Thank you, 2016

Happy New Year, friends!

2016 was so far an incredible year for me and one of the most productive, fun and simply dreamy 365 days I won't be able to forget easily.

 I'll include all the up's and down's, the long nights with my newborn baby during my mat leave, all the yummy food I had the chance to try, the new friends I made, the opportunity I had to create content that I enjoy like crazy, the growth I saw in this tiny community that I LOVE and all the rewarding "instagram-worthy"moments I lived, I'll take with no doubts, another round of 2016 again. 

I truly want to thank you each of you, for continuing to read this blog, for giving a simple like on Instagram or even a hug when I have met you, you are my inspiration and I can't wait to see what 2017 holds for Hey Maca.

To say bye to 2016 and welcome a new fresh start in 2017, I did a list of some resolutions I hope to achieve before the end of the year. 
  • Be merry, most of the time
  • Grow this community, create more content and enjoy Montreal even more
  • Cook new recipes every month
  • Enjoy more time with Nico and Olivia 
  • Make more time for blogging and visiting new places in the city
  • Travel, travel, travel
  • Have more walks, even if it's -30 outside
  • Finish a photography course and actually learn something
  • Eat less carbs (ha!)
  • Have more time to craft and wine with girlfriends
  • Live up more

As a gift, you can download for free my holiday gift-wrapping designs (even If I'm a bit late in the game) here and print them in the size you want (: these amazing designs are from Andrea Mendez, a super talented illustrator living in Venezuela - see all her work on instagram and her blog.




  1. This. hands down. is the my favorite post ever! That skirt is perfect and I can not take that pretty wall! beautiful as always mama!!

    xo Dani

  2. Amo el look! y amo las resoluciones, me encanta que tenemos el mismo problema con el tiempo, todo lo que necesitamos en la vida, es mas tiempo. I love you!

  3. In love with this outfit and all your resolutions!

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