The Ultimate Food Crawl In Rosemont You Have To Try This Winter


Montreal has without a doubt endless alternatives when we talk about food and I mean, real serious yum food and tons of options to try. So many, in fact, this list could have easily been 500 ideas long, but ain't nobody got the stomach for that in one day.

Last week, I had the chance to stroll around the city and enjoy a perfect half day of a foodie heaven mission in the middle of Rosemont, La Petite-Patrie. Beware my friends, I narrowed this plan down to 3 delish spots that are 100% carbs in, all-you-can-eat-bacon and on point coffee.

Are you with me? Let's roll

Swoon over Pista

This spot has been my old time favorite for a while now and part of my Top Insta-friendly Indie coffee shops in Montreal. This barista on wheels spot is now serving a scrumptious and splendid brunch menu, and I couldn't miss trying their Croissant dej, do I need to say more?

What we had: A croissant dej, a warm croissant served with cheese, ham, eggs and bechamel sauce, along with a cappuccino and an espresso double.

Tip: They serve a fantastic granola bowl and avocado toast, so grab all your friends and share your bites together!

Lunch like a real #boss

Chez Tousignant is truly the reinvention of a hip 
casse-croûte that will charm you with a funky tiled floor, the cutest diamond-shaped backsplash of their open kitchen, dreamy stainless steel stools diner seats and a branding I'm still admiring like a true dork, just because it's too good. This brilliant snack bar is serving a classic menu, but all made to order and done it so right.  If you're still wondering what's different about these guys, just do me a big favor and read about them here.

What we had: Cheeseburger with extra bacon (yes, extra!), Fries and a classic hot dog. Check the menu here.

Tip: Have a date here! they serve beers, ciders and milkshakes, I mean #score that first date y'all. 

End of the crawl with a sweet touch

Serving comfort food, desserts, and coffee, Cafe Les Oubliettes stands out from the rest as a unique artsy spot where you can enjoy an art exposition and a great menu altogether. With a retro air and a cozy atmosphere, Les Oubliettes is a great option to have a quick dessert or simply daydream sitting in one of their fabulous vintage Eames chairs.

What we had: An espresso (double), a chai latte and a pain perdu kind-of-muffin (major yum).

Tip: Check frequently their Facebook page, they post special events and vernissages, so much fun!

Cafe Pista

500 Rue Beaubien Est
Mon - Fri  7:30am -7pm / weekends 9am to 7pm
Prince range: $
Kids friendly: yes, absolutely. You'll have a lot of room. Be ready, they don't have changing tables in their bathrooms.

Chez Tousignant
6956 Rue Drolet
Tue - Sun 11:30am - 11pm
Prince range: $
Kids friendly: yes! they have high chairs and changing tables, yay! 

Cafe Les Oubliettes
Mon - Fri  8am-6pm / Sat 9am-6pm - Sun 10am-4pm
Prince range: $
Kids friendly: This is THE place you need to bring your kids to, they have a corner with a cute table and chairs where they can play, draw and just be happy. You'll adore it.  

{Inside} Eleanor & Emilio's Closet


This week:
Blythe from Eleanor and Emilio, a colorful blogger living in Toronto.

Why Blythe rocks: Blythe believes in a FUN and a colorful life, isn't this perfect? You'll love her Toronto finds, beauty tips and her lovely wardrobe (that I wish I could steal someday). I can't wait to visit Toronto and have a coffee with this girl. Check her insta-life here

- What is the top must-have in your closet?

Big (comfy) knit cardigans or sweaters! I always find those easy to layer or work with any outfit, whether it's a dress and tights or a pair of jeans and a top. It's easy to dress up or down and you'll always have that element and level of comfort.

- Pairs of shoes? 

I love Swedish Hasbeens SO much! I have three pairs but so far the Lotta ones are my favourite. They are super comfortable and really easy to wear throughout the year as you transition seasons. (a bonus that they give me some height, too!)

- Your three favorite pieces in your closet are?

My metallic midi skirts, black high-rise Levis and a floral mini skirt I got from H&M in France a few years ago

- What are your fav locations for your #ootd shots?

I'm always on the lookout for colourful buildings and walls that I can keep in mind to revisit for outfit photos, usually in or around Toronto. That, or a good white wall! 

- What do you want your closet say about you?

That I'm fun and bold and not afraid of what others think. I used to always overthink my outfits but it got to the point of not caring and finding comfort in my own style. 

- How do you transition your clothes from season to season? 

I try to find colour palettes that I feel will compliment the season nicely and I try to implement them into my outfits. Also, layering!!! You can still rock a cute dress you wore in warmer months once it gets colder; just add tights and sweaters - one of my favourite ways to transition throughout the changing seasons. 

Blythe, you are the bestest!
Follow her fun journey on Instagram and blog, she'll be your new BFF (:

Le Bird Bar


This is the time of the year when all I can think about is having some comfort food, delish drinks, and perfectly crispy fried chicken. Le Bird Bar, latest main star of Griffintown brings the heart of a southern menu with a high-end but casual atmosphere you'll enjoy as much as we did. 

