Madame Olivia turned 3 this past weekend - OH MY MAMA HEART!
We celebrated her day with a special breakfast wearing a pink party hat and a bunch of surprises all day long. For the first time in her little life, she realized what a birthday was, and she was excited about every single thing.
The candles, the cake (that she insisted repeatedly to have chocolate), her brand new outfit and her little gifts.

I swear it was the cutest experience, ever! Little girls are just so so much fun!


Pattern mix like a little girlboss!  Also, what's up with this blogger pose? I died laughing.

Sweater - Zara
Skirt - Gap
Tights - HM
Shoes - Zara
Fruit bag - HM


yes, mesdames, let me introduce you to: Olivia's "cellphone" (or my super antique Ipod, first generation, that I have no clue how it's still alive after so many years)

Dress: Old Navy
Sweater: Zara (used to be Nico's)
Tights: Marshall's
Pink Boots: Joe Fresh


Classic black and white outfit, for a cloudy day!

Neck warmer - Zara
Dress - Old Navy
Tights - Target


Her birthday outfit! YAAAAAY!

Sweater I used to be bored - Mango
Dress - Mango
Jean Tights - Old Navy
Pink neck warmer - Sport experts

45 days already? but, HOW!?
Between the holiday break and getting back to our work routine, our studio has been quiet lately, I guess that's normal for everyone in January right?

Having a somehow "quiet" time will give us time to finish our studio decor (which I'm extremely excited about) along with some intense and long brainstorming sessions with our team (high five girl power!) on what to do, what to offer, what to shoot in this space of ours.

Here's our official update:


Shelves are up and so are our colourful accessories that my lovely friend Joanna spray painted as soon as we moved in.
A new table is also here, heeeello new workshop era! Our long table can accommodate up to 10 people and it'll be the heart of our upcoming events and yummy eats.


Taaaadaaaaaa! these gigantic boxes you see, are our new furniture! I am beyond stoked to partner with Structube, a brand we ADORE to reveal our studio decor soon.
Hints? All the velvet, and eclectic colours you'll expect from our space: check!


all-the-goodies-are-here-you-guys! I'm thinking the best (and easiest) way to install a white floor for our shootings, so I'm exploring vinyl options at the moment. If you have a crazy good idea, shoot it to me! 

Can't wait to show you our official reveal soon!

Happy first month of 2019!
Where are my burger lovers at?
I can't believe we are starting a new year, new goals, new everything, and you know our love for entertaining and yummy food right? On this second post in partnership with Yves Veggie Cuisine, we got our girlfriends and created the girliest plant-based burger bar, filled with fruits, veggies, cheese and all our long-time favourites.

We recently moved to our brand new studio (OMG), making this a perfect excuse to celebrate the move with close friends and family. I was stoked that we are able to cook and entertain now (more on that on the next studio update), so I covered our new long table filled with a beautiful spread with a ton of options to prepare our mini plant-based burgers.

I've tried Yves veggie burgers before and I loved discovering they provide a nutritious balance of natural protein, made from soy and vegetable sources, making it super tender, juice and flavoured (I didn't tell some of my friends they were veggie, and they couldn't believe it).

Below I added a list of all the ingredients we used to create our bar so you can stack your burger like a pro, and have ALL the fixins handy for your next celebration at home
These yummy buns!

For the first time since I had Oli, we had a mama-daughter date to two trendy spots in both Toronto and Montreal recently to say HELLO to 2019!
Raised in a girls-only family (I have a sister that I adore) my dream was to have my own baby girl to start our little tradition of cute dates.

In 18 days, Oli will turn 3 (I still can't believe this part) and the past six months I feel she has become such an independent, funny girl boss that is the spirit of this house. Every time I say, so I'm going out! She runs to me, grabs her coat and tags along, like mom, like daughter!

We visited Toronto for New Years and tried the hot spot of the moment, Chubbys Jamaican Kitchen, home of all the Jamaican classics like patties, curry chicken and goat, saltfish fritters, jerk chicken and all the fried plantain, my magic words when it comes to food.
The menu has everything you need if you are in the mood for fish, beef or chicken and we loved to order a few appetizers to share different things.
Check the menu here in advance, everything's so delicious and fresh! 

