A cool spring week!

Magnolias, cherry blossoms and all the beauty of Spring is finally here, and eeeevery year I feel it takes a lot longer to see it than the year before or maybe it's just me that I miss my caribbean, fun colours and just taking a walk in the middle of the day.
To celebrate the incredible weather we stayed out almost all day long in the past weeks, of course!

Brunch of the week:
In my opinion, Vieux Velo still serves the best benes of the city. We had brunch for lunch a random day in the middle of the week.

let's dance! 

Lunch place of the week:
Simply can't get enough of Nini meatball house in Griffintown. Their beautiful interior design, lamps (by Lambert & Fils) and
their $5 lunch special is the perfect excuse to go whenever we can.
Who said best polenta of the city? yus! 

Cheat meal of the week:
La Diperie. Can't wait to try all your delish flavours. 

My cuties!

Cool places

Brunch - Vieux Velo 
serving brunch Mon-Sun until 4pm #win

$5 menu (all items) from Mon-Sat

Ice cream - La Diperie
open Mon-Sun from noon until 10pm


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