Pardon me my Palm Springs fever, but:
A- I have endless (and I mean this) endless photos from the trip
B- All of them are seriously worth sharing with you!
C- I mean, it's Palm Springs

Our visit to the Moorten Botanical Garden with our friends of Mixbook deserved a dedicated Ode to life, and this time all about Cali edition.

Dear Cali,
I miss your endless cool vibes and blue-tiful tiles (pun intended)

Dear Montreal guacamole,
Please call Cali; ASAP

Dear mid century homes,
I declare my public & true love to each of you

Dear frosĂ© during altsummit,
I adore you

Dear IG friends that I finally met IRL,

Dear Palm Springs,
My retirement dream never looked so good

Dear thegirlswithglasses,
Boomerang & beret goals - check 

Dear cellphone roaming,
Can you please be my bestie and treat me softly?

Dear yellow midi skirt,
You and I are having a moment right now.

Dear things I've experienced during the Altitude Summit,
You've changed the way I've been doing things, and you made me believe dreamers like this mama kinda have a shot in this world. I'll keep doing endless lists, endless goals, and endless plans to make this world a cuter and a happier one.

Dear PST time,
(cough) how come breakfast is not a thing at 5am for EST ladies like us?

Dear body,
I sincerely apologize for all the pounds I gained. Tacos made me do it.

Dear new colorful jacket,
You'll be my Spring bestie, get ready!

Dear room service,
I miss you so.

Dear Olivia,
Since I'm back, you've woken up at 3am to play. Did you get the PST memo? help, world.

Dear Insta-Friends and readers,
Stay tuned, Heymaca store is coming soon! 


On a winter day in the middle of February, I escaped to Palm Springs to experience my first Altitude Summit with the lovely team of Mixbook.
This trip and destination was my goal for a few years now, and it was worth every second spent there without my little ones (that I missed lots, obviously). My Alt Summit was one of those moments when you sit down and realize you are so empowered by talented, creative, and badass women that are exactly as you: passionate about what they do and with big goals.

I met a few bloggers, brands, creatives, and virtual friends in the most dreamy place on earth, aka my future retirement home.

Thank you, world, for aligning all the stars, for letting me have the chance to hear the successes and failures of many, and in my very personal case, for helping me think all my BIG dreams can come true if I have the courage to pursue them.

I will miss our morning views, the summer breeze and the happiness we felt during this week. 

Besides all the colour, extra guac, rose afternoons, a crazy beautiful venue (The Saguaro, duh) I was stoked to partner with Mixbook for a Meet and Greet afternoon, in the dreamiest ombre-styled booth  - HELLO, colour heaven! where we had personalized pampering kits (with my travel essentials - a cherry lip balm, an exfoliating mask and a hand lotion) plus the sweetest illustrated Palm Springs map with the help of my talented friend Lucile, including all the best Instagrammable places of the city, for all the attendees of the conference.

In case you're not familiar with Mixbook yet, they are an online destination where you can create your digital world to fully customizable photo products (just like my postcard) and much more: books, cards, calendar and even wall canvases. We had all the new pre-designed templates in our booth and I was swooning over all of them, so I know what's going to be my next photo project, YAY!

Don't panic, I'll be doing a full blog post with all the details about these places soon, you know the drill, right?
I wasn't kidding about colourful heaven here.
This was one of my 10 outfits during 5 days in Cali. Don't judge, I had to bring my entire closet, right?

Our cute personalized pampering kits for the event!

Thank you, Mixbook for partnering with HeyMaca during the Alt Summit and ographr for some of these lovely pictures.
All opinions and extra tacos that were eaten are entirely mines. 

Happiest International Women's Day today!
To celebrate each of you, girl bosses, here are my favourite girly pieces that will inspire you to embrace our sisterhood, your inner boss lady and to look fabulous all day.

01. The Future is Female Clutch
02. Le Vin C'est La Vie Tee 
03. 100 Days Happier Book
04. No Bad Days Tee
05. Anthropologie Pink Bow Sandals
06. Clare V. Le Freak Tote Bag

Palm Springs, you are my colorful heaven and my full-time dream, officially!
I'm back home to Winterland this week and I cannot believe how fun last week was. We enjoyed a sunny Cali, the beauty of each unbelievable mid-century corner of this city, and of course all the extra guac we could.

I experienced for the first time the Alt Summit with my friends Kris and Danielle, and I'm overwhelmed with the energy, the knowledge shared, the lessons learned and all the experiences I had the chance to see (including meeting some of my blogger goals, and business goals boss ladies).

Stay tuned for more Palm Springs posts, and in the meantime, enjoy my first outfit, Saguaro edition.


