Ode To Life Lately: Hey Summer!

Dear Oli,
My heart burst with love when I see you picking up your outfits and shoes as soon as you're up in the morning

Dear Brunch o'clock,
I'm truly sorry I missed you this weekend, promise I won't let you down the next one

Dear 50mm lens that broke this week,
I just realized I can't live without you and I'm so sad to see you go

Dear gym I never started,
Are we ever meeting again?

Dear crockpot,
yes yes and all the yeses for this mama with two full-time jobs, two babies, and a hubby

Dear Rhubarb,
How come I never gave you a try before? I can't even

Dear Jumpsuits (like my floral one),
Besties forever and ever, okay?

Dear Spring activities like butterflies go free,
Nico is still asking how come he can't see butterflies flying in our house, all the lols

Dear house we visited this week,
I need to afford you, so please world, do me a miracle and send it my way

Dear Martha Stewart,
How can we ever cook as yum as you do?

Dear fellow bloggers,
How are you all so fly in your videos? I've been trying to be less camera shy but I'm not even sure how to start

Dear new closets of our apartment,
Why did you do this to me?

Dear Summer,
I'm celebrating you with an overload of picnics, BBQ, and glamping

Dear glitter,
You, all. that's about it

Dear readers,
Thanks for stopping by, reading these silly stories and leaving some love. I truly adore each of you

Dear bloody marys and micheladas,
I guess I'll never have my dream bikini body right?

Dear laser hair removal,
Thank god for this because my rare shaving habits are elevated to the next level now

Dear corn-on-the-cob,
oh-my-goodness! you are here and we are all stoked about it

Dear Iphone 6S memory,
My daily love-hate relationship, I simply can't understand you bro

Dear lovely Spring,
Please don't ever dare to leave us


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