From my iphone #instagram week

1.- Olive & Gourmando day - Loved the raspberry lemonades there, i'm dreaming to get a pitcher!! http://www.oliveetgourmando.com/
2 & 3.- Madonna! MDNA tour - She finally came to Mtl and i loved it! So proud of moment factory for those visuals
4,5,6,7.- Ottawa trip! At last! my favorite part? the national library. i felt inside of a movie for 5 minutes
8.- Lola deluxe :)
9.-Walking around st-henri. i just love to walk in these streets and find posters so well designed and just decorating our streets.. it is just awwesome.
10.- 29 weeks this week! Nico is moving, double kicking and even jumping in my belly.. Cant wait
11.-Lionel-groulx, our new metro with the coolest floor ever
12.-Imadake, a really amazing japanese pub in st-catherine where you can have amazing shots (go for sake bombs!) and excellent food ( we tried the noodles and giozas, yuuuum!) http://www.imadake.ca/


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