It's been a while since I don't do a life update and I thought it's the perfect timing now to welcome Autumn (no, I'm not over summer yet) and walk you guys on everything "HeyMaca".

We haven't stopped traveling, working endless hours, and not only me but my husband as well.

Here's a recap of all things new:

  • A few weeks ago we visited Disneyland for the first time and  I'm still wowed with every single detail we experienced and yes, my full blog post is coming real soon. 
  • I'm completely obsessed with Nico's lunch boxes, and the best part? He is too! I feel it's our special bond these crazy days, and for the first time in a long time, I'm loving all over again, the art of "cooking" - doing my best here, friends!
  • I can't - explain - my - current - home - mess. I can't. 
  • Soonish, I'll be organizing a closet sale with some blogger friends to say hello to the new season and also sell a TON of things I haven't even worn. 
  • I need help. The past two months I haven't stopped. Between being my own creative director, photographer, stylist, editor, sales manager, accountant and a mom of two, I stopped for a bit and decided I truly need help. Maybe an intern once a week? Maybe more blog editors? Who knows. 
  •  New travel adventures soon I CANNOT wait! Argentina and Charleston,  I'll see you in 3 weeks and NYC, I'll see you tomorrow!
  • Did I mention how much I love each of you and my morning coffee? 
  • Planning to do a lot more blog content this month, promise! 
  • Visited my doctor this week (yes, health should be first right?) and for 6 weeks, he asked me to eliminate lactose and gluten (and a bunch of other things) from my diet. I've been struggling with some stomach problems and weight swings, so now it's time to do something about it. 
  • Current obsession: all the COS colorful dresses. Come on!!
  • I wish days could last 48hours. I need more time.
  • We shot the CUTEST commercial with our friends from Danino, and Olivia was such a natural that now she's obsessed with pictures and videos, WHAT DID I DO! lol.
  • Tried this week McKiernan Luncheonette, god bless Joe Beef, Maison Public and it's dreamy coffee that it's now 4 minutes away from home.
  • I'll leave this cute flower picture, to cheer you up as well.
  • Wearing in this pic: COS pink dress, Old satin Zara sandals, Madewell bandana, Heirloom Hat (my current obsession).

Love xoxo

Starting my day with a healthy, easy and yummy breakfast is my number one thing on my "happy list as soon as I wake up".
Raising two little ones and teaching them all about food gotta be one of my favorite parts of this thing called motherhood.

I know sometimes it's hard to show our kids the benefits of eating real food when they are so little. I've learned in the past that you need to make it fun, REAL fun! This Fall, I promised to change my regular eggs and toasts for a smoothie during the week, I feel it is so versatile, simple but delicious, right?

When we talk all about the ingredients we use to prepare our smoothies, especially fruits, I find it's super important to find ready to-go frozen fruits, it's all in the little details like ensuring our fruits are coming from honest growers, keeping their taste and nutritional value after being frozen. It's relieving to know that Nature's Touch has the highest in safety standard and quality control. In partnership with Nature's Touch, we prepared the sweetest unicorn smoothie bowls during our morning routine for Nico and Oli, showing them how our brekkies are as dreamy as eating on mama's bed (yes, I broke all the rules by doing this).

Scroll down to get the full recipe while listening to our fave morning tunes!

Nature's touch frozen fruits are not only delicious but full of nutrients. I loved their 2-Go packages (grapes and mangos), packed in 5 small bags of 100g each, so perfect to pack in Nico's lunch box and my daily snack baggies. Win! 

Ps. there's no sugar and additives added,  so I know the kids are eating well.
Step by step smoothies with my little helper, Oli!
Looking for Nature's Touch products now, right? Find your nearest store here

Unicorn Smoothie Bowls with fresh thyme
serves 2-3

What you'll need:

  • 2 (200g) of Nature's Touch Grape-2-Go packages
  • 2 (200g) of Nature's Touch Mango-2-Go packages
  • 1 cup of Nature's Touch Strawberries Tested for Pesticide
  • 1 tsp of flaxseeds
  • 1 tsp of chia seeds
  • 2 tbsp of milk (we used skim milk)
  • 2 tbsp of greek yogurt with tons of protein (I love a 20g protein base)
  • a bit of thyme


  • strawberries 
  • bananas 
  • edible flowers (yes, Oli was shocked to see them)
  • Unicorn lucky charms cereal (I had to)
  • fresh thyme
  • chia seeds 
  • coconut flakes
How to? 
  • Blend all the smoothie ingredients until you have a smooth and thick mixture for the bowls. I did a thinner version for them to drink as well. Garnish your bowls with your fave tops, and yes, lucky charms are the key to see their happy faces, ok?

