What Oli is Wearing: Week One

My little sweet Oli is almost 3 ( okay okay, in a few months, time please stop!) and I gotta tell you, she's becoming the funniest, an opinionated, and creative soul that brights up my days like no one else.

Every time we go out and I carry my camera with me,  she's in auto mode posing and telling me: mama! pictures! pictures! which I find the sweetest thing ever!

A lot of you have been asking where do I shop her little things, so this post is an ode to Oli's closet (and maybe a  new blog series?), giving you ideas how to mix, where to shop, and how to find the best deals for your little ones as well.

If you have any local brands you love, leave them in the comments section, would love to discover even more!


She's obsessed with everything Unicorns and she picked up this dress herself. I-CAN'T-EVEN and it's pleated!!!

Dress - Gap by Sarah Jessica Parker
 Boots - Zara (old season)
 Socks - Souris Mini
 Bandana - Mini Mioche


I adored this white on white style. High 5 little cutie!

Dress Romy & Aksel (made in Montreal!)
Tee - Target
 Shoes - Target
 Socks - Baby Gap
 Bandana - Mini Mioche


I need this skirt and jean jacket, my size now.

Tulle skirt -  Zara (old season)
 White Tee - Kate Spade - Winners
 Tights - Souris Mini
 Jean jacket - Old Navy
Shoes - Vans, Disney edition


One of my fave, just because this skirt is everything.

Skirt - H&M
Shoes - Vans, Disney edition
Watch - Disney, Princesses
 Socks - Zara
 Mustard Tee - Old Navy


You need these leggings in your life as well, just sayin'.

Leggins - Supayana
Jean jacket Old Navy
 White tee - Target


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