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I'm spending a lot of my time reading as much info as i can about newborn essential lists and product reviews (nothing to do right now, lol).
and I discovered there's SO much out there for babies that honestly I didn't want to waste money and I didn't want a bunch of stuff in my place around every corner. 
These are the few essentials that are my favorites for Nico :)

Baby gap quilted onesie - i LOVED this one piece cozy coat for the cold days of montreal. 
Mamas & Papas babyplay - we bought this travel charmed bugs for the car seat and its adorable!
Lifefactory bottles - these bottles are great! in glass (yeah!) and very light. They have different colours to choose and the design is absolutely perfect. 
Porn for new moms - LOL! Thanks Carolineeeee! She gave me this book and i had so much fun!!
Rusty the robot -  A cutie cutie Lamaze play & grow robot that has a mirrow, teething rings, multiple textures to increase the stimulation of the baby :)
puj tub -  a soft foam bath tub for newborns :) 
Carter's blankets -  they're 100% ribbet cotton and they have the perfect size for swaddling keeping the baby warm (aaww)


And of course.. VIVA baby gap!


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