This was priceless!

My little cutie, loving her smoothie and lil' umbrellas!

Let's go and yes, jump on mama's bed!

Endless thanks to Nature's Touch for sponsoring this post.
Be sure that our morning happiness, smoothie cravings and all opinions expressed here are entirely ours. 

Fall is here my friends!
I felt the autumn breeze this morning and made me think of my new fave fall palette I want to score this year.
Here are some of my dream items I totally need to start this new season like a boss.

01. Band.o Confetti traveling party
02. Pink/Orange ruffle top
03. Pink blush market basket
04. Felt beret emerald
05. Mara Hoffman skirt
06. Fall dress by Mara Hoffman

Happy new season!

I know, I know, it took me 11 months and a half to do a decent, staged and cute photoshoot because mom life you know right?
Our official home tour is here and I'm all over the moon to finally show you all the details, the struggle, and love we put behind every corner of this house. Even though we didn't design it, I feel we kinda did.  Life has this weird thing, and it might sound cliche, but things are totally meant to be for each of us and our paths are written, somewhere, maybe on a rainbow (at least that's my hope).

Last week, our home was featured on Apartment Therapy, and yes, I still can't believe it, and yes, I'm still screaming! In case you didn't have time, I'll share here today our  Apartment Therapy survey and all the jazz you missed.

City adventures in Montreal can be such a joy, especially during summer time.
I remember when I was little, my mom and I used to visit tons of places, do tons of road trips (ultimate fans) and let me tell you, these were the best memories I have of my childhood. I adored the smell of fresh bread in the mornings, packing our little bags with my fave toys, and asking my parents a zillion questions about our next adventure.

This is something we wanted to do with our kids as well, sharing the beauty in little moments that we will cherish for a long time, and traveling or walking around our own city is one of the things we LOVE the most. I know (most of the time) driving from place to place with two kids can be a challenging journey and if you have a 5-year-old who's asking "so, are we there yet?" every 2 minutes, you really do know what I'm talking about, right? I swear I was the first one thinking "why connected cars aren't a thing already?" and to my shocking surprise, it is real.

Say hello to a new era of driving thanks to Telus' Drive+, a new service that will advice you about your car's health (from bumper to bumper), will send you smart notifications (available for apple and android phones) when you need to stay on top of things (aka battery, fuel, if someone bumped you or if you're getting towed while you're not there) and will enable your car to enjoy WiFi service while driving (as a hotspot, yes, I'm dead serious). Those "are we there yet" days are over, and I started to keep Nico and Oli entertained during our road trips and city adventures, a total game changer!

You wish to have a trip history handy? check!
Set speed limit alerts? check!
Location tracking and get notifications when someone starts and stops trips? check!
and all in one single app. 

To celebrate the memories I'm building with Nico and Oli, we experienced our first Drive+ full day city trip, with an amazing color crawl of my fave places, some new, some old but real, real good.

Happy color hunting!

The new kid on the block this year, Louise is a gorgeous bakery in the heart of Little Italy, serving fresh bread all day long, coffee, little snacks in a stunning decor. 
What we had: fresh butter croissants for the little cuties, coffee for this mama! Jezz Louise, you are so good.
Hours: Mon - Sun 7:45am to 6:30pm

An oldie but an absolute MUST visit with my kiddos when we want a cute pit stop in the city, gotta be Boucle & Papier. We are a paper-fan family (designers at the end of the day), so this is our very heaven on earth. 
What we had: Unicorns for Oli and a sketchbook for Nico (this place is where I get them)
Hours: Mon-Sun 10am to 6pm (Thu & Fri till 8pm)

Where: Cafe Pastel Rita
This new coffee shop blew my mind and not only because they used a lot of pink in the design, and a Wes Anderson vibe I cannot get over it, but also serves an amazing coffee selection and it's home of Heirloom, a dreamy Montreal-based hat brand.
What we had: I tried their salad of the day (pistachios, aneth, green apple, pesto, sunflower seeds, lemon) and a cup of cappuccino. 
Hours: Mon-Sun - 8am on weekdays, 10am weekends till 8pm

Where: Boutique Vestibule
When Pinterest meets the real world, well, this is all you can expect as soon as you step in Boutique Vestibule. From adorable clothing, home decor and irresistible stationary, this place is a dose of colorful happiness in the city.
What we had: Don't even get me started. the list is, endless.
Hours: Mon-Sun  from 10am to 6pm 

