Friday i'm in love with burritos

Dear Blackstrap BBQ fellas:

Thank you for bringing such a cool spot in St-Henri, with another level of burritos and tortilla bowls!
they are absolutely delicious.
a much-needed Mexican air in this side of the city.
who needs Chipotle when we have this gem?

P.s. i'm in love with you too, Esteban :)

The menu is very simple and fast (perfect bundle!): 

Burritos (regular size of 10" and XL of 12")  you can have it on a steamed white or whole wheat tortilla (they're locally made!)
meats are fresh and smoked with 3 options, chicken, pork and brisket.
The tortilla bowls, are so fresh! I tried the veggie one, with some delicious refried black beans, rice and guacamole.
Salad bowls and chips are also other options.

yep, nico eating our burrito, like-this.
#crying #ican'teataburritolikethis #babyproblems #terrible2s

Tuesday - Sunday (Monday closed)
11am - 10pm
Reservations: Noup!
Kids Friendly: Yep!
Address: 511 Rue de Courcelle



  1. Hey - I love your blog - beautiful photos and posts! And we loved (and are so grateful for) Tejano too! Yay St-Henri!

    1. Hi Michelle!
      Thank you :) I love your blog as well, yay!
      OMG I'm so excited for Tejano! I want to go every weekend. Lol.


  2. Amando tu blog y tus recetas, mi admiraciĆ³n por siempre mana!


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