Nolana Pizzeria, Oh mamma mia!

Nolana Pizzeria is one of the latest additions to Old Montreal, opened only 8 weeks ago. Their artisanal pizzas are presented in a cute way, they make them in an oval shape!

Normally (and I was reading a lot about this place) they serve your pizza with scissors like a real italian nonna tradition, but we didn't get them in our service (boooo! lol). However, even without the scissors the pizza is simply a-ma-zing. 

The service was perfect. Our server was great, super friendly! He told me they've been serving lunch only for 4 weeks now and It's packed almost every single day. Best hour to arrive? Around 1:30 to 2pm. You'll be able to pick your table and have a relaxed lunch.

 I was in love with the design of this little resto.
The space is long and narrow with a lot of dark wood and green touches. Because the total length of the area is all windows I felt it was warmer and almost like a summer day.

All the lamps, leather chairs and the long bar at the end of the space with the antique pizza oven are special details in their decor that I loved.

We tried the Margherita pizza and Funghi with 4 different types of mushrooms, ricotta and fresh mozzarella.

Thank you Montreal Eater! This place is definitely a must visit in the city!  

Nolana Pizzeria
Monday to Sunday
Lunch & Supper (until 11pm) with a great wine list 
Reservations: Yep! 
Kids Friendly: Not so much if you have a stroller. 
Address: 444 McGill 


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