The overall concept of this fantastic spot?
A perfect pair, Champagne and fried chicken, all under a spectacular decor with the finest details.

Velvet chairs and stools, a sleek marble bar and a flashing neon sign near the kitchen are some of the details that make this place THE spot you'll need to take all your friends to this winter.

The menu offers classic chicken plates, vegetarian options, and recently Brunch, yay!
Besides the crispy and tasty fried chicken, I loved the variety of 13 different sauces and some great sides including cornbread, fries, watermelon and feta salad and a green salad.

What's very lovely about Le Bird Bar it's the effort and research the head chef did to put together a great and healthier made-to-order fried local chicken, including three different options, the classic fried chicken (40-60% less greasy presentation), a gluten free crust and a vegan version prepared with cauliflower and tofu, creating without any hesitation, a new genre of yummy fried chicken in the city.

I simply can't wait to try their brunch already!
Here's what we ordered and loved:

- Chicken and waffles, served with bourbon sauce and watermelon feta salad

- "Get in my belly", with 3 pieces of fried chicken, cornbread and 2 sauces (honey-dijon and gravy)

- Fries maison

- Sauteed Brussel sprouts with bacon and potatoes

- Poutine Bird bar, with popcorn chicken and jalapeno.

You simply can't miss this. You are so welcome. 

Le Bird Bar
1800 Notre Dame West
Tue - Sun 11am - 11pm
Price range: $$
Reservations: recommended if you're a big group, especially for supper.
Kids Friendly: absolutely for lunch and brunch, you'll have a comfy space to fit at least one stroller. They don't have changing tables in the bathrooms. 

Thank you, 2016


Happy New Year, friends!

2016 was so far an incredible year for me and one of the most productive, fun and simply dreamy 365 days I won't be able to forget easily.

 I'll include all the up's and down's, the long nights with my newborn baby during my mat leave, all the yummy food I had the chance to try, the new friends I made, the opportunity I had to create content that I enjoy like crazy, the growth I saw in this tiny community that I LOVE and all the rewarding "instagram-worthy"moments I lived, I'll take with no doubts, another round of 2016 again. 

I truly want to thank you each of you, for continuing to read this blog, for giving a simple like on Instagram or even a hug when I have met you, you are my inspiration and I can't wait to see what 2017 holds for Hey Maca.

To say bye to 2016 and welcome a new fresh start in 2017, I did a list of some resolutions I hope to achieve before the end of the year. 
  • Be merry, most of the time
  • Grow this community, create more content and enjoy Montreal even more
  • Cook new recipes every month
  • Enjoy more time with Nico and Olivia 
  • Make more time for blogging and visiting new places in the city
  • Travel, travel, travel
  • Have more walks, even if it's -30 outside
  • Finish a photography course and actually learn something
  • Eat less carbs (ha!)
  • Have more time to craft and wine with girlfriends
  • Live up more

As a gift, you can download for free my holiday gift-wrapping designs (even If I'm a bit late in the game) here and print them in the size you want (: these amazing designs are from Andrea Mendez, a super talented illustrator living in Venezuela - see all her work on instagram and her blog.


Local Love: Eve Cork


When I recently discovered Eve Cork, I started learning more and more about a new wave of eco-conscious fashion lifestyle brands and I couldn't resist to include them in the latest Local Love and know every single detail about their story.

Eve believes that supporting the earth is their greatest asset, using 100% cork fabric to produce a stunning line of bags that are both stylish and functional from sustainable sources you'll be proud using daily as a perfect accessory.

I fell in love with the Azores Crossbody bag, because it's super lightweight, has a super fun design in blue and natural cork with a great size to fit all my daily essentials.

Tell us a bit about this lovely idea, Eve Cork

Eve is a line of sustainable, eco-friendly cork handbags and accessories that are ethically handmade in Portugal. Our material is really what makes us unique. Hand-harvested from cork oak trees - our handbags and accessories are natural, sustainable, and made with the environment and the greater wellbeing of our planet in mind. 

Sustainable actions that support a healthy Earth is at the core of everything we do.

- What made you decide to open your business and why an eco-friendly one?

Paul Oehm, Eve's founder and President is a serial entrepreneur. He has a love for the outdoors, compassion for animals and makes eco-conscious decisions whenever he can. Paul came across this cork material after one of his friends brought some cork handbags back from their trip in Portugal. He was intrigued by the quality of the fabric the bags were made of but couldn't get over the fact that they were 100% sustainably sourced from a natural, renewable resource. 

Paul saw a gap in the sustainable fashion industry and noticed that there wasn't many players in North America using this amazing cork material for handbags. Before you know it, Paul created the company Eve, put together a team of designers and lined of some ethically minded manufacturers in Portugal. 

Eighteen months later, we have established ourselves as the leading cork handbag brand in North America and are on our way to being a leader in the global sustainable fashion industry. 

- Any tips for future entrepreneurs in the city?

Keep at it. Growing a business is hard. It takes persistence, consistency, dedication, and sacrifice- but if you have passion and you’re willing to take the hill- it’s worth the climb. 

You can find out more about Eve cork here

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