Celebrating Nico's 4th Birthday with a Pollock Party!

We celebrated Nico's fourth birthday a few days ago with a great artistic party, inspired in Pollock, that he absolutely loved.

This little one has been drawing lots in the past year and every time I pick him up at daycare, I have a ton of new ones to bring home, it's his ultimate addiction and we couldn't be prouder of it.

When I was looking for ideas on Pinterest (of course), I thought a splatter party would be a dream and I was lucky enough to find a place in the city, yaaahoooo. His funfetti party was a total success and he still talks about it saying things like: mama I had the best party of my entire life. Yes you did my little lovey!

We feel extremely lucky to have him and I think I couldn't love him more because it's not even possible. I can't wait to see you discovering life and sharing with you the best memories. 

Party details
Venue - 4cats studio
Party package - Paint Splatter Party
Decor - Michael's + Target + VdeV + Ikea + Dollarama

Photography - Gabriella Di Stefano
Cakepops - Chaogato



  1. Hey Maca!

    What a cute idea! As an adult I would totally love a party like this, so creative :)

    xo Gennifer

  2. This is one of the most creative party ideas ever!! I actually love this idea for my OWN birthday - haha! Looks like so much fun

  3. This is sooo cool! I wish they had a place like this in Maryland! How fun :)

    xo Anna Elizabeth

  4. OMG what a fun and colorful party! I totally loved the cake!


  5. The places I saw here are really wonderful, celebrating a special event like this with the beauty of nature is really cool. When you are in this place, there's nothing you can do than to be happy. I really liked Los Angeles venues here.


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