Mother's day is around the corner and I needed a well-deserved break with my favorite mom gang this week, a girls night out with a very special menu for each of us.

During the course of the night, we started talking all things motherhood, I mean, just picture this: a group of 7 ladies as an entrepreneur, fashion buyer, marketing specialist, PR manager, DJ, sales rep, social media expert and all of us, full-time mamas.

We agreed we're overly exhausted, learning the art of eating cold leftovers, putting that laundry load again for the 2nd time, having our new happy hours at a grocery store instead of a cute trendy bar, looking around our messy house over and over again, but regardless of all this, and that for real motherhood isn't that glam at all, We all have the biggest blessings right by our side.

There are tiny cheeks to be kissed every night, tiny hands to be held when we go out, little ones we have to protect, enjoy the sweetest laughter from the silliest jokes, and admire the innocence about what this world is really about.

My heart simply burst because I know one day, closer than I think, they'll be able to accomplish everything they dream about.

We need to celebrate this, big time, right? 

Taverne Gaspar made our celebration memorable with a very special Mother's day menu, curated by the chef Jean-Philippe Tees, only available on May 14th. 

I'm sure you'll ask me, what we had, what's the menu about and when can you go, right? 
Here are all the details for you, my lovely and special mama:

Here's what we ordered:

Beet salad

Main courses
Lentil Curry with a side of green salad
Braised Lamb with yogurt, chef's salad, and grilled cucumbers 
Duck breast marinated in beer and maple syrup

Strawberry shortcake
Chocolate explosion

You can't miss out the warm ambiance of this place, the special and careful service from Taverne Gaspar's team and especially their scrumptious drinks, all in a classic Old Montreal setting.  

You know that Bloody Mary/Ceasar fever I have lately?
If you're into it as well, don't leave without having one.
I'm THAT serious.

We celebrated our latest project, The Daily Mommy. 
Wait for more details about it in an upcoming post (:

Taverne Gaspar
89 Rue de la Commune Est
Dinner 5pm to 11pm

Reservations: Feel free to reserve over the phone or using Opentable here
Price range: $$
Kids Friendly: totally! we had a very special little lady with us that night. Our server was incredibly sweet and helpful. Bathroom is big enough in case you need to change a diaper. I didn't see any high chairs around.
Mother's Day Special Menu: Three-course menu for $50.

Happy 5 de Mayo, amigos!
To celebrate this special occasion and inspired by one of my favorite mom bloggers in history, Naomi from Love Taza, I decided to start a new series on the blog, Ode to Life Lately.

I'm that type of person who tends to forget quite easily little moments that are so special to us, so I'll try my very best to cherish them in my blog, often.
Scroll all the way, read these little poems and enjoy some of my suggestions to celebrate today's 5 de mayo in the city,

Because who doesn't want to have guac and micheladas all day, every single day? 

Dear 5 de Mayo,
I wish I could celebrate you every single day with real Micheladas and tacos, why don't we make a deal and move forward with my yearly offer?

Dear Late Spring,
I understand you're fashionably late this year, but can you please read the memo we all left you and bring all the May flowers we sincerely need?

Dear Upcoming move,
Please don't be rough on me, I'm kinda freaking out now, lots. How do I even start packing a life of 5 years in the same condo, with tons of toys and shoes? Any tips?

Dear Esteban,
Thank you for bringing me iced water every single night to bed, you are a bless.

Dear Wonderblush,
I'm dreaming to go back to your pink heaven space and have my lashes done, finally!

Dear Cheese curls from A&W,
God bless you, forever

Dear New York City,
I can't wait to see you this weekend and experience for the first time Create & Cultivate

Dear carbs at night,

Dear Satay Brothers,
How come your Laksa soup is so dang good? 

Dear Nico,
I promise you we will drive your race car soon together, yeah, even in the street, just a little bit
Dear The Future is Female tee,
You have a special place in my heart and I'll be wearing you all spring and summer long

Dear Tajin,
I have to declare my public crush on you. It was love at first sight

Dear Marimekko,
I could wear your entire new collection and for sure forever be happy with it

Dear Olivia,
You and all the shoes of the world my lil' cutie, all!

