I know, I know, it's THE trendiest and most millennial healthy option lately but in all honesty, WHO can resist to a yummy avo toast? definitely not me!

I'm such a picky eater when it comes to this avocado trend, and to find the best options is Montreal (asked by a ton of friends all the time) was my goal this week.

Last year, I did a major post with the essential and best places in the city, and this year, I'm bringing back allll my recommendations in the city with the best of everything, starting this week with my top 5 delicious avo toasts, yay!

Stay tuned for more, I can't wait to discover the best of our city, together!

September Surf Cafe 

Hands down, September serves one of the best avo toasts I've tried in Montreal.
Why this place: It's cozy, airy and you can do both work or a casual meal during the day.
What's special about this toast: They have a homemade avo sauce that is the perfect mix of salty, sweet and spicy, served with sunflower seeds and a boiled egg (or fried if you prefer). Seriously, guys, I could have this every single day. Try their oatmilk cappuccino if it is your first time here.

2471 Rue Notre-Dame West
Open every day from 7am to 5pm

Arthur's Nosh Bar

It's NO secret Arthur's is my forever favourite brunch spot, where I go every week, bring all my friends and family, and love the most. Their dedication to every single detail, fresh ingredients, staff friendliness, and impeccable menu makes it the best option if you want brunch, lunch or a simple snack.
Why this place: It's the only nosh bar in the city and I've blogged a few times about them, like here and here
What's special about this toast: Served with a rich hot sauce, fresh cucumbers and greens, they make sure it is as dreamy as the rest of the menu. SO-freaking-good!

4621 Notre Dame West
Open every day from 8 am to 3pm, weekends from 9am to 4pm

Cafe Pista

A longtime favourite in the heart of Rosemont, Pista's mint vibes, perfect branding and cozy decor makes my heart (and I'm sure yours) so happy. I confess I haven't been there in quite a while, but their menu is one of the best in the coffee shop scene of Montreal, including their avocado toast.
Why this place: all the things above, plus a super chill vibe. I usually go there with a friend for a quick meeting and snack, and YES, you need to try the food.
What's special about this toast: I always add their salmon gravlax to the mix, and OH MY GOD, god bless this. It comes with a sourdough toast, fresh greens and a boiled egg.

500 Rue Beaubien Est
Open every day from 8am to 7pm

Cafe Melbourne 

Aussies, you guys are my heroes when we talk brunch. Melbourne cafe is drop dead serious when it comes to excellent brekkie options.
Why this place: I included this spot in the best options when you visit Montreal, it's cute with an amazing location, close to pretty much everything.
What's special about this toast: it has grilled halloumi, I repeat: grilled halloumi you guys!!! They have these magic homemade spices they add to the smashed avocado, that makes it super tasty. It's served with macadamia nuts and a boiled egg, all the yums!

4615 Boul. St-Laurent
Open Thursday to Tuesday (closed only Wednesday) from 8am to 4pm. Weekends start at 10am.

What's your special ingredient in your avocado toast? I'm dying to know!

Happy brunching or snacking, friends!

Last minute shopper, raise your hands! (guilty over here and a professional procrastinator)
In only 3 days, we'll celebrate Valentine's Day and if you had in mind the typical red roses, chocolate, and massage gift cards, this gift guide will show you how you can be a bit more creative and cute with your Valentine, wooot wooot!

Today, I browsed 10 sweet ideas so you can save time running from mall to mall minutes away from the big day.
Don't celebrate Vday? You can treat your fave Galentine, duh.

Scroll all the way down and chin-chin, happy love day, love birds!

01. Why you're so awesome
02. Pastel standing planters
03. Pastel wall clock
04. Block monogram necklace (I have one!)
05. Fishs Eddy dinnerware set
06. Unwind every day journal
07. Rose all day candle
08. Pink colourblock travel wallet
09. Jumbo heart floatie
10. This is only the beginning notebook

41 days, 2 hours and 15 minutes until Spring, that sounds close enough, right?
According to our groundhog friend, we'll all have an early Spring this year, and to set up the mood, a tiny cocktail is a must these days.