Fave pic, ever!
The famous patties, mini-sized!
They come in spicy beef, curry turkey, coconut greens and pepper shrimps. 
Chubbys Jamaican Kitchen
104 Portland St, Toronto
Open daily from 11:30AM to 10PM
Price range: $$
Reservations: online here
Kids Friendly: Absolutely!!! No changing tables available but a lovely staff to help you with your kids.  

Our Montreal date was at the newest LOV, at Laval Centropolis.
I blogged a lot of details a few times on the blog, here and in our essential guide to the best places here.

This is a spot I can repeat every month if I could, and introducing local, vegetarian food with plenty of greens is my number one resolution with my kids this year, teaching them to eat since little tons of options. Believe me, Oli already loves salads, broccoli, carrots and she's definitely a foodie in the making! 

This new location kept the same design aesthetic of downtown and Old Montreal, with communal tables, hanging chairs, tropical leaf accents, and oversized ceiling lamps.

We tried quinoa fritters, sweet potato fries, onion rings, and the coconut curry.

Here are the evening and lunch menu, for all locations, high five!
I'm just so excited thinking of the future mani-pedi dates, spa days and all the girly things we'll do together, my little baby girl!
LOV Centropolis 
140 Promenade du Centropolis, Laval
Thu to Mon from 10:30AM to 10PM
Price range: $$
Reservations: by phone for large groups
Kids Friendly: 100%! this location is spacious and perfect if you need to bring strollers with you. 

You probably heard this everywhere you go lately but, where has 2018 gone?
A look back at 2018 showed me that life was quite a big change for me and my family, and I received the most rewarding gifts and the most challenging times, at the same time, both on a personal and work-related level.

I sat, drank a cup of coffee and thought about the last 360 something days of this year, and all I can say is, PHEW.

 I started a year as a full-time freelancer for the first time in my Canadian life and with a ton of fears and doubts along the way, am I going to be able to sustain this? Am I good enough? Will I be able to do it?

These fears were and are present as I move forward and grow, maybe it's the beauty of becoming an adult? maybe they help you overcome your roadblocks and hit every single milestone you have written?

12 months have passed by and I'm here! still full-time freelancing and with better and bigger projects in mind. 

2018 taught me many things and the most important one, was to believe in myself. 
me? the girl who believes in pink lemonades, with a whimsical style and a sometimes cute accent living miles away from her family? 
Yes, that girl.

Life showed me what's truly important and the fear of failure I carried my entire life was nothing but the trigger and reminder to wake up every morning to pursue the dreams I had in my mind.

Did I hit the lowest? you bet I did.

I tossed away toxic people from my life. 

and I'm feeling so much better about myself now, realizing two things: they take away a HUGE amount of energy from you, and that I was spending so much time on pointless relationships that didn't bring happiness, support and love back.
People come and go, just make sure you keep the very special ones by your side and let them know they matter, every day.

I didn't have time for me.
 YES, I was busy working over 60 hours a week, trying to understand this rollercoaster of having your own business, and, I stopped exercising this year, one of my biggest regrets and my number one goal in 2019.

I spent too much time on my phone. 

and maybe I still do, but one thing I need to learn is that emails, Instagram notifications, Facebook comments, and all this digital life can wait.
My kids, my husband and the real memories we are building in this world cannot wait.

I learned to select who I want to work with.
From clients, brands and business partners, 2018 made me realize my value in this blogging world and I finished some biz relationships and started new ones that brought me pure JOY.

I cared too much and worked too hard on something I can't control.
Cried multiple times trying to understand Instagram, the likes, the unfollows, and the damn algorithm. When social media is your number one income source, you keep comparing yourself to many others at a point I felt I was living my very own episode of Black Mirror.
What I learned? The only thing I can control is the quality of my content and this blog, so I focused all my energy here.
and what about the happy memories? all the positive and best things?

I accepted who am I. 
For the first time, I felt happy even with my extra kilos I couldn't get rid off after I had Oli, wearing skirts because I feel like it, eating all the food and caring about the sparkly soul I have.