Dear The Daily Mommy,
This is one of the sweetest projects with the dreamiest team of 6 other mommy bloggers. I can't wait to see what the future is planning for us

Ps. It's 5 de Mayo, fiesta time and here are my top favorite guac & michelada spots in the city, amigos:

- Torteria Lupita, St-Henri

- Escondite, Downtown area

- El Gordo, St-Henri

- La Capital, Chinatown

Photography: Sanni R.

If you ask me what's my favorite season, I'll automatically answer Spring without a doubt.

Lately, I cannot get enough of Spring, the colors and blossoms you see all over the city and of course, this was a perfect occasion to get some serious Spring/Summer inspiration and style 5 different outfits in collaboration with L'Avenue du Mont-Royal.

Bold accessories, bell sleeves, floral coats, flowy dresses, denim overload and lots of fun shoes are the trends you can't miss this upcoming season.
Sounds super cool, right? Let me tell ya, I had lots of fun finding so many locally made pieces from Montreal in the heart of plateau and keeping them all in my closet, meaning, outfits on repeat!

L'Avenue du Mont-Royal is throwing a big party this Wednesday, May 3rd and I'll be co-hosting with the lovely Florence of Me, Myself and Montreal a night of DIY activities in multiple locations where you'll enjoy free, fun personalized services**, only one night. Pass by from 6 pm to 9 pm! I'd love to say hello to each of you already (:

Scroll down and discover all the looks, the full program of May 3rd and my favorite choices for Spring.
Shoes - L'Intervalle / Coat, Skirt & Sweater - Cafe Mrkt

Top - Le Trunkshop / Denim Maxi Skirt & Heart Bag - Aubainerie / Shoes - Tony Pappas

Dress, Bag & Coat - Boutique Bubbles  / Sparkly Shoes - L'Intervalle 

Dress - Boutique Bubbles / Shoes - L'intervalle / Leather jacket & Sunnies - Le Trunkshop

Shirt Dress & Accessories - Boutique Modeco / White Jeans - Aubainerie / Shoes - Tony Pappas

Are you ready to shop with me? 
This Wednesday, May 3rd, I'll wait for you so we can enjoy all these activities together:

- Tarot reading at Le Trunkshop 
- Flower crowns design at L'intervalle 
- Personalization of t-shirts with the artist Emmanuel Laflamme at Cafe Mrkt
- Foot massage and temporary tattoos at Tony Pappas
- Makeup and Hair styling with Aveda at Modeco
- Personalization of colorful Pom-pon bags at La Bobineuse
- Screen printing of t-shirts at Aubainerie 
- Bracelet engravings at J.Omer Roy
- Braid and beach style hair done with Aveda at Adam & Eve

Photography: Sanni Riihimaki 

Sponsored content: This post is sponsored by L'Avenue du Mont-Royal but opinions and content expressed here are my own.
** Certain conditions apply for all the free activities on Wednesday May 3rd.

After 5 years living in our lovely condo, we finally decided to move on and sell it, looking for something new and fun now that we are a family of 4. Between the stress of mortgage negotiations, visiting new options, renting in the meantime if we can't find what we want, my brain has been unplugged from the blog and I think you totally get it, right?

Don't panic, we are a total city living kinda family, so all my options are 423% focused in finding something in my current hood, St-Henri.

And now that I'm in a moving-brain-mode, I thought it's the purrrrrfect timing to put together a list for all of you, fam, about my top notch local home decor places in the city.

I'm a sucker for little details, styling corners and especially all about interior design. Random fact: if you didn't know, I almost finished my Interior Design studies, missing only 3 classes.