Where: The Baltic Club
I first saw Baltic Club this year at C2 Montreal and I loved their vibe, the concept and the made in Montreal motto behind them. This lifestyle and stationary brand began from the owner's living room and it's bringing color to our lives ever since.
What we had: Notebooks and more notebooks. Is there such thing as too many notebooks? I didn't think so.
Hours: Mon-Sun  from 11am to 6pm

Where: Le Watson
This aaahhdorable new sandwich spot was a must visit with Nico and Oli, where we did some relax time and took a foodie break.
What we had: A latte for mama and a grilled cheese for the kiddos.
Hours: Tue - Sun from 8am (weekdays) to 6pm

Where: Quartier Dix30, Urban Oasis area
The most colorful, pattern-filled corner of Dix30 will burst your creativity (and mood) like it did with my little ones.  We love to come here and do some book reading, walk around and explore, play with the street games and see all the art pieces to get our day as colorful, as possible.
What we did: Walk and relax after a busy city crawl and drive, with gorgeous colors and some lemonades.
Hours: Open every day!

Endless thanks to Telus for partnering with us, helping us discover the beautiful corners of our city making it so easy!
All opinions expressed here are entirely mine. 

Hello? Am I in mini heaven?
If your answer is yes, you know you entered the brand new and local gem, Boutique Vestibule Mini.
If you've been following me for a while it's crystal clear I'm such a BIG fan of Vestibule since they started in Montreal (like dork fan, but a cute one okay?) and I was just counting the days when I heard a new mini section was in the works a few months ago.

Audrey, the lovely owner of both Vestibule and Vestibule Mini has a major talent finding local treasures for your home, closet and now kids rooms.

Here are my current favorites for this month, from their lovely Boutique. 

01. Flamingo felt wall bust
02. Blockitecture habitat
03. Geo wall hanging
04. Mustard cape coat
05. Apple Tshirt
06. Blue ice cream pillow

Happy local shopping!

13 days.
 Just this tiny amount of time and I'll call myself a kindergarten mama.
My sweet boy will be starting this month school and all the emotions, tears and excitement are happening right now, including doing some real prep time with Nico and transitioning from his beloved daycare to his "big" school.

While Nico is getting ready for all things big boy, Olivia is imitating and following every step, and her learning curve has been so quick I'm pretty impressed with what this lady can do and say every day. She's two and a half and acts like a five-year-old already (god bless my patience, lol).

I have to confess (and most of my friends noticed this) I'm attached to good people and I have such a hard time saying bye to them. I know this new chapter will do amazing things for both our kiddos and I can't wait to see them grow, but sometimes I struggle thinking how I'll miss our daycare, their teachers, how Nico learned everything he knows there, how he'll miss his first friends, and how fantastic they have been with us. I know he will remember those days dearly, as much as I will.

To keep him motivated and stoked about his big step, I discover two new interactive and educational toys from Vtech and Leapfrog (Nico has been using different toys from them for a while and he's the biggest fan), enhancing its creativity, curiosity and showing him learning new things can be FUN!

For Nico - LeapFrog LeapStart
® 3D

This boy of mine is ultra visual and loves to learn new things with tons of colors and when it's interactive we are speaking his language. Don't you find our kids are way too advanced with the technology nowadays? I find it fascinating how fast they learn and how they remember everything when there's an interactive system helping. The new LeapStart 3D tablet got Nico as soon as he saw the 3D animations that magically appeared bringing activities to life, SO much fun! 

This tablet is So perfect for visual learners, it will allow them to touch, follow activities and hear instructions solving tasks in math, reading, shapes and colors, numbers and a ton more. We bought three books to start our training together, and I sure won the mom of the year prize! 

These books are sold separately, and you can find a variety of subjects and levels. We bought this onethis one and this

For Olivia - Touch & Learn, Activity Desk

A three-in-one learning desk (excuse moi!? magic?) that has a ton of different features for little ones. Oli is loving she can play piano, explore letters and numbers, and also use it as a chalkboard if she wants to. You know those days when our babies got bored with a toy in like, 5 seconds? Those old days are so over and Oli proved this with her new activity desk from VTech. 

What we absolutely love about it? We can buy activity cards with different content like letters, music, colors, numbers and they are all interactive. There's a telephone, you can listen to tunes on the music player while learning tons of new things. We are putting the human body and numbers activity packs on our shopping list for our next purchases for our little Oli. 

High-five my sweet lady, so proud of you!
Nico is discovering shapes with dinosaurs, sold right? 
See the happiness I was talking about? She's just IN LOVE.
Thank you VTech/LeapFrog for sponsoring this post today.
All opinions and love expressed in this post is 100% ours. 

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