I'm just dreaming over here of sunny days and to finally say, GUYS! Spring has sprung!, I can't wait to see flowers everywhere in my dreamy Montreal, and indeed I can't wait to sip some delish sparkling fresh cocktails with my girls.

I confess this winter has been quite hard for me (and for most of my friends as well). So let's get ready and enjoy this sparkling cucumber mint lemonade, with a bit of gin if you're in the mood for a boozy treat. 

It's so fresh and pretty, I promise you'll have more than one.

Sparkling Cucumber Mint Lemonade 


  • 1/2 lime, pressed
  • 2oz of cold sparkling water
  • 2oz of fresh lemonade 
  • 1/4 thinly sliced cucumbers 
  • Mint
  • Optional: Gin, approximately 2oz


In a short serving glass, mix the fresh lime juice with sparkling water, lemonade and mint. 
Garnish the cocktail with very thin cucumbers and limes
Add a splash of gin, and voila! 

My heart? Did you ask me how my heart is?

It's been quite a while since I don't write about, just... ME. 

About my feelings, my mornings in bed, and the rollercoaster that we are experiencing the past days.

If you ask me now, are you okay, Maca?
My immediate answer is a hard no, I'm not okay.

I was doubting to write about what's going on in my home country, if you guys would be even interested in opening this post, in reading what we have to say, but at the end, this is one of my only platforms where I can fully express how my heart is feeling, and how I'm planning to heal it.

January 23rd was not just a regular hump day, for Venezuelans, this Wednesday marked us forever. There was hope in the streets, new words and speeches resonated deeply within millions, that are just looking for answers, solutions, and new beginnings. I thought growing up was a piece of cake. I thought this world was sweeter and indeed I thought we are here for a very special mission, a reason.

Mine, was to believe in joy and happiness. 
I promise you we will heal. Soon.
I'll have my creative flow back. Soon.
Our scars will disappear. Soon.
The good intentions and plans will prevail. Soon.
And the happiness and joy I want to bring to this world, will be the flag of our new era. Soon.

Hang in there, Venezuela.
Hang in there.

Thanks bri, for the illustration

Madame Olivia turned 3 this past weekend - OH MY MAMA HEART!
We celebrated her day with a special breakfast wearing a pink party hat and a bunch of surprises all day long. For the first time in her little life, she realized what a birthday was, and she was excited about every single thing.
The candles, the cake (that she insisted repeatedly to have chocolate), her brand new outfit and her little gifts.

I swear it was the cutest experience, ever! Little girls are just so so much fun!


Pattern mix like a little girlboss!  Also, what's up with this blogger pose? I died laughing.

Sweater - Zara
Skirt - Gap
Tights - HM
Shoes - Zara
Fruit bag - HM


yes, mesdames, let me introduce you to: Olivia's "cellphone" (or my super antique Ipod, first generation, that I have no clue how it's still alive after so many years)

Dress: Old Navy
Sweater: Zara (used to be Nico's)
Tights: Marshall's
Pink Boots: Joe Fresh


Classic black and white outfit, for a cloudy day!

Neck warmer - Zara
Dress - Old Navy
Tights - Target


Her birthday outfit! YAAAAAY!

Sweater I used to be bored - Mango
Dress - Mango
Jean Tights - Old Navy
Pink neck warmer - Sport experts

45 days already? but, HOW!?
Between the holiday break and getting back to our work routine, our studio has been quiet lately, I guess that's normal for everyone in January right?

Having a somehow "quiet" time will give us time to finish our studio decor (which I'm extremely excited about) along with some intense and long brainstorming sessions with our team (high five girl power!) on what to do, what to offer, what to shoot in this space of ours.

Here's our official update:


Shelves are up and so are our colourful accessories that my lovely friend Joanna spray painted as soon as we moved in.
A new table is also here, heeeello new workshop era! Our long table can accommodate up to 10 people and it'll be the heart of our upcoming events and yummy eats.


