The Best Insta-Worthy Wall Crawl In Montreal

I know, it's been due like.. a year now? 

A lot of you ask all the time about my favorite walls and colorful corners in Montreal, so I'm just wayyy beyond excited to put together this for you.
So grab your camera,  your best outfits and let's roll visiting together the best Insta-worthy wall crawl in the city.

Bonus: If you read this blog post till the end, you'll receive a map with all the locations!

1. Le Champ Libre 
Pic above... It's where heaven meets color, and I just LOVE this place so.

2. Sephora Wall 
Believe me, it's a Sephora store!
3. Sweet Pastel 
In the middle of Plateau, with the sweetest pastel colors
4. Birds go Free
One of my fave, hidden murals in the city!

5. In Yellow
Recent one in the heart of St-Henri, yay!

6. Lines and Lines
So much fun! A mix of lines, birds and asymmetric mural I love

7. Purple Rain
This - mural - is - heaven. and you need to be here tomorrow, ok?

8. Poppy Love
This was a total surprise, hidden inside an old alley.
Ps. I owe you the exact address in the map, I only remember it is in Little Italy.

9. Orange is the New Black

10. Wavy wall
Yes!!!! This is a must do ok?
11. Minimal lines
Can you believe this is an actual grocery store?

12. Mint love

13. Green stop
Park your car. walk. under a bridge, you'll find this gem ok?

14. Flower dream
A wallpaper wrapping an entire building, and yes, it's pink

15. It's blue da ba de 
... and it's an IKEA wall! #score

16. "Boo" Wall
Came with the mural fest a few years ago, and this one is so so much fun to see!

17. Yes, It's a rainbow
And this wall unfortunately disappeared with the last mural fest, WHYYYYY?
18. Piri Piri
How sweet are these cats with little bows and ties?
19. Hey ho! It's a Rain-bo
An oldie, but a goodie ok?



  1. These walls are amazing! By the time I make it to Montreal I bet they will all be gone thou...

  2. These are so fun! I've always wanted to visit Montreal, I'm always going to Toronto for work so next time I'll have to build in a few extra days and check out your side of town.

  3. I may have to make a special trip to Montreal just to visit these walls


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