Current Mood: A Last Minute Valentine's Day Gifting Guide, 10 Cute Ideas!

Last minute shopper, raise your hands! (guilty over here and a professional procrastinator)
In only 3 days, we'll celebrate Valentine's Day and if you had in mind the typical red roses, chocolate, and massage gift cards, this gift guide will show you how you can be a bit more creative and cute with your Valentine, wooot wooot!

Today, I browsed 10 sweet ideas so you can save time running from mall to mall minutes away from the big day.
Don't celebrate Vday? You can treat your fave Galentine, duh.

Scroll all the way down and chin-chin, happy love day, love birds!

01. Why you're so awesome
02. Pastel standing planters
03. Pastel wall clock
04. Block monogram necklace (I have one!)
05. Fishs Eddy dinnerware set
06. Unwind every day journal
07. Rose all day candle
08. Pink colourblock travel wallet
09. Jumbo heart floatie
10. This is only the beginning notebook


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