Last weekend I was lucky to plan a last minute solo trip to Toronto to hit some new places I had on my list for a while and to see some lovely faces I missed, lots. If you ask me, I have a true addiction to Toronto lately, and visiting this city every two or three months is my new holy grail of travel. Thank goodness, I arrived at a warm and not so snowy time of the year, where I legit dared to wear my flats outside, for the first time this year.

If you're still planning a winter escape in Canada, this will be the perfect guide for you. I'll cover everything from where to stay, where to eat, where to go and what to see.

Pack your bags, It's going to be a fun one!


Hotel: Fairmont Royal York
This stunning hotel originally built in 1929 made me feel I was inside a Wes Anderson movie the minute I stepped in, and it made me think of my babies and how much they would've loved to see this place together. Located just in front of Union Station and walking distance from the most important attractions in Toronto (CN Tower, Ripley's Aquarium), the personality of this hotel speaks for itself.
Why do you need to stay here: Its central location will make a huge difference if you're looking to explore the downtown area. I stayed in their newly renovated suites and if there's something like having a crush on a bed and pillows, I think I got it this weekend after trying theirs.
What I tried during my stay: Their Epic lounge was my BFF during my stay. I tried their buffet breakfast (because you all know how much I love my brekkie sessions). You'll have endless options of eggs, bacon, fresh fruits and a big selection of cold-pressed juices, the ultimate heaven. I also had their in-room dinner service, and yes, you guessed that right, I had to do breakfast all over again.
What you can't miss during winter: The Toronto Light Fest. In case you didn't know already, Fairmont is the official hotel partner of the Toronto Light Festival, read all the exclusive packages they're offering right now here

CN Tower view and a warm cup of coffee? Yes, please.

The struggles of a solo traveler? Doing some good ol' selfies with your new camera, right?


 Neo Coffee Bar
This place has been bookmarked on my to-do list for months now and finally I was able to try it with my lovely friend, Didier. This spot reminded me so much of Montreal, with the warmest tones in the decor, a super sweet staff and a tastefully designed aesthetic I adored.
What we had: Two cappuccinos, a mint tea, and a fresh croissant.
Why Neo: You'll love the concrete and minimalist touches, their handcrafted coffee and their big pastry selection including gluten-free options.


Where: La Palma
This art-centric Venice beach styled spot is the new hip kid in town you simply cannot miss. An Italian menu with a touch of Mediterranean cuisines, La Palma will get you covered if you need a quick bite, a long lunch with a friend, a brunch or a cocktail happy hour at the end of your day.
What we tried for lunch: We tried their famous lasagna, roasted cauliflower, swordfish and their home potatoes.
Why do you need to try La Palma: I felt it was summer inside with this ultra instagrammable place very Venice style. Details in mint and mustard, dreamy bathroom tiles and marble tables will make you love this place even more.


Where: Oretta
I was here a few months back spending a few hours in their caffee, doing some work. This time, I KNEW I had to try Oretta's brunch menu and see what's all the hype about it. One thing you need to know, this place is one of the most stunning and breathtaking interiors I've seen lately, and being a tile fan, I simply cannot miss visiting them every single time.
What we tried for brunch: We both decided to go all in for sweet and fluffy pancakes, called Frittelle. They served them with mascarpone, a fresh homemade blueberry compote and maple syrup. Too hard to say no, right?
Why you need to visit Oretta: Just go, okay?


Where: Cluny Bistro
A classic Parisian bistro in the heart of Distillery District with charming tiled floors and a stunning mix of bricked walls, refined interiors and tons of natural light in every single corner. They serve dinner, lunch, brunch, and cocktails with tons of different options.
What we tried: I did a quick pit stop with my friend Krystle and had a tea/coffee time together.
Why you need to visit Cluny: They basically have everything you need, if you're planning a cozy date, a cocktail with friends, brunch on the weekends, a quick bite or a long dinner with friends. 


Where: El Catrin
This authentic Mexican place tapas style has THE best guac I've tried in Toronto (I kinda need more right now), along with a stunning mural that covers the entire restaurant, tiles in every single corner and a patio I cannot wait to come back and try.
What we tried for supper: Guacamole en la mesa, Volcan norteno, Camarones en Adobo Tacos and of course, margaritas and mojitos!
Why you need to visit El Catrin: Seriously, it's a fiesta as soon as you go in!


Where: Toronto Light Fest at The Distillery Historic District
After a great supper at El Catrin, you need to walk around this light fest that illuminates the amazing Distillery District from January to March this year. This festival transforms this neighborhood into one of the largest open-air galleries in North America.
Why you need to visit this festival: You can't miss the 200,000 gummy bear pyramid, it's simply out of this world.

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