The 25 Best Fashion Instagram Accounts You Need To Follow Now

Our second week of the best on Instagram is dedicated to all the inspiring, bold and fun fashion accounts I adore and can't miss on a daily basis.
Every time I want to have a whoaa moment and feel empowered to shoot more fashion pics, I run to these profiles (and trust me, you should too).

These ladies (and one special monsieur) are goals on goals, and I am lucky enough to know some of them personally and some that I would love to meet soon.
Cheers to all and stay tuned for week 3, soon.


Atlantic Pacific - Blair is truly and insanely talented when it comes to mix, style and create a perfect closet. Our passion for color, fun patterns and bold outfits is the exact same. 
Rosie Clayton - Oh hello to my lovely friend, Rosie! She's the queen of colorful walls, color block outfits, and dreamy shoes. 
Fancy Tree House - If I could move to a lilac heaven, I'll be sure it is Coury's. 
Simply Cyn - One of the best ladies I got the change to see at Create & Cultivate last year, with an impeccable and incredibly colorful closet. Love ya! 
Gal Meets Glam - Julia, you are so sweet and your new collection is goals. can't wait to have my first dress!
Lapiz of Luxury - Katia is my super fun and forever stylish friend that has the best eye for photography, sassy captions, and dreamy coats.
Luna Lindsay - Luna is GORG and every time I see her pictures, I want to do my pink hair so bad. (one day, one day!)
Didier Yhc - He's the special mention, fashion goals, and coffee bestie that I adore, Didier. 
Noyemi co - A sweet lover of all things pink, floral and the best face you could ask for. Love you, gf!
Anna Roslily - The most amazing colorful closet on this planet. Anna, I want your Jcrew collection, thanks.
La Petite Noob - Joelle lives in the most amazing and perfect pink world. special mention: oh hello to all her bags, we need them!
Petite and Bold - I adore this lady SO freaking much. She's living the best wearing warm tones in our super cold city.
Working Chix - How you want to be in your 9 to 5 days and yes, even the weekends. Anna is just ah-mazing.
Vintage Splendor - A vintage queen, thrift master and sweet mama I adore so. 
Oh lola blog - My Venezuelan homie that is easily the cutest ever. Ps. we also could share our closet, easily.
Fernweh Society - Annika is the prettiest and most stunning gal that can wear red like a real boss. 
Pastels & Pastries - I mean, pastel heaven? yes! and Gab does it so perfectly! 
My Idaho Closet - My fave lady in the entire world. 
Alyssa in the City - We are both always hungry and I need her shoe collection asap. 
Dentelle Fleurs - So, can I have that blue floral dress? Deal? 
Monling Lee - It's just too dreamy to describe. I need all her color combos, NOW.
Just a Uniform - I - cant - even - with - this - lady.
Soheila - her makeup and style skills are BEYOND. Trust me. 
Caroline Chagnon - May I have your shirt collection, svp? it's so effin' epic!
In Spades - My lovely friend Kali is the most stylish lady you'll wish you could break in and steal her closet. (right?)


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