Color Factory was a poem to us. If you still have no clue what Color Factory is (WHAT?), this pop-up experience started this year in San Francisco designed by my life hero, Jordan Ferney, founder and blogger behind Oh Happy Day, a lifestyle and DIY brand that believes in color, as much as I do.

This new experience was an ode to color, placed in a 20,000 sqft space in the heart of Manhattan, featuring 16 different colors "rooms" with tons of surprises at every corner. After visiting MOIC early this year and experiencing this new trend on how we consume art nowadays, I have to say personally, Color Factory elevated the game to a WOW level.

Here's everything you need to know about it, and why it's so different from all the other pop-up experiences so far.


We visited Color Factory with Nico and Oli, and even though it's not promoted as a kid-friendly activity, this place was a total dream for my little ones. They have been exposed to art, textures, colors, and everything design since they were born, both me and my husband have design backgrounds so this was the perfect type of activity I wanted them to see and share with us. They both played with the installations, named all the colors they saw, picked their favorites, spun a color wheel, had pastel blue vanilla ice cream and swam in a giant ball pit they will remember forever (500,000 balls, to be exact and yes, that's a LOT of balls).


This place is unlike any other experience, and that's why I loved it SO much. Everything was planned, including close collaborations with tons of local artists from the city, showing us how New Yorkers are made by colors including makers, writers, bakers, and a lot more than made it even more special. As a branding freak as I am (in a good way you get this right?), I found how the little things made my day, like taking a macaroon from a conveyor belt color wheel (please try them), a wall full of color blocked compliments you could take home, a card you could scan all over the experience where they placed photo stations and sending you automatic emails with all the pictures, and reading the most hopeful wishes from students inside a room full with balloons.

This exhibit is SO much more than just an Instagram heaven, ok?

This was the first room, starting with 100 colors done by the French architect Emmanuelle Moureaux, featuring beautifully 100 colors from rows and rows of paper strips.
If I could just only paint my patio like this, just if only.

As soon as I came in and saw the 100 colors room, the only thing I could think was, holy world, color is such a mystery to me. Is it real? or its just a reflection of my brain?
Either way, I was stoked to be there, have a snack and be happy for a while beyond a simple Instagram picture or story.
It was real.
Well done Jordan, well done.


This is going to be a real tricky pick, but here you go. These are our top 5 rooms of the exhibit:

- Balloons & Wishes room
- Color booth (you'll sit in front of a stranger and will describe him/her with colors and a secret questionnaire) We didn't do it, but Nico and Oli had all the fun in front of each other, it was so so sweet!
- Blue ball pit (duh, obviously)
- White flowchart questionnaire room (where you'll discover your secret color, ours was blue, yay!)
- 100 colors lobby

Ps. you'll love all the little surprises, candies, ice cream along the way. I won't say anything else.


Color Factory opens from Monday to Sunday, and they only offer tickets online here. You'll get there the time slot you prefer and this isn't that type of timed experience, you can stay as long as you want to explore each room, and taking as many pictures as you want. Be kind and eat only one candy per room, okay? 

Price: $38 per ticket and kids under 2 are free, so yay!

Location: 251 Spring Street, New York

Our family picture, and Olivia, ha!

This dancefloor was EPIC! and with the best 90's tunes, my mama heart was so happy about it omg!
Life complete - check.
All the blue balls - check
Again, I heart you, Color Factory. 

My little sweet Oli is almost 3 ( okay okay, in a few months, time please stop!) and I gotta tell you, she's becoming the funniest, an opinionated, and creative soul that brights up my days like no one else.

Every time we go out and I carry my camera with me,  she's in auto mode posing and telling me: mama! pictures! pictures! which I find the sweetest thing ever!

A lot of you have been asking where do I shop her little things, so this post is an ode to Oli's closet (and maybe a  new blog series?), giving you ideas how to mix, where to shop, and how to find the best deals for your little ones as well.

If you have any local brands you love, leave them in the comments section, would love to discover even more!


She's obsessed with everything Unicorns and she picked up this dress herself. I-CAN'T-EVEN and it's pleated!!!

Dress - Gap by Sarah Jessica Parker
 Boots - Zara (old season)
 Socks - Souris Mini
 Bandana - Mini Mioche


I adored this white on white style. High 5 little cutie!

Dress Romy & Aksel (made in Montreal!)
Tee - Target
 Shoes - Target
 Socks - Baby Gap
 Bandana - Mini Mioche


I need this skirt and jean jacket, my size now.

Tulle skirt -  Zara (old season)
 White Tee - Kate Spade - Winners
 Tights - Souris Mini
 Jean jacket - Old Navy
Shoes - Vans, Disney edition


One of my fave, just because this skirt is everything.

Skirt - H&M
Shoes - Vans, Disney edition
Watch - Disney, Princesses
 Socks - Zara
 Mustard Tee - Old Navy


You need these leggings in your life as well, just sayin'.

