Morning Brekkie at Restaurant Mélisse

Queen of Brunches and Brekkies in the city? Present! 

Last month, the newest hidden gem of Old Montreal opened it's doors and let me tell you, it's heaven, Pinterest inspired style heaven. The vast mix of warm and relaxing colors, fantastic chairs and white tables, along with their custom lamps and an enormous terrace, will welcome you and will make you feel just right home. 

I spent a morning in this gorgeous new spot, trying their menu, coffees and splendid team of servers that made me feel incredibly special.

Melisse believes in great and healthy food, with little prices, and a delightful ambiance.

You'll love it. Believe me.

On the menu?
If you're an early bird like this mama over here, you'll find multiple healthy options for breakfast during weekdays all made with local and fresh ingredients, of course.

I enjoyed a breakfast tartine on my first visit, a delish toast with egg salad, bacon, crushed tomatoes and cucumbers, chives, dill served with a homemade mayo on top.

Did I hear nom nom?

Melisse is still working on their new afternoon menu as well their cocktails, so don't mind me,  you'll see me there really soon.

Curious to read all the details about the new menu? Check it out here

Dream tiles? Just right here!
and I had a pedi right after this shot #noshame

Isn't the decor very Cali meets your dream house in one single spot? right? 
My scrumptious breakfast tartine
(special disclosure: can't wait to go back for more)
Restaurant Melisse
719 Rue William
Mon - Fri 7:30am - 4pm
Weekend 9am - 3pm
Reservations: I didn't reserve, but if you're planning to go with a large group, I suggest you to do one.
Price Range: $$
Kids Friendly: Absolutely! They have high chairs and you'll have all the space for your strollers, inside and outside.



  1. This space is gorg! Look at that floor!!

  2. Oh my goodness, everything here looks so tasty and chic! I will have to visit someday!

  3. Adding this to the Maca tour when I come visit k? So heavenly!

  4. This place looks amazing!! I wish I as eating that right now...even though it's 10pm lol


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