There's always a perfect timing out there for each of us. 
I had to let go some good opportunities for different reasons and somehow, better ones came along the way. I learned we will all have perfect opportunities, sooner or later.

Traveling (even little road trips) will change who you are.
I'm still incredibly grateful for every single travel I experienced in 2018. The memories I have from the people I met, the things I saw, the cultures I embraced changed me forever. It made me realize how my heart will be forever split in half, between Venezuela and Canada.
Travel became the fuel to my creativity.

to the unexpected surprises, the gestures of love, the favors that came naturally, the people who listened when I most needed it, and all the lessons learned the past days.

Passion will take you far.
My dad told me once, passion is the magic secret we all need every single day. and trust me, I did my best, even with boring accounting tasks, passion was the key to my growth.

Some days, you can nap or have ice cream if you want to and that is okay.
and I did it. I worked some weeks like crazy and some Mondays, I stayed in bed reading blogs, napping and even having cookies and ice cream when I wasn't supposed to. 

YES, I am tired, pretty much all the time. 

2018, I can't thank you enough.
I know nothing is permanent and that the only constant IS change.

2019, I can't wait to welcome you, with a set (and cute) list of goals we will achieve together.

Welcome home, new year.

Happy New Year!

éal, my home the past 9 years has been such a treat, and one of my 2018 personal goals was to
travel more, to see new destinations, and without a doubt, visit the Montréal-Trudeau Airport was a must that it actually feels like home now.

I'm not sure about you, but hitting the airport is just too exciting, it's the feels of starting a new adventure right at home and even though some periods are crazy busy (hello to about 55,000 travellers a day during the holiday season), I'm always the first one arriving way in advance with several hours to spare solo or with my family.

This month, I had the absolute pleasure to partner with the Montr
éal-Trudeau Airport to show each of you that the best way to kick off your next trip starts right at home.


Before leaving to your next adventure, did you know there are more than 45 restaurants at the Montreal Airport to suit so many tastes? I tried some of them, and as a witness, you'll only find options that are freshly prepared daily and a wide selection of food experiences that will charm you, from casual spots with comfort food, snacks and fast meals if that's what you're looking for, healthy options and well-known menus from Montreal chefs.

Our two must-spots

L'Auberge Saint-Gabriel 
Fine-dining never looked better and L'Auberge Saint-Gabriel curated a top-notch menu created by Chef Sher Findlay, making this place my number one fave. I usually visit them for breakfast, treating myself with a french toast or eggs benedict. The ambience is a treat to the traveller experience, with a modern and spacious area with tons of natural light to enjoy before you jump on your next flight (and yes, you can even watch airplanes take off from here)

Archibald, Microbrewery 
A classic in Montreal, and every time I want to feel cozy, craving for all the comfort food, this is THE place. If you know me, you know how much I love good food and good drinks, am I right? During my last visit to Archibald, I adored (coming back for more next month) their shrimp and bacon tacos, served on soft tortillas with crispy shrimps, corn salad, bacon, pickles, lettuce, veggies, sour cream, and fries. Trust me on this one and try them next time, they are too good to describe in words.


Flying to a dreamy destination is quite exciting, but shopping duty-free with the best selection? SCORE! I confess I love to shop (don't call my husband just yet), and part of my traveling journey includes some shopping before jumping on my next flight. How can you say no to makeup, treats, sunnies at the best price? not me, that's for sure. 

During our YULExperience, we discovered so many things we didn't know! You can get your makeup done at any beauty counter before you leave the airport, and I selected MAC and some ultra bold lippies. Also, YUL Trudeau and The Loop Duty-Free carries an exclusive line of top-quality Irish Gin that is super tasty and a perfect fit for the most refined palate. 

Have some free time before your flight? Here are my recommendations: 

- Get a massage at Balnea Spa Voyage. They offer beauty treatments, mani, pedis and even body treatments. 
- On your next trip, you can try a VIP lounge and enjoy free drinks, snacks, wines, wifi and alll the perks you deserve. All the info, here
- Try the Air Transat indoor playground if you're traveling with little globetrotters, our number one spot as soon as we finish eating!
- Spoil yourself and your loved one visiting one of the many shops as Lole, Hatley, Bizou, Tristan, and so many more. 