Leggins - Supayana
Jean jacket Old Navy
 White tee - Target

A few weeks ago, I was holding hands with Nico and Oli walking to the park, telling them we had planned a big surprise for them for a while. Mamas, I’m pretty sure you get me, holding a secret from our little cuties is, without a doubt the hardest thing ever. Imagine, having two, at the same time asking, soooo is it a gift? a new toy? a horse?

Little did they know we were going to experience the most magical place in the world for the very first time, in California. To celebrate my hubby’s birthday and in a special collaboration with Disney, we surprised Nico and Oli with.. tadaaaaa: Disneyland. I was beyond stoked to bring them and see all the brand new Pixar pier that just opened this summer, where The Incredibles, Toy Story, and Monster's Inc are the main stars. 

As soon as I started planning this surprise, I couldn’t help to remember the times I visited Disney World, how I held my little autograph book full with memories, the Disney music I danced to, the princesses I hugged and admired so, the best Christmas eve we had with my family sitting on the floor, watching the fireworks at Epcot eating the most delicious hot dogs, and all the feels I had when I saw Space Mountain and it’s a small world for the first time.

Disney was in a nutshell, a huge part of my childhood. 

Despite how all the years have flown by, I still feel like it was yesterday. Maybe this is the magic we all experience when we get there no matter how big or how small you are, and this is something I’ve been dreaming that my new family experience together, as I did when I was a little girl.

We were so lucky to spend our days with the sweetest group Roxanne, Katie and Bella, all super talented content creators that made our trip even more special together. If you ask me, I’m a firm believer that there’s nothing better to plan vacations in advance, so here’s a super handy complete guide for all of you (especially if you’re traveling with kids) to help you enjoy your next Disney adventures. 

Let the magic begin, friends! 

you can't miss any of them!

W E A T H E R   &  W H A T    T O   P A C K

We took a quick (SUPER quick) road trip last weekend to New York City, just to disconnect from our regular weekends in Montreal and smell a different air for a few hours.
We were super lucky we had a perfect weather and we could say oh HELLO Fall!

Our 6 hours drive was filled with popcorn, sparkling water and an endless list of all the things I wanted to duck into in, well, 24 hours. I confess that traveling with Nico & Oli to a city like NYC requires a bit more of planning with a ton more of patience. We had to slow our pace a bit and adjust the endless insta-worthy places I had in mind and go with the kiddos-flow.

Here's a list of what we did in 24 hours and if you're going with kiddos or solo, you are in luck because this itinerary is perfect for both.

Happy NYC love, friends!


We basically and legit eat our way through every single city we go and NYC gotta be one of our faves, of course! We visited Nickle & Diner (on my list for a while now) and I L-O-V-E-D it. Exceptional interiors, super kids friendly and yummy food. Bonus points? Bacon was crispy and juicy!
Open from Mon to Sun, including happy hour days!

The light was pure heaven!

S H O P P I N G  B R E A K

This was my very ME time and I stopped at ClareV. I've been a MAJOR fan of everything Clare V since... forever? So  going to one of her dreamy stores is always a must during my trips. located at 239 Elizabeth st, my fave street in Nolita.

P A R I S  I N   N Y C

Who can resist exploring Sezane's L'Appartement newly spot in the heart of Nolita? Definitely, not me! Loving that Maman x Sezane partnered since September in support of their charity DEMAIN. We enjoyed Maman's pink lemonades and saw with my little Oli, the dreamiest shoes I want in my closet, now.
Run to 254 Elizabeth St and yes, you are so welcome.

A  S W E E T   S T O P

Rainbow cake heaven? check! Rainbow cake balls? check! After our perfect breakfast, we walked around and visited the flour shop. They serve teeny tiny cake balls and yes, they offer nut-free options, which I was ultra happy about. Don't leave without a picture in the beautiful wall, such a dream!
Open Mon to Sun at 177 Lafayette St.

Y E S, G L O S S I E R, Y E S!

I know I'm pretty sure we did the happiest place I had in my list, Glossier. Welcome to the era of perfectly-designed packaging, everything millennial pink, bubble wrap bags fever and yes, I splurge myself with a few lil' things I'll share with you guys later here. Take note, there's only one showroom in Manhattan at 123 Lafayette St, go early and avoid line-ups downstairs. If you visited Glossier with your husband, visit the flour shop after and treat him with chocolate, he totally deserves it. 
He loved this corner, obviously! 

O R A L E,  D I N N E R!

This place isn't new around here, but when I think NYC, Tacombi is my number one fave buddy I always have to come back see, hug and love. Hands down, they serve THE best michelada I've tried and I wish I had something like this back in Montreal. This time, we did Tacombi Bleecker St (new for my hubby) and forgot about the diet, the gluten, life in general and spoiled our family here. 

W A L L   H E A V E N 

Our main goal of this trip (besides all the good food okay, okay) was to experience Color Factory. I'll do a dedicated blog post about it, but in the meantime, you HAVE to visit the "circle game" walls, a color-blocked mural (my kinda heaven), with a series of dots that might resemble printers' marks. This spot, is the number two of Color Factory neighborhood map, a brilliant treasure map of colorful mini-experiences, like these walls.
Just run to 119 Charlton St.

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