At least once a week I escape from my mommy duties and grab my husband, a cute pair of shoes and we go out explore a new place in the city.
We've done quite most of it, from breakfast, sweet, lunch, drinks and dinner plans, and my ultimate mission is to surprise this sweet Instagram husband of mine my very very best.

So many new places to discover in Montreal lately, we can't catch up as fast as we want, gosh.

Here are the hottest, top 5 places from morning to evening, you need to book a date, ASAP.

Ps. If you get engaged, get your first kiss or score something you wanted so bad after reading this blog post, I'd love to know all the deets about your love story, lol. 

Breakfast Date

Where: Cafe Bloom
Why this place: It is THE perfect little coffee shop where you can have a brunch date, feeling just like home, especially if you're in the mood for an early brunch.
The beauty of this menu? everything is local, homemade and extremely good. They have weekly specials and God bless each of them because they are beyond.
Located in the heart of Point Saint-Charles, open Monday to Sunday.
Ps. their music is to fall in love with, too.

Lunch date
Where: LOV, new downtown location
Why this place: It's pretty clear I'm a sucker for LOV and when I discovered a new location was opening in downtown Montreal, I felt I was winning the lotto for a sec. Honestly, I think I've tried the entire menu and for the first time ever, I wish I could cook vegan, gluten free and as dreamy as LOV. The new decor won't disappoint you, they found the prettiest wallpapers, macrame accents, and chairs that you wish you had at home now.
Located on 1232 De La Montagne, open Monday to Sunday

Sweet date
Where: Kamehameha Montreal
Why this place: The prettiest Hawaiian bar that recently opened its fabulous doors in the city, bringing to life the famous Taiyaki, the perfect Instagram-worthy ice cream cone (shaped as a fish) made with homemade sorbet, of raspberries and vanilla, dreamy right?
Ps. Stunning pink heaven, for the absolute win.
Located in the heart of The Village, open Monday to Sunday

Boozy date
Where: BOHO
Why this place: Are you looking for a hidden spot, with inventive drinks and has the cutest decor? BOHO is your secret weapon to succeed your date night, homies. You won't be embarrassed in front of your date asking what da heck is in those cocktails, because all of them are pretty much, legit. Everything is going great? Don't be shy and offer some appetizers, all made in small portions so you can share and get the romantic party started.
Ps. Poke bowls, to dream for. Guac to cry for.
Located in the heart of Old Montreal, open Tuesday to Sunday.

Dinner date

Where: Perles et Paddock, the new gem of Griffintown
Why this place: If you have a sophisticated date coming up, this is YOUR place. From a delicate and stunning terrace with open ceilings and indoor trees to a bloody mary served with the perfect rim and toppers, Perles et Paddock will charm you and your date in the first visit. The menu is quite short and they're small tapas, so make sure to order a few to be entirely satisfied.
Located in the heart of downtown, open Wednesday to Monday

Sponsored content: This post is sponsored by the Wonderbra brand, but opinions and content expressed here are my own.

When Summer comes to the city, I know it's always a super busy time for us and honestly, our days start so early with tons and tons of activities that we end up exhausted at the end of the day.

Now that Olivia is walking and even running faster than Nico, I'm a very busy mama trying to plan our 9 to 5's in advance so we can enjoy and take a full advantage of the beauty of summer.

I put together a list of what our day is like this season, including some ideas for each of you, if by any chance you're lucky enough to be in Montreal.

Ps. endless thanks to the Wonderbra brand, for gifting two pieces of their lovely Spring 2017 collection (:

 Cheers to summer in the city!


What we do: Our super early mornings are always packed with lots of cuddles and yumminess. Oli is always the first one running to our bed to wake us up, have her bottle and play with Nico. Both of them have their first breakfast at home (yeah, they eat so much they have more than one), including a small portion of fruits or a cereal. After all this hectic time, it's mama's turn where I plan what I'll wear, because when summer time is here, I make sure I keep my colorful ootds out there. 

What I can't live without: Holding Olivia most of the time and help Nico exploring around has left my back in a comma. My essential (and number one) item I can't live without when I'm planning my outfits in the morning before going out is to be as comfy as I can and also to support a bit this poor back of mine with the smoothing and always stylish, WonderBra Smooth Back Wireless Bra.

As an always on-a-run and super busy mom, it's awesome to have THE perfect lingerie right next to you, making sure the back smoothing features and the beautiful lace details you can't see under my looks, that are usually tons of silk and flowy shirts, never ever fail me. You'll adore wearing a trendy model E2590 like this one, available at and all with adjustable straps, making them the perfect fitting bra.

Trust me, comfort has never felt and looked so good with the Wonderbra Smooth Back Wireless Bra and your back will be so smooth that it'll thank you as much as mine did when I started using them, especially at the end of these long summer days.