About a month ago, I saw a few cute dog squad roaming around the airport with volunteers and little did I know it was the newest entertaining experience available at the Montréal-Trudeau Airport. The YUL pet squad goal? Reduce stress, increase happiness with the most candid animals before taking off. You'll spot them at both international and domestic terminals and I've seen the excitement of so many people as soon as they see the canine squad passing by. 

Aren't dog hugs the best stress-free therapy? 


Last but definitely not least, one of the most unexpected experiences you'll see while you wait at the gate, is an actual live band, entertaining you and your flying mates before your departure. YULConcerts launched in November 2017 and today, it's 4th edition made an epic scene with Florence K, preceded by Coeur de Pirate, Alex Nevsky and more. 

I think there's nothing dreamier than music and traveling, and when your home airport reflects how Montreal is such an artsy, creative, vibrant and phenomenal city, you can't be any prouder of experiencing all this, by myself.

So now, it's your turn! What's your favourite experience you'd love to try?

This post has been sponsored by Montréal-Trudeau Airport.
All opinions expressed in here are entirely mine.

The most wonderful time of the year is here, and we just love it so much!
This past weekend was one for the books: putting up our tree, cooking together and having friends over all set up the holiday mood for December. You can bet I'm the happiest mama in Montreal right now.

After untangling endless Christmas lights and pulling out our Christmas outfits, we were ready to run outside to start setting up everything up. Since we moved to our new house, having an outdoor natural tree is our newest family tradition. We wanted to do something fun for the kids and at the same time optimize some space, because shoebox life you know?

My boys fell in love with a beautiful tree they picked together, and honestly, there's nothing cuter than seeing it covered in snow all winter long. This year, we had a blast partnering with a brand we adore, Canadian Tire. They truly have everything you need for the holiday season, from hosting and entertaining needs,, to this year's hottest toys, to decor! I have to confess, as soon as I saw the new CANVAS Brights collection this year, I ran to the Canada's Christmas Store to get some ornaments, they are just TOO stinking cute!

What I loved about the Canadian Tire CANVA Christmas collection is that you can decorate based on your favourite color, available in 7 lovely options to play with like, White, Red, Silver, Gold, Blue, Serene Rose, and our personal pick, Brights! All are available both online and in-stores. From adorable cacti, cotton candy, ice cream ornaments, dog balloons, rainbows and any dessert you can imagine, you'll have plenty of eclectic options this season that will keep happy your little cuties, and grownups too if you go for the Brights collection.

Having a house that is less than 1,200 sqft, space optimization is our number one priority. For Christmas, we focused all our decor efforts on walls and windows, I started with a pre a NOMA pre-lit white flocked wreath adding a pop of colour with CANVAS Brights glass bright ball ornaments, a super easy DIY!

This tree tradition means so much to me. It's our first home and the only thing I had in mind while we were decorating with Nico and Oli, was building precious memories together, and maybe someday, they can repeat this sweet story with their kids.

My little helper, all happy and excited!
We were SO lucky most of the snow was gone last weekend, and we had the best weather to stay outdoors untangling lights, hanging the adorable CANVAS Brights FALALA Christmas Garland and setting everything up with some hot chocolate, fresh homemade cookies and tons of hugs. 

This CANVAS camper van ornament is simply everything!
One of my top picks of the Brights collection
You know my list maker soul, so I had to do my top picks of this collection for you, what's new?


CANVAS Balloon Dog
CANVAS Rainbow
CANVAS Sequin Deer
CANVAS Camper Van
CANVAS Popcorn


CANVAS Ball Garland

I cannot handle her cheeks.
Please stop growing my baby Olivia!

To add some sparkle to our tree, we picked a sequin star topper, that even at night, you'll see it shining!
Is it normal I want to keep my tree up for two months, at least? 
Follow #CTChristmas on Instagram for more Christmas decor inspiration. 
Endless thanks to Canadian Tire for partnering with us and sponsoring this post.
All the ideas, comments expressed here are entirely my own. 

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