unplug, reboot, reset

2015 is here and it feels like January already.
I thought of so many new plans that i'm eager to do, it's gonna be a great year!

this is kinda my mental list for the next 360 something days left of this year.

- simplicity is the key, to almost everything.
- patience is also a secret key to survive.
- tell people I love them more. Maybe I won't have another chance to say it.
- opinions are just that, opinions, they are not facts.
-  health is my number 1 priority. point.
- updating this blog more often is priority number 2 this year.
- read. more.
- enjoy the little details.
- work smart and hard this year.
- stop planning and writing about my dreamed life but just do it instead. good things just take time.

at the end, just:
think more. love more. enjoy more. eat more. 


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