Taaaadaaaaaa! these gigantic boxes you see, are our new furniture! I am beyond stoked to partner with Structube, a brand we ADORE to reveal our studio decor soon.
Hints? All the velvet, and eclectic colours you'll expect from our space: check!


all-the-goodies-are-here-you-guys! I'm thinking the best (and easiest) way to install a white floor for our shootings, so I'm exploring vinyl options at the moment. If you have a crazy good idea, shoot it to me! 

Can't wait to show you our official reveal soon!

Happy first month of 2019!
Where are my burger lovers at?
I can't believe we are starting a new year, new goals, new everything, and you know our love for entertaining and yummy food right? On this second post in partnership with Yves Veggie Cuisine, we got our girlfriends and created the girliest plant-based burger bar, filled with fruits, veggies, cheese and all our long-time favourites.

We recently moved to our brand new studio (OMG), making this a perfect excuse to celebrate the move with close friends and family. I was stoked that we are able to cook and entertain now (more on that on the next studio update), so I covered our new long table filled with a beautiful spread with a ton of options to prepare our mini plant-based burgers.

I've tried Yves veggie burgers before and I loved discovering they provide a nutritious balance of natural protein, made from soy and vegetable sources, making it super tender, juice and flavoured (I didn't tell some of my friends they were veggie, and they couldn't believe it).

Below I added a list of all the ingredients we used to create our bar so you can stack your burger like a pro, and have ALL the fixins handy for your next celebration at home
These yummy buns!

For the first time since I had Oli, we had a mama-daughter date to two trendy spots in both Toronto and Montreal recently to say HELLO to 2019!
Raised in a girls-only family (I have a sister that I adore) my dream was to have my own baby girl to start our little tradition of cute dates.

In 18 days, Oli will turn 3 (I still can't believe this part) and the past six months I feel she has become such an independent, funny girl boss that is the spirit of this house. Every time I say, so I'm going out! She runs to me, grabs her coat and tags along, like mom, like daughter!

We visited Toronto for New Years and tried the hot spot of the moment, Chubbys Jamaican Kitchen, home of all the Jamaican classics like patties, curry chicken and goat, saltfish fritters, jerk chicken and all the fried plantain, my magic words when it comes to food.
The menu has everything you need if you are in the mood for fish, beef or chicken and we loved to order a few appetizers to share different things.
Check the menu here in advance, everything's so delicious and fresh! 

Fave pic, ever!
The famous patties, mini-sized!
They come in spicy beef, curry turkey, coconut greens and pepper shrimps. 
Chubbys Jamaican Kitchen
104 Portland St, Toronto
Open daily from 11:30AM to 10PM
Price range: $$
Reservations: online here
Kids Friendly: Absolutely!!! No changing tables available but a lovely staff to help you with your kids.  

Our Montreal date was at the newest LOV, at Laval Centropolis.
I blogged a lot of details a few times on the blog, here and in our essential guide to the best places here.

This is a spot I can repeat every month if I could, and introducing local, vegetarian food with plenty of greens is my number one resolution with my kids this year, teaching them to eat since little tons of options. Believe me, Oli already loves salads, broccoli, carrots and she's definitely a foodie in the making! 

This new location kept the same design aesthetic of downtown and Old Montreal, with communal tables, hanging chairs, tropical leaf accents, and oversized ceiling lamps.

We tried quinoa fritters, sweet potato fries, onion rings, and the coconut curry.

Here are the evening and lunch menu, for all locations, high five!
I'm just so excited thinking of the future mani-pedi dates, spa days and all the girly things we'll do together, my little baby girl!
LOV Centropolis 
140 Promenade du Centropolis, Laval
Thu to Mon from 10:30AM to 10PM
Price range: $$
Reservations: by phone for large groups
Kids Friendly: 100%! this location is spacious and perfect if you need to bring strollers with you. 

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