Ode To Life: Cali Edition

Pardon me my Palm Springs fever, but:
A- I have endless (and I mean this) endless photos from the trip
B- All of them are seriously worth sharing with you!
C- I mean, it's Palm Springs

Our visit to the Moorten Botanical Garden with our friends of Mixbook deserved a dedicated Ode to life, and this time all about Cali edition.

Dear Cali,
I miss your endless cool vibes and blue-tiful tiles (pun intended)

Dear Montreal guacamole,
Please call Cali; ASAP

Dear mid century homes,
I declare my public & true love to each of you

Dear frosĂ© during altsummit,
I adore you

Dear IG friends that I finally met IRL,

Dear Palm Springs,
My retirement dream never looked so good

Dear thegirlswithglasses,
Boomerang & beret goals - check 

Dear cellphone roaming,
Can you please be my bestie and treat me softly?

Dear yellow midi skirt,
You and I are having a moment right now.

Dear things I've experienced during the Altitude Summit,
You've changed the way I've been doing things, and you made me believe dreamers like this mama kinda have a shot in this world. I'll keep doing endless lists, endless goals, and endless plans to make this world a cuter and a happier one.

Dear PST time,
(cough) how come breakfast is not a thing at 5am for EST ladies like us?

Dear body,
I sincerely apologize for all the pounds I gained. Tacos made me do it.

Dear new colorful jacket,
You'll be my Spring bestie, get ready!

Dear room service,
I miss you so.

Dear Olivia,
Since I'm back, you've woken up at 3am to play. Did you get the PST memo? help, world.

Dear Insta-Friends and readers,
Stay tuned, Heymaca store is coming soon! 



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  1. I love this photo shoot location. I'm a huuuuge sucker for cacti. I love your jacket and the movement in your photos.

    xo Logan


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