What we do: Every weekend, I look for a new brunch terrace to visit, some of them new, some others part of our favorites in the city. Nico and Oli are so used to this activity, they keep asking what's going to be the next place to discover. We usually don't reserve but get there super early, preferably as soon as the place is open. I normally plan our next brunch place at the beginning of the week and do a bit of a research to see if it is kids friendly, the kind of menu available and call asking a few details including if high chairs and changing tables are available in place.

What I can't live without: I need to start with a coffee as soon as I say hi to the waiter, followed by a Bloody Caesar. These are my two Brunch soulmates I simply can't live without, ever, and don't judge me, but I'm not that kind of Mimosa girl.

What we do: Here are some of our ultimate things to do to get some of the very best outdoor back to back activities in the city:

- Bike ride around the city: we are pretty close to the Canal Lachine and we make sure we stroll around sightseeing the best of Montreal.
- Picnics everyday, all day: for lunch or supper, every single weekend! check our favorite spots in this post here
- Ice cream breaks: always up for some sweet time with my sweet kiddos, especially if they're from Dalla Rose.
- Festival season: don't be scared and go with your babies, we never miss most of them, including the amazing Mural fest, Jazz fest and the yummiest Little Italy's week.

What I can't live without: being prepared when we go out, including a lot of snacks, water and juices, tons of diapers, wipes and little bathing suits for both Nico and Oli.

What we do: We get spoiled most of the time in our regular spots in our hood with friends, after a long day full of activities, nothing like a well-deserved treat. We tend to be a big group (full of kids and babies) so I make sure we find the perfect location with a great kids friendly vibe. I'll be posting a full list of all very top places in Montreal, very soon (:

What I can't live without: A good warm soup no matter which season especially the Laksa soup from Satay Brothers. I tend to change outfits when we go out for supper and I make sure I always carry with me my new set of Wonderbra, always! 

Last weekend we went Strawberry picking for the first time (we've gone blueberry, raspberry, pumpkin, and even Christmas tree picking) and this one was one of our favorite activities so far.
While I was picking them, I ate around 20000 strawberries with Nico and Oli, so I pretty much achieved the record of fastest strawberry mama eater of Montreal, without a doubt.

Celebrating this lovely day, I got inspired in a special Ode to life, this time with a Strawberry picking edition (:

Dear Toaster Oven,
Thank you for existing. Sorry microwave, I completely cheated on you and I'm not even sorry.

Dear Summer in Montréal,

Bro, seriously? Where are the glorious hot days you promised? We miss you. 

Dear bangs,

Keeping you on point is a real struggle.

Dear Zara sales,

Please stop. My bank account can't handle this anymore. 

Dear Pink flamingo house,

Yes, I'm the one stalking it everyday, hoping I can afford you one day. 

Dear friends of mine,
Thank you for being so wonderful, I heart each of you, deeply.

Dear Esteban,

I can't wait to have a date night with you.

Dear Tulum,
I can't believe we'll finally meet in only 4 months. Please be patient with me, cuz I'll cry in every corner.

Dear In the waiting line song,
Hope you don't mind that I'll keep repeating you, again and yes again.

Dear Google Home,
Where have you been all my life?

Dear new bando agenda,
even though I'm supposed to start using you next month, I couldn't resist and decided August is now. You are too damn cute.

Dear construction in my city,

Dear Facebook,
After every-single-IG-post: No, I'm not sponsoring every post. Please, be nice and show our cute grid to our beloved followers, don't be rude dude.

Dear diet,
I need you. now. 

Dear hair color,
I honestly don't know what to do with you anymore.

Dear Oli,
Thank you for learning how to kiss me in the mornings, I can't.

Dear Strawberries,
I promise I'll pick you every season, and next time, I'll bring guests with me.

Dear new LOV location,
You know you'll empty my bank account soon, right?

Dear readers,
Thank you. Gracias. Merci. 

Dear Vans,
OH, MY GOD, these unicorns kicks! OMG!

Dear fellow bloggers,
We should all be a real community, I simply don't get the jealousy in such a small group of people. We should all be in this together, we each have a voice, a style and a different audience. it's all about collaboration and not competition, forever.

Dear new GoPro,
oh hello there (;

Dear Wayhome,
I can't wait! Our first camping and music fest together, couldn't ask for more this summer. 

Dear JCrew,
Do you run credit lines? If so, I'd love to mail you my application.

Dear Gap,
Should you wish to hire any extra talents, I have two little ones available for you.

Dear Instagram Algorithm,

Dear Gluten free bread,
You are my true love. true.

Strawberry picking location: Quinn Farm

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