - F 10am to 10pm - Weekends 10am to 11pm
Reservations: It's a casual spot, and they will have a huge terrace in the summer, so if you are a big group, call to make sure you'll find a big table.
Price range: $
Kids Friendly: Absolutely! High chairs and changing tables - score! chocolate heaven - score! you can't miss this place with your little ones!

YESSSS! The final countdown!
I know Instagram has been our BFF the past few months for all of us, and I've been wanting to start this new series on the blog for quite a bit now.

This will be part of my new weekly series of insanely beautiful and talented content creators in different categories (yay!), accounts you'll swoon and love, and I'm hoping they will inspire you as much as they do over here for me.

Welcome to la creme de la creme, colourful edition this week.

Kelly, the sweetest ever from @studiodiy
My sweet sista and forever travel partner @ananewyork
Style, home and everything goals @aww.sam
The lovely and ultra fun, Cyn @hotpinkpineapples
These ladies tho @awhimsywonderland
You're very welcome, this account is goals right? @lizzie_darden 
Mama and lovely @carriec
My friend Alisha that I heart @alishylishy
Can you be more fun? @mattcrump
Sometimes I just want to have everything @ohhappyday
Leslieeeee is da bomb, @splendid_rags
My Venezuelan boo @teber
Oh Hey, Tom! @tomwinderknecht
She's the absolute cutest! @sophlog
From DR to colorful heaven: @elizabethluiss
I mean, could we skip this? Forever love to @acolorstory
THIS account: @ihavethisthingwithpink
Sam is the absolute sweetest! @samewhereintheworld
I want to live in this pastel world, too @creativekipi
This sweet mama, has all my heart @sugarandcloth

Stay tuned for week 2

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