Here are my top 4 options you can't miss if you are in Montreal.
This gem is simply my dream. Stephanie, the lovely owner of Babasouk brought the most colorful, fun and eclectic home decor shop to the city inspired by treasures you won't find anywhere else. What's best about this shop is that every item is hand-picked and is chosen to please cool cats with creative souls, I mean, perfection in one place. From a curated selection of Moroccan rugs, incredible home accents, tiny gifts for friends and proudly an alternative to the "made in china" world, you absolutely will fall in love with them like I am.
Proudly, a #babasoukambassador

Location: online  and appointments to visit their baba loft.
2019 Moreau Street, Loft #300
Montreal, QC 

Boutique Vestibule
Around since 2014, Vestibule is the cutest, simplest and most stylish home decor store in the city. All about local brands, feminine and minimalistic accents will catch your eye as soon as you walk in here. I ALWAYS visit them, shop some flowers and tiny things for my house. Their stunning white-bricked walls, the overload of natural light and the selection of products in the shop are as dreamy as you can imagine. Kitchen accessories (hello there cute bowls), decorative accessories, mirrors, baskets and more incredible options are available both online and in store.

Location: online and in store
5157 Rue St- Laurent
Montreal, QC 

VdeV Maison
A vintage and industrial shop in the heart of the city, VdeV is my go-to essential spot when it comes to home decor options. Half of my house is from there, including chairs, the most gorgeous lamps, accents, and furniture. I'm a total VdeV sucker. Their staff is incredible if you need tips on how to style something you have in mind and you can't miss out their sale corner (available all year long) in the back of the store. Say hello to a new era of industrial heaven, straight to your place!

Location: online and in store
5042, Boul. St-Joseph
Montreal, QC

Boucle & Papier 
Home accents and a local stationary piece of heaven located in Mile End, with the most adorable (and I'm totally crushing over 87% of the store) where you'll be able to find prints, gifts, stationary and accessories. They carry a lovely monthly selection of curated products, supporting local artists with the best Montreal vibes. As an obsessed lover of prints, beautiful notepad and pens, and paper goods, these on-point items are simply essential in my home, so Boucle & Papier was the perfect fit for this list.

Location: Recently online (Congrats!) and in store
5183 Boul. St-Laurent
Montreal, QC

Thank you to all the shops, for some of these photos used in this post.

Our mornings are quite easy:

Olivia wakes up, bottle in bed with us.
Nico is up, asking for Star wars.
This mama wakes up, and is already planning our next brunch place we'll go to.

A few weekends ago, we were very lucky and found a table in the hip Melbourne Cafe, an Australian coffee shop with the most scrumptious menu you'll ever have that you'll need to repeat every month and I'm 100% serious about this.
I've been to Melbourne a few times before to sip some coffee and enjoy their laid back vibes, so I was pretty excited to try it this brunch for the first time. 

I honestly had no idea about Australian food, so I was beyond stoked to try new flavors and especially in a pop-up brunch that is usually sold out before noon.
We ordered some Matcha lattes and Pink ones, made with beets, and in all honesty, I decided after this try, I'll keep my options as classic as possible when it comes to coffee selections, even though this pink latte is still the cutest ever made.

We had a little bit of everything that day, (guys I'm salivating now just thinking about my plates again), and I have to say, the presentation was absolutely stunning and creative, portions are more than generous and extremely delicious.

Here's what we ordered:

-Elle MacPherson
 Another level of a traditional avo toast, made with sourdough bread, roasted tomatoes, a soft-boiled egg on top and grilled halloumi.

- Nicole Kidman
An insane smoked salmon on a bagel (yas!), with wasabi cream cheese, edamame, yuzu tahini, watercress and a soft-boiled egg.

- Michael Hutchence
Brioche bun from heaven, loaded with mac and cheese, avocado, bacon, melted cheddar, tomato jam, miso mayo and a fried egg on top.

- Shane Warne
Overnight (and cutest) oats with banana, berries, toasted nuts, and pistachio shortbread. 

Melbourne's pop-up brunch menu changes every week or so, with the exception of two (and my total favorite) Nicole Kidman and Elle MacPherson.
Make sure you are there at 10am sharp as I did to find a table, and check Melbourne's Facebook page here where they usually post about the brunch dates because they change too.

After this epic brunch, this girl is planning a trip to Australia soon.
Hello, double chin!

Melbourne Café
4615 Rue Saint-Laurent
Brunch hours: Sat - Sun 10am to 3pm
Price range: $
Reservations: not available
Kids Friendly: Yes and Yes! Staff is super cute and always ready to help. No changing tables or high chairs, but if you arrive early, you can easily pick a table in the back (:

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