The Pantone Project - this week

Here are the new pics of my Pantone project :)
I'm so excited about this! 
p.s. there are still LOOOTS of colours lol

Aqui estan las nuevas fotos de mi proyecto Pantone :)
estoy tan emocionada con esto!
P.d. todavia quedan muchisiimos colores! jaja

The north face logo Pantone - Thanks to Armando i got this beauutiful amazing and so needed bag for the gym :)
best gift ever!

Building Pantone 

Shades Pantone :) LOL

Fleur de Coquelicot Pantone - Macaron
Dans le Marche Jean-talon

Origami Pantone

Mile end door Pantone
around Moment Factory

Recyclage Pantone

Macaron Pantone

Crush Pantone
(one of my favorites so far)

Lovely purple veggies Pantone
(another favorite)

Picante sauce Pantone

Arepa Pantone


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